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Tiger Woods And Rolex Partnership

Mix It Up With Tiger Woods, Rolex, And Baby Boomers In 2012
It is time for golf! A new season has now begun for the green landscapes to once again be adorned by the likes of Phil MickelsonTiger Woods, and the up and coming Adam Scott  along with many others. Sponsors of golf tournaments includes the impressive Rolex company, maker of fine and luxury watches.
pre-owned Rolex, Tiger Woods
If these names don’t peak any interest, what if you knew that Tiger Woods is being sponsored by Rolex? According to Shane Bacon in an article in October, 2011, “It really makes sense for both involved. Rolex now gets basically every big golfer on the planet sporting its timepieces, and Tiger gets as respected a name as there is out there under his wing, which has to be good for his fleeting image.“ Every big golfer mentioned here including Phil Mickelson and Adam Scott,  had been sponsored by Rolex during the 2011 season.
The whole sponsoring concept began several decades ago when Rolex presented Arnold Palmer with a gold Oyster Perpetual watch, and subsequently a similar gesture with Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus. With regard to tournament sponsorship, this began in 1978 at the British Open and later its relationship with the United States tournaments was launched.
Pre-Owned Rolex Presidential 18038 18K Yellow Gold Gents Watch
This gold Oyster Perpetual is like the one
presented to Arnold Palmer by Rolex in 1967
Rolex has been a strong supporter of the golfing industry, accounting for well over six major tournaments in 2012. Some of the more popular events are the U. S. OpenRyder Cup, and the prestigious President’s Cup. What’s more, this tremendous organization even sponsors outstanding golfers such as Tom Watson, known for his consistency and wonderful contributions to the game.
Influencing young and old alike, sponsorship by Rolex has contributed to the enormous, and literally unprecedented, growth of golf enthusiasts to an all-time high of 30 million in 2005. The total take for golf vendors in the United States exceeded $76 billion dollars; that’s right, “b” for billion. Not only does sponsoring help with awareness and supplying tournaments with advertising to help draw interest in the youth, they have done the Rolex name a great service as well. In fact they have some of the most popular watches ever made.
Statistically, it has been reported that approximately 3 percent of golfers sat on the sidelines in 2007-2008 years due to the economy. The short-lived dip has started making somewhat of a comeback. It is unclear as to the reason exactly, but one could surmise that the greens have a hypnotic effect that was too powerful for those having withdrawal symptoms; they would find the funds somewhere for the chance to drag out the clubs.
pre-owned Rolex

Anticipated numbers indicating an influx of returning golfers will most certainly provide a renewed energy among Rolex officials as they can create business plans to include additional namesake opportunities. You can bet that the Rolex Crown is going to be quite visible at tournaments, with possibly some golfers sporting this luxury watch on their wrists. Whether a golfer is sponsored by the watchmaker or advertising to sell new and pre-owned Rolex watches, their ability to draw people from most private sector companies and demographics, regardless of income, can be credited for promoting a very worth-while family sport.
James for Raymond Lee Jewelers, South Florida’s choice for buying and selling Rolex watches and other luxury brand timepieces. Raymond Lee, your Pre-owned Rolex Boca Raton resource.
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Raymond Lee Jewelers Watch Repairs

South Florida’s choice for luxury timepiece service and repairs. We operate on Rolex, Raymond Weil, Patek, Tag Heuer, Jaeger, Cartier and many more.

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Raymond Lee Jewelers Web Series: The Watch Shop

It’s that time of the week again, and Raymond Lee Jewelers is giving another behind the scenes tour! This week, we’re exploring and explaining the workshop of our CW21, Igor Polotsky. Forgive us the grainy camera-work, we’ll be back with our usual HD cinematic Oscar-quality webisode next week. Until then, please enjoy this peek behind the proverbial curtain to see some of Igor’s favorite watchmaking things.

About Igor:

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Liz for Raymond Lee Jewelers South Florida’s choice for luxury watches, preowned watches, and watch repair.

