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Monique Lhuillier Fine Jewelry Debuts

World renowned bridal and fashion designer Monique Lhuillier has recently announced that she has created a new jewelry line. The designer had previously designed engagement and wedding rings, and has now added earrings, pendants, and bracelets to her line of gorgeous jewelry and stunning clothing line. One of the leading fashion houses in the United States, Monique Lhuillier’s is based in Los Angeles.

Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhullier Tennis Bracelet

Monique Lhullier Tennis Bracelet $7600 via Blue Nile

Born in the Philippines, Monique later moved to Los Angeles to study fashion and pursue her dream of becoming a designer. She launched her first collection of bridal gowns in 1996 and has become a favorite among celebrities for both wedding and red carpet gowns. Not only has Monique designed ready-to-wear, red carpet, and bridal gowns, she also has designed tableware, linens, and home fragrances. Monique Lhuillier creations sell at specialty stores and luxury department stores throughout the world.

Jewelry Line

Monique Lhullier Diamond Flame Pearl Earrings

Monique Lhullier Diamond Flame Pearl Earrings $1380 at Blue Nile

Monique has previously designed layered beaded necklaces, large statement necklaces, and intricately designed gold chains. Stylish gold collars and cuffs were also revealed in earlier selections when she collaborated with Pamela Love. She is expanding her line of signature engagement and wedding bands to include a variety of jewelry so a bride can create her bridal dream-look with pendants, earrings, and necklaces as well. Some of the designs include earrings with blue diamond centerpieces and clusters of tiny diamonds around the edges to create what resembles a pair of elegant flowers. Also in the collection are teardrop style pearl earrings and delicate diamond studded bracelets. Every piece is created with 18k white gold. Prices start at approximately $900, with some pieces selling at $20,000.

Engagement and Wedding Rings

Monique Lhuillier Halo Pendant

Monique Lhuillier Halo Pendant $780 at Blue Nile

Words such as romantic and sparkling describe this gorgeous line of jewelry. They fit perfectly with her designer gowns and dresses. The engagement rings are simply breathtaking. While most designers offer rings that have a plain band, nearly all of Monique’s rings feature gem studded bands with tiny, sparkling stones that perfectly compliment the centerpiece of the ring. Her engagement rings come in four distinct categories. Tradition, Modern, Romance, and Antiquity each features distinctively designed engagement rings to fit each bride’s personality and style. Monique’s new line includes 7 new engagement rings, for a total of 25 stunning rings to choose from. Prices for the settings are between $1,000 and $5,400. Both engagement and wedding rings are made from premium platinum.

Clothing Line

Monique Lhuillier Malachite Gown

Monique Lhuillier Malachite Gown $4990 at Barney’s

You can’t mention Monique’s jewelry without appreciating how fabulous her clothing designs are as well. Her designs bring to mind words such as feminine and elegant, with many featuring endless rows of lace and sheer material. Celebrities such as Carrie Underwood, Britney Spears, and Ashlee Simpson have donned Monique Lhuillier wedding gowns. While many of her beautiful evening gowns range from $3,000 to $8,000 dollars, there are several that sell for under $1,000. It’s easy to see why Monique’s designs are a favorite among celebrities, high-end fashionistas, as well as the rest of us who simply love to look good.

How to Get an Engagement Ring Through Airport Security

While the stringent security measures enacted at airports by the TSA are certainly seeming to keep us safe while we are flying, it has definitely made one thing much more difficult—sneaking an engagement ring on the plane to surprise your significant other in some exotic, romantic location somewhere in the world. Many engagement surprises may have been ruined by the stricter security and men who have had to reveal their engagement ring to a surly security guard rather than the person they hoped to marry, ruining the surprise and possibly a future nuptial. Engagement rings will undoubtedly be picked up by security, so this is a legitimate concern when going on that well-planned trip. Below are some tips for how to get an engagement ring through airport security and ways to make sure that the TSA at the airport doesn’t ruin your engagement proposal when they ask you to show them your ring.

0.78Ct Round Diamond Engagement Ring

0.78Ct Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Put it in your carry on. You can always put the ring in your carry on bag, with a few well thought out precautions. You have two options here: if you have a live in partner who is either helping you pack or will see you pack, wait until just before you leave to put the ring in your bag (eliminate this step if you can pack your carry on without them seeing). Keep the ring in the box your jeweler gave you, not only is it a beautiful way to present it, but it will keep it safe. Then, on an index card write in (eligible) sharpie “Engagement ring! Shh please!” Any TSA monitoring the x-ray screen will get the point. Wrap the box and note in something you won’t need during the flight (extra pair of socks or boxers) and tuck it into the bottom of your carry on, underneath any magazines or your tablet. Just be cautious when getting stuff out of your bag on the way there.

Platinum and 18k Yellow Gold 7.22 Carat Marquise Cut Pave Set Ring

Platinum and 18k Yellow Gold 7.22 Carat Marquise Cut Pave Set Ring

Meet your significant other after security. The only way your significant other will see the engagement ring you plan on giving them is if it is revealed in front of them, right? So maybe right before you walk through security together, say you have to go to the bathroom or you forgot something at the airline desk and you will meet them on the other side. They may be a little suspicious about this, but that should only add to the great story you have together later. This way you can probably go through security without any real chance of them seeing you if security does pick up on the engagement ring.

