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2014 Wedding Music Ideas (That Aren’t Lame)

True Story: Choosing our wedding music was the second biggest task of wedding planning. Although it was approximately 9 jillion times more fun than venue-hunting, choosing The. Perfect. Music. for every moment of our special day was a huge process. Did it need to be? Absolutely not. Unfortunately, I am Type-A to a fault, a Virgo, and far from an audiophile, but very very into the idea that we all have an internal soundtrack. Like I’m strolling down State Street to The Mowgli’s or Billy Joel on any given day. And I don’t even have earbuds in because I can’t get the damn LifeProof case off my phone.

That kind of internal playlist. So unless each fabbity fab fab moment of the day was queued up with the appropriate tunes all was lost. Add to this the obligatory “input” on each portion of the day’s playlists: “Well, if you don’t play all Ella Fitzgerald/Frankie/Dean/Perry, your Father and I will just celebrate once the wedding is over,” or “YOU HAVE TO PLAY DEADMAU5. PLAY DEADMAU5.” It is a recipe for completely unnecessary anxiety (story of my wedding planning.)

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You Can Now Rent Lady Mary’s Downton Abbey Tiara

Borrowing an item for a wedding is a long-held tradition, and now a bride can wear the 45-carat diamond tiara that Lady Mary Crawley of “Downtown Abbey” wore during her marriage ceremony in the beginning of the show’s third season.

Sparkling: The 45-carat diamond tiara. The jewelers advise customers to take out temporary insurance when they hire the items

via Daily Mail

For approximately $2,000 per day, the antique jewel and engagement ring retailer Bentley & Skinner will lend the Georgian-style headdress that has a floral and garland motif. The $200,000 deposit required may limit the number of women who can actually afford to mimic the appearance of the bride in the PBS drama’s famous marital union.

The tiara design complemented the wedding episode with the art deco style on a yellow gold mount. It also can be transformed into two brooches or used as a headband.

The 1920s wedding was an understated event. The guests wore elegant, conservative attire, and the tiara offered a touch of luxury and bold refinement.

Founded in 1880, Bentley & Skinner began developing jewelry for the Royal Family during Queen Victoria’s reign. The office and showroom are located at 55 Piccadilly.

The “Downtown Abbey” series is based in the post-Edwardian era following the reign of King Edward the VII that ended in 1910. The setting is the Downtown Abbey estate, where the Crawley family lives and experiences significant events of history, such as the tragic sinking of the Titanic ship, World War I and the Teapot Dome scandal.

Well-regarded as a historical television drama, “Downton Abbey” has won a Golden Globe award for a Best Miniseries and other prominent awards. It has a wide viewing audience, and the opportunity to emulate its star would correspondingly provide many delightful opportunities for its fans.

An aristocratic air that has inspired the imaginations of viewers mainly in the U.S. and the U.K., is perhaps the most compelling quality that links the nuptial jewelry with the show. However, considering the 10.2 million viewership of the most recent fourth season release in early 2014, perhaps only one tiara will not be enough to satisfy the show’s fan-base.

A period production requires a higher than usual level of consultants and historical accuracy, which is partly the reason it inspires so many fans to watch it as the events familiar from history unfold in the context of a familiar set of characters. A piece of jewelry is generally only an accessory, but in the case of the wedding tiara, it symbolizes a veil of elegance and nobility that the character represents on the show, and a nod to the innocent simplicity refinement of the art deco era, which is essentially the quality central to the show’s value.

Perhaps also symbolic is that the unified tiara can also be separated into two brooches, foreshadowing a time when the show’s marital bliss will falter.

Fans remain romantically tied to its historical context and romance that depict a meaningful time in world events.

An art deco or 1920s themed wedding would easily incorporate a “Downtown Abbey” tiara, a line of flapper bridemaids, and a period car for exiting to the honeymoon.

