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It’s Official: Google is on the Smartwatch Bandwagon

Samsung and many other companies have already tried their hand at creating smart watches. There are tons of watches out there that are geared toward connecting all facets of your life and making things easier. Be it watches that are made to monitor your heart rate, how much you exercise, or to chart your progress with a fitness program, there is most likely a watch to fit your needs.

Breitling for Bentley A47362 Special Edition Chrono GMT World Timer Watch

Not technically a smart watch, but pretty smart lookin’ amirite?

This year Google has jumped on the wagon and created their own version of the smartwatch. Google confirmed that they are indeed jumping into the market with a preview of their newest technology. The watch, which will be picked up by the Fossil Group for development, is slated to be one of the most innovative watches have hit the market so far. The Android Wear watch is an extension of the current Google Android technology that many already use and love. The watch is a wearable version of the technology that just about everyone is familiar with. Google has worked to quickly pair with large companies like Fossil, Motorola, and LG to insure that the product they introduce is as beautiful as it is functional.

According to Google, the first Android Wear product will be watches because they are wearable and easy to access for just about any user. Smartwatches that are offered through Google will give wearers info and notifications for most of their android applications. This will also allow users to use voice commands for things like texting, calling a cab, or making reservations. This product will also offer remote access to other devices like televisions and phones that have been configured.

Google announced that they are already in working with the companies they have partnered with to get the product out as quickly as possible. Suppliers like Asus, LG, HTC, Motorola, and Samsung are already helping out on the project to get the most of the product. The product is very well researched and is well on its way to being a fantastic product overall that is sure to get the customers ready and going. Google is also pairing with some of the most innovative microchip manufacturers to insure that the technology being released is as advanced as possible.

The watch is said to be sleek, beautiful, and fantastic for anyone that wants to get the most out of their android technology and what it represents. Though it may seem that a watch is something that may not be all that useful in the world of Android technology, this watch is said to be a great product that is going to make some real waves. This watch is going to help make using your android products far easier to use and even more fun to use overall. There are not all that many images on the market so far but there is plenty of talk.

Though there is no real release date in talks right now, there is sure to be more information released soon about this great new product. Google may have waited quite a while to get with the program, but they are taking the time to be sure that the product the release is a fair rival to other smartwatches that are already on the market.

Web Roundup: My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open


TGIF ya’ll! Welcome to your weekend, I hope you squeeze in all the Farmer’s Marketing/Game Night/Home Depoting/Bottle Popping/Sleeping In you desire. I’ll be doing some spring cleaning (way better than it sounds, I’m a Virgo & it’s like a day at the spa for me). I’ll also be embracing Mars’ retrograde by continuing my 2014 habit of re-reading old book favorites. I’m also hoping to vacuum seal all of our winter coats into storage but it’s probably too premature for that :( But, a nice productive/relaxing weekend is calling my name after last weekend’s St. Paddy’s festivities! And this week was a busy one in my sparkly little slice of the web. I…

Realized my bad habit of having 60 tabs open at once might not just be an internet issue.

Coveted the Cartier Ballon Bird.

Asked Lee to sneak a picture of the famous guy sitting behind him on his flight to LA so I could determine who it was. He eventually asked another passenger, and the guy was JOHN LEGEND. Yes, I asked if my spirit animal Chrissy Teigen was with him, no, she wasn’t, and no, Lee would not agree to ask him for pics/offer him free jewelry in exchange for me meeting her.

Swooned over this VCA catalog on Flipboard. I forgot I even had Flipboard!

Don’t know how to skateboard but I’d learn if I had THIS.

Said: “Oooooooh snap.” The gauntlet has been THROWN. #DRAma

Took Ruby on an extra long walk because it was gorgeous out. We window shopped all her favorite stores on Oak Street, namely Hermes, Graff, Harry Winston and Trabert & Hoeffer. She did try to run into Armani but I ruined her fun.

Laughed, fist pumped and amen-ed Becky’s Pinterest Board.

