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Favorite Fancy Jewelry Box Round up

The only thing we love nearly as much as ogling gorgeous jewelry is finding new ways to store it. Sometimes we’re blown away by the complete transformation of a fabulous midcentury piece of furniture into a gigantic repository for all things sparkly. This is the jewelry equivalent of having a dedicated dressing room for a closet (unless your Lisa Vanderpump, in which case said room has a jewelry section).

A jewelry organization dresser by a House in the Hills

via A House in the Hills

And then there are the projects that convert precious wall space into a space-saving jewelry storage center. Never get dressed again in a rush, neglecting to accessorize because you simply can’t see your baubles displayed nicely. Think about it – you probably are missing out on 80% of your jewelry simply because it’s tucked away somewhere (or if you’re like certain guilty bloggers, stuffed into bags and pouches in the depths of your closet…we need to do some cleaning.)

Top 17 Creative DIY Ideas for Jewelry Hangers

via BHG

And, of course, there are the fabulous built-in options that every jewelry lover dreams of. Hidden cabinets full of plush velvet (lilac or navy please) with hooks for earrings, rolls for bracelets, pillows for brooches, and pegs upon pegs for our diamond and pearl necklaces. It wouldn’t hurt if the exterior were Venetian glass or framed with inlaid mother of pearl, not that we’ve been browsing or anything. You know, we would even settle (we guess) for a floor mirror with beautiful details and accents, perhaps like this Horchow option – we’ll also take the sconces and the Marco Bicego necklace in the Neiman’s box:

Horchow Glam Jewelry Mirror

$1659 at Horchow

But, for now, and for many mere mortals, the best option is a sweet, decorative jewelry box. Whether you prefer the traditional route, a nice box with spaces for all your finery, or something a little more modern, there are plenty of gorgeous options for a fancy jewelry box.

Marbled lacquer jewelry box with quartz topper

What could be more perfect than a gem-inspired box to store your gems inside? This marbled laquer box sports an earthy but trendy quartz topper and combines beautifully with other lacuqer boxes you already own. We love the pop of pattern, especially because it’s candy-colored marble.

Natural Horn Boxes Serena and Lily

$78 – $110 at Serena and Lily

Another look we love is this stack of boxes, all in natural horn, by Serena and Lily. The boxes themselves are hewn from solid teak, perfectly complimenting the polished horn’s deeper veins of color, tiled neatly on the boxes’ exterior.

Topsy-Turvy Jewelry Box by Anthropologie

Topsy-Turvy Jewelry Box $298 at Anthropologie

Of course, when you can’t be bothered to stack your own boxes (or if you’re prone to knocking them over all the time) it’s best to go the already attached route. This Topsy-Turvy jewelry box by Anthropologie doesn’t sacrifice whimsy for sturdiness, with an Alice in Wonderland-esque vibe. The collected look is beautiful with complementary dark wood, white washed, and mercury glass boxes stacked faux-precariously onto little brass legs. Mismatched hardware completes the look.

Tiffany Jewelry Box

$835 at Tiffany

If you’re truly brand-loyal, there’s no better place to store your Tiffany jewelry than in a Tiffany jewelry box. Signature Tiffany blue pebble leather surrounds this box, lined with faun colored ultrasuede, with Palladium plated accents and hardware. Sealed with a Tiffany Key.


Last, but in no way, shape or form least, is our latest obsession. This turquoise embossed shagreen covered box by Aerin may be pricey enough to buy an actual piece of jewelry, but it’s drool-worthy enough to make up for it. Brass accents pop against the heirloom quality box with natural suede lining the interior. It’s just begging you to fill it with stacks of Love Bangles and Clic Clacs.

Proposal Story of the Year?

Yes, we know. Quite a statement there – but ladies and gents, it’s half way through 2013! We’ll pause while you count/marvel/let your mind be blown by that (we’ve already gone through each stage as we type). It’s high time for a standout proposal story, non? Last year, Isaac made us cry every time we watched that video. Where are all of the Isaacs?! Is it because Bruno Mars hasn’t released a proposal single this year? We’ll just blame Bruno. Anyways, there are few things we love more than a surprise proposal. And even fewer once you throw elements like “Central Park” and “British Accents” and “Tiffany rings” into the mix. Thanks to How He Asked, we’re able to check out the best proposal stories of 2013 at a glance.

proposal ideas, perfect proposal, nyc proposal ideas, new york proposal

Surprise #1 – via Howheasked.com

So imagine you’re “Kel”, the gorgeous bride to be in the red peacoat. You’ve traveled to NYC from England with your cousins, aunts, Mom and Grandma. A girls’ weekend filled with Bloomie’s shopping, central park touring, and some weather-inappropriate ice cream when you turn around and BAM! There’s your adorable boyfriend, on a bridge with you in America, when this morning you called him and he was “in England.”

central park bridge proposal, nyc surprise proposal, proposal ideas New York

via How He Asked

Nope, he was in New York, along with Kelly and her family, sneakily planning the best proposal ever. Step 1: hire a photographer to capture the moment (in this case it was the obviously talented Sarah Tew). Really, he could have stopped here and everyone (present company included) would have been elated. But oh no, we’re not done. Typically, proposing with an empty ring box would not earn you any gold stars – but this guy had a plan, and his little black box held an invitation to 727 5th Avenue.

propose at tiffany's, tiffany proposal ideas, tiffany nyc proposal

via How He Asked

Ensconced in a private room at Tiffany’s flagship, Kelly got to choose from a selection of rings that David had chosen earlier that morning, fueled only by champagne, petit fours and true love (breakfast of champs). A girl after our own hearts, she chose the largest diamond. A stunning, 6 prong solitaire in the classic but hotly contested Tiffany setting. And no, he still isn’t finished.


