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Just Right Spessartite

Spessartite garnets are some of the most vibrant, beautiful gems, and catch your attention like no other. They’re relatively uncommonly seen in jewelry – most garnets are the better known shade of deep red – so when you do see them, it’s a treat. They’re much brighter than other orange gems like citrine or even the exceedingly rare orange diamond. They’re closer to the color of fire opals, but obviously a totally different gem family (they’re a variant of garnet, like tsavorite.) Spessartite garnets have been growing in popularity, and Tiffany & Co. incorporated the gem into a few kew Read More →

Another Step for Smart Jewelry: Beacon & Lively Smart Bracelet

A few months ago, the technically functional, yet undeniably chic Ringly finally broke down the barriers between smart jewelry and aesthetically pleasing jewelry. While wearable technology is nothing new – especially not in the realms of fitness and general gadgetry – actually fashionable smart jewelry unfortunately is. And when Ringly ushered in a stylish era where a cocktail ring you’d wear anyway can also improve your tech life, well I was head over heels. Not only did I have a new bauble to add to my perpetual wish list, but I was stoked to see what other smart jewelry designers would Read More →

The Most Coveted Sports Trophies in The World

With the world current abuzz with talk of the World Cup in Brazil, we thought it would be timely to take a look closer look at some sports trophies awarded today. Here is a look at the Top Ten Most Treasured Sports Trophies in the World. The FIFA World Cup Trophy –After Brazil won the award in 1970, the FIFA World Cup Trophy replaced the Jules Rimet Trophy in 1974. The original trophy was hidden from the Germans during World War II, it was stolen and found a week later by a dog in England in 1966, and was ultimately stolen Read More →

Favorite Fancy Jewelry Box Round up

The only thing we love nearly as much as ogling gorgeous jewelry is finding new ways to store it. Sometimes we’re blown away by the complete transformation of a fabulous midcentury piece of furniture into a gigantic repository for all things sparkly. This is the jewelry equivalent of having a dedicated dressing room for a closet (unless your Lisa Vanderpump, in which case said room has a jewelry section). And then there are the projects that convert precious wall space into a space-saving jewelry storage center. Never get dressed again in a rush, neglecting to accessorize because you simply can’t Read More →

Proposal Story of the Year?

Yes, we know. Quite a statement there – but ladies and gents, it’s half way through 2013! We’ll pause while you count/marvel/let your mind be blown by that (we’ve already gone through each stage as we type). It’s high time for a standout proposal story, non? Last year, Isaac made us cry every time we watched that video. Where are all of the Isaacs?! Is it because Bruno Mars hasn’t released a proposal single this year? We’ll just blame Bruno. Anyways, there are few things we love more than a surprise proposal. And even fewer once you throw elements like Read More →