Became obsessed with the Bridesmaid Ask. I’m so happy it’s becoming A Thing, and think it’s even better than a bridal luncheon closer to the actual wedding.

Rolex isn’t the Only Meteorite Watch in Town

“One in a million.” It’s an ideal that most of us strive for yet very few achieve.

It’s fair to say, however, that if you’re sporting Richard Mille’s RM-018 Meteorite watch on your wrist, you’ve probably achieved one in a million status. Commissioned in partnership with the historic French jewelry house Boucheron, this is a timepiece that completely satisfies its seven-figure luxury status.

Richard Mille Meteorite Watch

via The Richest

Making the Meteorite Watch

For starters, this distinguished timepiece has a price tag of exactly that figure, $1 million. This number makes perfect sense when you consider the origins of this limited edition luxury watch, of which only 30 pieces were released.

The RM-018 is partially made of chondrites, sourced from meteorites that have fallen to earth. It obviously requires some effort to find and recover such materials, but they’re also extremely fragile to use in the creation process. This emphasizes the painstaking craftmanship that Richard Mille dedicated to making a watch of this caliber. The wheels are where the chondrites come into play for this piece, requiring a fine touch and no small amount of engineering talent. All of this is encased in 18-karat white gold, which creates a beautiful contrast of fragility and strength.

Mille is of course a connoisseur when it comes to luxury watches. Famed for using precious stones in his ‘Tourbillon’ product line, the Meteorite watch takes his desire to push boundaries to another level. Or perhaps another world would be more accurate.

Richard Mille Meteorite Watch

via HuffPo

Timeless Luxury

Behind every luxury accessory lies a story, a compelling tale that adds to the allure of the item. To the complexity of its construction, the Meteorite watch adds the mystery of its materials.

The chondrites used to craft the RM-018 can contain hundreds of organic compounds, often chemically unique to many different environments. What this means in terms of a spellbinding story is that this one complete timepiece brings together time, space, and place. If the air of mystery created by having interstellar elements on your wrist isn’t enough, imagine being able to explain to admirers that your watch spans not only space, but time itself!

As technology drives the function of telling the time into almost every device that we own, the exclusivity of a piece like the Meteorite watch is only further enhanced. The classic look that a finely crafted traditional wrist watch offers the wearer is another reminder of the timeless quality that such items can hold. In the same breath, the story of this particular piece is one that will cause even the most committed techie to pause and reconsider his position.

As a craft, watchmaking itself also looks both backwards and forwards. Dating back to the 16th century, it’s a profession that is rooted in the past, yet the watchmaker’s focus remains fixed on the future and increasing the complexity of the next timepiece. Adding deeper complications that push beyond hours, minutes and seconds has always been the maker’s goal.

The Meteorite watch embodies these qualities and is indeed worthy of the label ‘one in a million’.

The Greatest Watch Safe Ever – Just in Time for The Holidays

Let’s clear up any confusion right at the start. This is not about the greatest watch sale ever, although this is the holiday season and it’s hard to escape sales. This is about a S-A-F-E, a watch safe and it’s the greatest greatest one ever. It’s the Stockinger BRABUS SV12.

Stockinger Luxury Watch Winder Cabinets & BRABUS SV12 Safe   luxury goods services

What makes it so special? Well, for one, Stockinger is building the BRABUS SV12 as a special edition, and limiting it to 25 pieces. Then there’s its parentage. Stockinger is a storied German manufacturer of bespoke and, as they say, “off-the-peg” safes and vaults. Stockinger has been called the Bentley of safe manufacturers. And perhaps Bentley took this to heart, since the luxury automaker chose the luxury safe maker to design the safes they market to Bentley owners.