After Tiffany, David brought Kelly and all the ladies in her family to champagne tea at Gordon Ramsey’s (this is where we get really sad. We’d love to drink champagne at afternoon tea while mentally giggling at Ramsey’s salacious insults!) He then informed her that sadly, she had underpacked because they’d be staying in NYC, overlooking Central Park, for another 3 days. If there’s ever a place to be unprepared for a longer stay, it’s Manhattan. So the happy couple got a few more days in the big apple, complete with fancy dinners and business class-lounge massages on the way home. David, do you have any brothers?

Watch of the Week: Tiffany Moonphase Watch

When you think of a luxury watch, the name Tiffany doesn’t immediately come to mind. Luxury jewelry? Well it’s typically one of the first. But Tiffany’s impressive watch collection is a quiet juggernaut of luxury timepieces. The same attention to detail that Tiffany’s fine jewelry creations have built into their DNA carried over to Tiffany watchmaking. Devastatingly gorgeous cases, dials and bracelets are a prerequisite, along with quietly powerful movements. For your consideration – the watch of the week, a Tiffany moonphase watch – a triple date in 18kt yellow gold with skeleton case back.

tiffany and co watches, pre owned tiffany watch, tiffany moonphase watch

This moonphase draws you in with its elegant, long portrait style case in beveled 18kt yellow gold. The pristine dial shows off gold numerals so tall and narrow they could walk the runways at fashion week. All of this centered around a complicated but still somehow sparse inner dial with dates and moonphase.

Check out those elegant alpha hands – impossibly stunning.

Tiffany & Co. watches, tiffany watch movements, tiffany watches second hand

A nicely burnished brown leather strap picks up the warm tone of the 18kt yellow gold case and keeps this watch subtle (a bracelet would be gorgeous, but we favor the juxtaposition) Tiffany branding on the buckle keeps things classy.


Even the skeleton case back remains characteristically buttoned up. From this angle, you won’t see any of the movement’s family jewels, just a sleek, gold, Tiffany stamp staring back at you.

Perfect Wedding Day Pearls

wedding wednesday, wedding wednesday raymond lee jewelers, engagement ring boca

The bride who wears pearls is as elegant as she is feminine. A true classic, she’s sticking to time honored traditions for her big day. She always manages to put her own spin on things of course – whether she’s adding charms of lost loved ones to her bridal bouquet, or walking down the aisle to a guitar version of the bridal march. The Raymond Lee Jewelers bride is discerning – no simple strand of pearls would grace her neck without the highest pedigree (Tiffany or Mikimoto, thankyouverymuch). However, she’s savvy enough to appreciate our less-than-retail prices. Especially if it means her “something old” is a much-loved vintage pearl piece. Our favorite wedding day pearls below!

Tiffany pearls, tiffany & co., tiffany pearl bracelet, pearl bracelet boca raton

Tiffany and Co Voile 3 Row Pearl and Diamond Bracelet in Platinum

multi-strand pearl necklace, yellow gold and pearl necklace, wedding pearl necklace

14k Yellow Gold Freshwater Pearl Necklace

black pearl earrings, black pearls, pearl wedding jewelry, wedding jewelry ideas

14K Yellow Gold Pearl Drop Dangle Earrings

Vintage Style Cultured Pearl and Diamond Choker 18K White Gold

Vintage Style Cultured Pearl and Diamond Choker 18K White Gold

14K Yellow Gold, Sapphire and Cultured Pearl Multi-Strand Bracelet

14K Yellow Gold, Sapphire and Cultured Pearl Multi-Strand Bracelet

Mirror Mirror Monday: Tiffany Daisy Brooch

We just love ogling high end designer jewelry. It’s why we snap it up from all the jewelry sellers who visit our store every day! Exquisite pieces from the likes of Tiffany, Van Cleef and Arpels, Harry Winston, Graff and Bvlgari are just a few of our favorite things. And while a piece designed by Jean Schlumberger or Chopard is truly an incomparable work of art, those breathtaking pieces come with price tags that will take your breath away too. So, being the savvy jewelry lovers that we are (and always on the lookout for a smarter way to shop for jewelry), we realized that so many of these gorgeous pieces have cousins at much lower price points. They may not bear the name or provenance, but they are still beautifully made and designed to last generations. When all you’re after is “the look” it’s easy to spend less!

tiffany daisy brooch, tiffany yellow diamonds, tiffany great gatsby jewelry

The Tiffany Daisy brooch, part of the Great Gatsby collection inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s highly anticipated remake, is exquisite. Diamond-studded platinum stems and leaves gracefully climb toward a bud with platinum and white diamond petals radiating from a Tiffany yellow diamond-paved center. With a delicate smattering of 6.97 total carats of diamonds, it’s sparkly and light, just like its namesake. Its $50,000 price tag though, packs a heavy punch.

yellow diamond and white diamond flower pin, yellow diamond pin

Our take on the yellow diamond flower pin is lovely too. Two-tone 18 karat gold lowers the price significantly from the Tiffany platinum version. Ours is smaller too, with 2 carats of round white and yellow diamonds. The same swirling vines entrance anyone who looks at this freshly picked piece, but at a fraction of the cost – just $2495.