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Rolex Unveils The Ladies Datejust Special Edition- Watch Repair

Watch Repair

Watch Repair

The Rolex ladies Datejust has seen many irritations over the years and has become one of Rolex’s most sought after watches. Its sleek design, elegantly petite case and classic femininity ascetics have aspired women all over the world to adorn their wrists with this stunning wristwatch. The Rolex ladies Datejust’s radiance is only matched by its near perfect time keeping abilities. This model could never have garnered such a following by relying on its resplendent looks alone; Rolex ensured that every Rolex Datejust was created with one of the most sophisticated and precise self-winding movements on the market.

Due to its popularity ever few years Rolex will release a special edition of this watch, these special editions tend to forgo elegant simplicity for an provocative intricacy. And this year is no different! Rolex has released the 2011 Ladies Datejust Special Edition encased for the first time ever in 18ct Everose gold. This bold new edition features a brand new dial design and materiel, creating an extraordinary one of a kind look.

One of the first new design change that really caught my eye was the 18ct Everose gold case, bezel and bracelet. The Datejust traditionally is found in 18ct yellow gold and stainless steel which is a very timeless air to it but does not stand out as much as the Everose gold. This seductive gold gives this watch a personality all its own; mixing serenity and vitality it is no wonder the special edition has watch enthusiasts clamoring for more.

The most significant change is the Datejust’s dial which has been transformed into truly outstanding piece of art. The regular dial was replaced with a Gold dust dream dial which is a mixture of mother-of-pearl and gold dust. The gold dust sparkles and releases stunning iridescent reflections that allow the mother-of-pearl to shimmer with every ray of light.  The dial design has also been updated with an angelic display of gold vines and leaves; the new dial is a complete departure from the customary Rolex models which normally have very stark and simple dials.

The Rolex ladies Datejust special edition has a 34 mm case set with 12 brilliant cut diamonds and is water resistant up to 100 meters. It also features bidirectional self-winding movement and a oyster five piece link band.

At Raymond Lee Jewelers, we offer luxury Watch Repair, as well as a wide selection of both ladies and mens Datejust Rolex wristwatch models.

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Corum: A History- Watch Repair

Watch Repair

Corum Coin Watch

Like many of the luxury watch brands, Corum traces its roots to La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. It is no wonder Corum chose this small city to open their first store in 1955, as it has one of the richest history in regards to watch making. The two original founders, Simone Ries and Rene Bannwart decided to join with established watchmaker, Gaston Ries. These three great minds combined to create a company that relied on traditional craftsmanship but did not adhere to traditional watch design, which led to amazingly creative collections.

One example of Corums wonderfully refreshing innovation is its unique Liberty Eagle Watch. This watch featured a real $20 United States gold coin that was cut in half, a luxury movement was inserted and all three were inserted into a watch case. These watches tended to have an open case back so one could see and feel the gold coin in the back. This watch became an international best seller and established Corum as a true contender in the luxury watch market. Watch Repair.

As the decades wore on, Corum did not sit idly by they instead started to create a legacy of great watches. The Golden Bridge, Limelight, Romulus and the very popular Admiral’s Cup collections were all released and afforded Curom the ability to grow. Corums owed much of its success to its open minded attitude which is rarely seen in the luxury watch making industry; many established brands would baulk at trying something drastically different. Corum also has the unique ability to be flexible, which allows it to better respond to market trends.

In 1998 a majority interest in the company was acquired by successful businessman Severin Wunderman. Mr. Wunderman has personally taken part in the business aspects of the company but has worked hard on continuing Corum’s progressive attitude. In the meantime, the master watchmakers at La-Chaux-de-Fonds continue to produce the magnificent timepieces – including such masterpieces as the Minute Repeater and Minute Repeater/Tourbillon – which has garnered world wide recognition. Some of their most sought after pieces are the Admiral’s Cup, Golden Bridge, Ti-Bridge Titanium and the Padlock watch.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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