Platinum 4.01 Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Platinum 4.01 Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Wrap It. Security at airports has scanners and ways of looking inside packages without opening them. So tell your significant other you are bringing a friend in the place you are going or the hotel staff a little present so they will give you “great” service and put the wrapped ring in your carry on bag. Just a little white lie. This way when security scans it, they won’t make you open the ring box, they will already know what’s inside and, hopefully, keep your secret.

Platinum and Diamond Three Stone Oval Engagement Ring

Platinum and Diamond Three Stone Oval Engagement Ring

Mail It Ahead of Time. You could also just forgo dealing with security ruining your surprise altogether and mail the ring to the hotel or a location nearby where you plan to propose. While there is a risk that the ring will not arrive due to being lost or stolen, you can always insure it for more than it’s worth and not lose a dime. It will also be another example of a great story in that particular location when your significant other says yes.

Wedding Ring Eye Candy: Cartier Wedding Rings

A classic diamond wedding band or a simple gold band is always a thing of beauty. But when you take designer pedigree into account, we’re talking a whole new ball game. Such is the case with Cartier. Cartier wedding rings are at once bold, but refined. They’re modern, but classic. They stand out from the typical, but still leave no doubt as to what they symbolize. And with the Cartier name comes the Cartier promise of excellence, a centuries old tradition of creating some of the most beautiful jewelry on earth. Of course, it also means a Cartier price tag – unless you’re savvy. Shopping for vintage wedding bands, pre owned Cartier and estate wedding rings allows you to have the luxurious look of  Cartier wedding ring for thousands less than you’d pay at the boutique. And just because the rings are second hand, doesn’t make them any less gorgeous. Cartier jewelry is designed to last, to become an heirloom piece, meaning that the ring you buy, as long as it’s from a reputable dealer, should be in excellent condition. Allow us to elaborate…

Cartier 18k Rose Gold Diamond LOVE Ring Size 58

Cartier 18k Rose Gold Diamond LOVE Ring Size 58

Cartier 18k Tank Francaise Diamond Wedding Band

Cartier 18k Tank Francaise Diamond Wedding Band

Cartier 18K Yellow Gold Asscher Cut Diamond Wedding Band

Cartier 18K Yellow Gold Asscher Cut Diamond Wedding Band

Cartier 18k Yellow Gold LOVE Wedding Band Size 50

Cartier 18k Yellow Gold LOVE Wedding Band Size 50

Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Rose gold is one of the prettiest metals to use in jewelry. Created from an alloy of gold and copper; also known as pink gold or red gold, the richness and rosiness of the gold depends on how much copper is in it – the more copper, the pinker it will appear. Rose gold is both romantic and warm. It is the perfect foil for pink gemstones like sapphires, diamonds and morganite, but it also looks incredible with congac, champagne and chocolate diamonds (do brown diamonds make anyone else hungry?) It’s an especially beautiful and unique metal for a wedding band, especially for girls whose engagement rings have rose gold in it. From delicate diamond bands to bold designer rings, rose gold provides plenty of options for today’s bride.

rose gold wedding ring by Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany and Co Rose Gold Diamond Infinity Ring

rose gold and diamond wedding ring

18K Rose Gold and Diamonds Swirling Vines Ring

Cartier Love wedding ring, cartier wedding ring

Cartier 18k Rose Gold LOVE Wedding Band Size 50

Rose gold and diamond wedding ring

18k Rose Gold Diamond Stackable Ring

Learn Or Burn – Anniversary Reminder Wedding Band

There’s a new concept ring in the works…and it is supposed to help you remember REALLY important dates. Alaska Jewelry has come up with The Remember Ring™, a basic wide band in 7 styles of 14k white and yellow gold that has a built-in Hot Spot ™ that comes to life once a year.

Here’s how it works: a micro thermopile inside the band converts electricity from your hand’s heat. This electricity runs a perpetual microchip clock and keeps the battery charged. When you buy the ring, you specify a date to be remembered forever; an anniversary for instance. The ring is programmed…and needs no special care. It is impact resistant, completely waterproof, and has a lifetime warranty. It can stay on your finger biding its time until the day before THE DATE.

Twenty four hours before you have to acknowledge it, that Hot Spot™ inside your Remember Ring™ comes to life. It heats up to 120º F for about ten seconds. You scratch your head….decide you were imagining things and go back to what you were doing. An hour later, it happens again. Ten seconds of heat that isn’t exactly burning you but it isn’t comfortable either. Maybe you weren’t imagining things. When it happens again, an hour later, hopefully the little light comes on inside your brain and you decide to check the date.

It’s written inside the ring, right over the place that’s been zapping you. If you have been particularly dense, it might take a few more zaps of ten-second-heat-reminders to get you to remember, but this ring will keep it up the entire twenty four hours before THE DATE. You have time to buy your beloved a beautiful anniversary gift, maybe something from Raymond Lee Jewelers! You look good, every year without fail. That just might be worth the $760.00 asking price when it comes on the market.