Engagement Ring Eye Candy: GIA Certified Engagement Rings

We’ve sung the praises of GIA certified engagement rings before. They’re the “gold standard” (no pun intended) when it comes to diamond grading for one reason: consistency. GIA’s labs all over the world will reliably produce the same grades for a diamond. This reputation for fair grading – certificates with no inflated color or clarity grades – makes GIA the go-to source for diamond grading. That’s why you’ll likely find a GIA certificate accompanying major important diamonds at the fine auction houses like Christie’s, Bonham’s and Sotheby’s. It’s why their certified diamonds command a higher price. And it’s why a diamond buyer can make you an accurate estimate without ever seeing your diamond, simply by looking up its GIA certificate number. Now, this isn’t to suggest that a GIA diamond is always superior to an uncertified diamond – the best diamonds are GIA certified, but it doesn’t mean that GIA certified diamonds are the best. Regardless, a GIA certificate guarantees you one thing: you are getting what you are paying for. So when you see a gorgeous engagement ring like the ones we’re obsessing over below, you can rest assured that you are indeed swooning over a K colored, VS1 radiant cut…

3 carat radiant cut diamond engagement ring

Like this one. This 3.03 carat center stone boasts a gorgeous, but budget friendly K color grade. Its VS1 clarity is nearly impeccable, but still within the “bargain” diamond range we like to use. Two side stones, also radiant cuts, weigh a total of .94 carats and enhance the already stunning center stone. The mounting is a platinum four prong setting.

Platinum GIA certified round engagement ring

Another three stone setting, this beautiful ring features a .97 carat round brilliant center stone, right in the sweet spot of looking every bit like a 1 carat diamond, but still at the .75 – .99 per-carat-price. So, while the diamond looks like an even 1 carat diamond, its price reflects is marginally smaller size and avoids the diamond price jump that occurs with a one carat stone. This diamond is also a gorgeous K color, VS1 clarity and it has two sweet pear shaped accent stones weighing .20ctw. The side stones enhance the feminine beauty of this ring.

Simon G. Engagement ring Rose gold and platinum

This Simon G. ring shows off the bold beauty characteristic of Simon G. designs. In the popular two tone combination of 18kt rose gold and white gold, this ring also shows off the biggest trend in bridal jewelry for the last 5 years – the Halo style setting. A stunning .58 carat H color round brilliant diamond with SI2 clarity is enhanced by a circle of round brilliant diamond pave. The split shank mounting also features diamond micropave set into white gold, for an all around dazzling designer engagement ring.

GIA Certified round diamond engagement ring with yellow gold setting

Another hot trend in the bridal jewelry world is the resurgence of yellow gold. While platinum and white gold have ruled the showcases for the last decade or so, colored gold is trending once more. High karat yellow gold is a feature we’re spotting on celebrities like Halle Berry, Christina Ricci and Miley Cyrus. This amazing 18kt yellow gold engagement ring revolves around the beauty that is this 1.43 carat round brilliant diamond. It’s an H color, VS1 clarity stunner that we can’t stop staring at!


How to Get an Engagement Ring Through Airport Security

While the stringent security measures enacted at airports by the TSA are certainly seeming to keep us safe while we are flying, it has definitely made one thing much more difficult—sneaking an engagement ring on the plane to surprise your significant other in some exotic, romantic location somewhere in the world. Many engagement surprises may have been ruined by the stricter security and men who have had to reveal their engagement ring to a surly security guard rather than the person they hoped to marry, ruining the surprise and possibly a future nuptial. Engagement rings will undoubtedly be picked up by security, so this is a legitimate concern when going on that well-planned trip. Below are some tips for how to get an engagement ring through airport security and ways to make sure that the TSA at the airport doesn’t ruin your engagement proposal when they ask you to show them your ring.