“Luxury car manufacturer” leads us to the SV12′s BRABUS heritage. BRABUS, also a German company is the world’s largest auto tuner, and the official aftermarket tuner of Mercedes Benz and SMART. The German auto magazine, Auto Motor und Sports named BRABUS the Best Brand in the category of tuner from 2006 through 2012. So of course, the watch winders in the SV12 will keep your watches running accurately

Yes, that’s right the safe includes Beluwo high quality watch winders – 12 of them. That’s what the 12 stands for in SV12. Each watch winder can be programmed for a particular watch based on manufacturer specifications listed in a database with information on over 8,000 specific watches. Not only do the watches keep perfect time but they conserve their energy since the winders keep them on a schedule of 16 hours of activity interspersed with 8 hours of rest, all set by a smartphone or tablet. And when they are through with their winding, each watch is stored in the upright or 12 o’clock position.

BRABUS is also a designer of high performance cars, offering their own version of Mercedes cars, giving owners the option of ordering one through Mercedes Benz or bringing their Mercedes in for aftermarket design. And the SV12 bears this same BRABUS touch, with each drawer lined with red Alcantara leather and each handle proudly embossed with the BRABUS logo.

The SV12 is a safe above all, and is designed not to be broken into – ever! The interior cabinetry may be made of wood, leather, and carbon but the walls of the core are thick steel, layered with rocks and polymer. The rocks, held in place by the polymer prevent the safe from being sawed into since it would take them mere minutes to dull any saw blades or bits. Just to be sure, each safe is VDS tested, and has been consistently been awarded a VDS III, the highest security rating.

In addition to securely storing 12 of your most prized watches, the SV12 has room for all your documentation and even space for a bottle or two of your finest wines. So don’t forget to include this limited edition watch winder safe on your Christmas list. And hurry – don’t forget Stockinger is only making 25 of them!

An Overview of the Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon 2014 Watch

Audemars Piguet has recently given the world a peek at his latest creation. The Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon watch is scheduled to be officially presented at the 2014 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie and is sure to attract a wealthy, modern man who is looking for a classic watch with a very contemporary style.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon 2014 Watch   audemars piguet

via A Blog to Watch

While the original version of this watch was released in 2002, the newest model is more modern than its predecessor. The Royal Oak Concept GMT 2014 Tourbillon Watch has a bulky yet summery feel. The revised original movement is not just fascinating but also top quality and the watch has a titanium and light white ceramic case. It is fully water-proof and can be submerged in up to 100 meters of water without any type of damage.

The open-worked dial allows you to see directly into the inner workings of this unique timepiece. Other outside features include a GMT time zone display, a white ceramic upper bridge, a selection indicator mechanism and indicators noting the position of various parts of the time-setting winding stem.

While the style of the watch is sure to surprise some industry watchers who are used to seeing men’s luxury watches made with a traditional sense of style, those who know Audemars Piguet well should not be shocked in the last at seeing his latest creation. While Audemars Piguet has created some fantastic, high popular luxury timepieces, he does not adhere to traditional fashion guidelines or styles. In fact, Mr. Piguet was the first person to ever consider using steel in a luxury watch and he did so with a great deal of success.

The style of this watch is such that it can be worn not only for formal events and gatherings but also while out and about town. The Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon 2014 Watch is made from some of the most durable materials known to mankind, ensuring that a man can wear it when and where he pleases. The watch has a white rubber strap with a titanium AP folding clasp, which serves to make the watch comfortable to any wearer.

The cost of this watch is currently unknown. However, given the fact that the last Tourbillon watch retailed for well over US$ 200,000, it would be realistic to speculate that a man who wants to buy one of these unique, classy watches should expect to pay a high price for the purchase. However, given Audemars Piguet’s outstanding reputation as being one of the best watchmakers in the world, any man who invests in a Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon 2014 watch will not regret the purchase. This unique watch stands out not only because of its ultra-modern style but also high quality workmanship. Unlike many other luxury watches, this particular model is extremely durable, suitable for use for both formal and informal occasions and is sure to catch the eye of anyone who appreciates not only luxury design and fashion but also unique accessories that are not worn by the vast majority of the world’s elite.