0.78Ct Round Diamond Engagement Ring

0.78Ct Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Put it in your carry on. You can always put the ring in your carry on bag, with a few well thought out precautions. You have two options here: if you have a live in partner who is either helping you pack or will see you pack, wait until just before you leave to put the ring in your bag (eliminate this step if you can pack your carry on without them seeing). Keep the ring in the box your jeweler gave you, not only is it a beautiful way to present it, but it will keep it safe. Then, on an index card write in (eligible) sharpie “Engagement ring! Shh please!” Any TSA monitoring the x-ray screen will get the point. Wrap the box and note in something you won’t need during the flight (extra pair of socks or boxers) and tuck it into the bottom of your carry on, underneath any magazines or your tablet. Just be cautious when getting stuff out of your bag on the way there.

Platinum and 18k Yellow Gold 7.22 Carat Marquise Cut Pave Set Ring

Platinum and 18k Yellow Gold 7.22 Carat Marquise Cut Pave Set Ring

Meet your significant other after security. The only way your significant other will see the engagement ring you plan on giving them is if it is revealed in front of them, right? So maybe right before you walk through security together, say you have to go to the bathroom or you forgot something at the airline desk and you will meet them on the other side. They may be a little suspicious about this, but that should only add to the great story you have together later. This way you can probably go through security without any real chance of them seeing you if security does pick up on the engagement ring.

Platinum 4.01 Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Platinum 4.01 Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Wrap It. Security at airports has scanners and ways of looking inside packages without opening them. So tell your significant other you are bringing a friend in the place you are going or the hotel staff a little present so they will give you “great” service and put the wrapped ring in your carry on bag. Just a little white lie. This way when security scans it, they won’t make you open the ring box, they will already know what’s inside and, hopefully, keep your secret.

Platinum and Diamond Three Stone Oval Engagement Ring

Platinum and Diamond Three Stone Oval Engagement Ring

Mail It Ahead of Time. You could also just forgo dealing with security ruining your surprise altogether and mail the ring to the hotel or a location nearby where you plan to propose. While there is a risk that the ring will not arrive due to being lost or stolen, you can always insure it for more than it’s worth and not lose a dime. It will also be another example of a great story in that particular location when your significant other says yes.

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt Ideas

It’s not truly a bachelorette party until you and the bride check embarrassing things off a list (so we’re told). And since “Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt Ideas” is one of the highest rated search terms that sends people here, we figured we’d deliver the goods along with all the engagement ring eye candy we like to provide. No two brides are the same, so no two bachelorette bashes should be either! And it’s important to tailor the celebration to the guest of honor. If she’s not the type to order an unfortunately named shot loudly in a crowded bar, don’t insist she does it (that’s what bridesmaids are for). And if the group would rather keep things PG-13, then a clean bachelorette checklist is right up your alley. check out a few of our favorite bachelorette scavenger hunt lists below!

bachelorette party scavenger hunt

This list makes everyone compete in the embarrassing games. It doesn’t get too raunchy and has a healthy dose of ridiculousness suited to a group of girls who are ready to get rowdy but not trashy.

Cute Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

This cute bachelorette scavenger hunt leads the bride through fun activities (make sure your bride to be is ok with drinking if you go this route). Instead of having her collect phone numbers or do (really) embarrassing things, they had her do mildly attention grabbing activities all in the name of finding out where her best friends are taking her. Cute and not creepy.

Cosmopolitan Bachelorette Party Checklist

Leave it to Cosmo to start making things a little more risque…but to same gals, it’s just not a bachelorette party until certain “props” come into play. We do like this one for its social media savvy though – Instagram and Vine to-do’s are the new “make a bald guy buy you a shot.” And we’ll never turn down a cheesy 90′s serenade.

Clean Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt Checklist

No booze, no phallus, no problem. This clean and alcohol free bachelorette scavenger hunt is still competitive, ridiculous, and seriously fun.

Ultimate Bridesmaid bachelorette bar scavenger hunt

This bar crawl scavenger hunt is hands down our favorite. Creative checklist, cute chevron background, sufficient amount of ridiculous behavior (threshold carrying wins), and mementos to remember the night? We hope we’re invited to the next bachelorette party that uses this.