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Web Roundup: My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open


TGIF ya’ll! Welcome to your weekend, I hope you squeeze in all the Farmer’s Marketing/Game Night/Home Depoting/Bottle Popping/Sleeping In you desire. I’ll be doing some spring cleaning (way better than it sounds, I’m a Virgo & it’s like a day at the spa for me). I’ll also be embracing Mars’ retrograde by continuing my 2014 habit of re-reading old book favorites. I’m also hoping to vacuum seal all of our winter coats into storage but it’s probably too premature for that :( But, a nice productive/relaxing weekend is calling my name after last weekend’s St. Paddy’s festivities! And this week was a busy one in my sparkly little slice of the web. I…

Realized my bad habit of having 60 tabs open at once might not just be an internet issue.

Coveted the Cartier Ballon Bird.

Asked Lee to sneak a picture of the famous guy sitting behind him on his flight to LA so I could determine who it was. He eventually asked another passenger, and the guy was JOHN LEGEND. Yes, I asked if my spirit animal Chrissy Teigen was with him, no, she wasn’t, and no, Lee would not agree to ask him for pics/offer him free jewelry in exchange for me meeting her.

Swooned over this VCA catalog on Flipboard. I forgot I even had Flipboard!

Don’t know how to skateboard but I’d learn if I had THIS.

Said: “Oooooooh snap.” The gauntlet has been THROWN. #DRAma

Took Ruby on an extra long walk because it was gorgeous out. We window shopped all her favorite stores on Oak Street, namely Hermes, Graff, Harry Winston and Trabert & Hoeffer. She did try to run into Armani but I ruined her fun.

Laughed, fist pumped and amen-ed Becky’s Pinterest Board.

Became obsessed with the Bridesmaid Ask. I’m so happy it’s becoming A Thing, and think it’s even better than a bridal luncheon closer to the actual wedding.

Geek Jewelry That’s Cool on a Molecular Level

Show off your inner Geek with Molecular Jewelry. The term geek has reversed meaning entirely within a generation, and somehow being smart or obsessed with something does not have the negative connotations it once did. Many people proudly proclaim to be “geeks”, and fashion is reflecting this new intelligence trend. From the periodic table of elements printed onto t-shirts, to jewelry that looks like tiny molecules it is clear that Smart is the new Black.

Mixee Labs Molecule jewelry

via Mixee Labs

Molecular jewelry is jewelry a 3-D molecular structure representing molecules ranging from serotonin, to caffeine, to chocolate, to dopamine or even something you come up with yourself. The jewelry is available in a single pendant or two identical Molecule Earrings. Your molecule piece is completely customizable in size and material used to make it. You can go with gold plated brass, sterling silver, stainless steel, or nylon plastic in any color you chose. The prices range from $12 for the nylon plastic up to $160 for precious metals.

Molecule Jewelry would make a great gift after passing chemistry finals. Or perhaps a certain molecule as special meaning and this piece could represent an inside joke. The point of Molecule Jewelry aside from the aesthetic appeal is the fact that it makes people think, and is a great conversation starter. Chances of anyone having a piece of this jewelry exactly alike or low. As a gift, this piece is a great way to reveal hidden feelings.

Meanings Of Some Options For Molecule Jewelry

  • Serotonin is associated with happiness and love great for new love.
  • Dopamine has to do with reward and pleasure centers in the brain, and is a great way to show someone you are addicted to them.
  • Adrenalin is action and reaction and a great symbol for the intelligent athlete.
  • Caffeine if you can not make it through your day with out it show some love.
  • Water is a great molecule set for a swimmer or surfer.
  • Sucrose if you want to show someone you think they are sweet.
  • Viagra we all know what this one says to the recipient great for an inside message between lovers.

As this trend of focusing on the small things progresses, it is easy to speculate about what is next. There are pieces of jewelry that resemble the DNA double helix and pieces that show atoms with electrons circling around, and elemental symbols are used to brand shows (Breaking Bad = Br Ba). Will we see the rise of microscopic pictures or things we enjoy? Under a microscope beach sand appears to be tiny gemstones, zinc oxide looks like a field of flowers, and household dust appear to be a colorful menagerie of whimsical items. Could a blown up microscopic image of your loved one’s dust make a lovely print for a baby doll t-shirt? Or a sand sample from your honeymoon of Saint Barts be turned into a canvas print or a design idea for your next gemstone jewelry piece. The possibilities are endless, and somehow getting down to the smallest level is the best way to show exactly who we really are with art.

This or That: Limited Edition Seaside Starfish Michele Watch

Michele Watches are one of the hottest brands in timepieces right now. They’re fun, stylish, and have more models than fashion week. Whether your style is sleek and clean, funky and bohemian, or ready for summer, Michele has you covered. Take this limited edition Seaside Starfish watch for instance – it’s gorgeous in bright polished stainless steel, a tightly woven bracelet and a diamond studded bezel, but the enamel and diamond sealife depicted on its silver bezel are whimsical fun. This watch is perfect for a weekend in usually sunny South Florida – if all this rain is keeping you away from the ocean, just stare down at your wrist instead and imagine which seaside ensemble you’ll wear it with next. One one hand, you’ve got this sultry Vix Baoba Carmen bikini with a funky abstract stripe pattern and gold & leather accents. On the other, you’ve got that trendy one piece L*Space fringe suit. We can’t choose, but it’s your weekend, your choice!

Seaside Michele Watch, pre owned Michele watches, Boca Raton Michele watches

Watch of the Week: Philip Stein Watch

This week we’re showing off one of our more unique watches – this Philip Stein Teslar Mini pave diamond dial watch. Philip Stein was founded in 2002 and set out to be more than just a watch brand; each Philip Stein watch is embedded with Natural Frequency technology designed to enhance your well being while still maintaining a beautiful appearance on the wrist – this watch is no exception.

Philip Stein Teslar Mini Pave Diamond Dial Ladies Watch

Philip Stein Teslar Mini Pave Diamond Dial Ladies Watch

A dual timezone dial features subdials stacked, rather than centered on a larger dial. Oh, and it’s also covered in diamonds.

Philip-Stein-Pave-Diamond-Dial-Watch.5Surrounding the gorgeous silver and pave dial is a neatly paved diamond bezel. The stainless steel case’s undulating curves give this watch a distinctly unique and feminine shape before it gives way to a beautiful satin mocha strap.


The case back shows off how the frequency based technology that “replicate the Earth’s natural frequency, as well as other natural frequencies, many wearers report positive benefits and an overall improvement in their well-being.”

Burberry Watches to Go Luxury at BaselWorld

Burberry has long been known for their fashionable items and accessories, so it should come as no surprise that the fashion brand is looking to expand their line of luxury watches at BaselWorld. In a departure from their very popular fashion line, Burberry watches are expanding their fine timepieces.

burberry fashion watch, burberry watch, burberry check watch, burberry watch boca

One of Burberry’s popular fashion watches in rose gold

Burberry is looking to keep the actual watches themselves under wrap until they’re ready for launch. All we know at this point is that we can expect a big marketing campaign that emphasizes the brand’s history of innovation and the long-running heritage of the British fashion maker.

When the brand first debuted their Britain watches late last year, the high-end consumer world was stunned by the exquisite quality and appearance of the timepieces. We don’t know what the new watches look like, but we can be sure that the line will be associated with the same class, style and elegance as everything else put out by the brand.

Burberry Britain, burberry watches, burberry luxury watch, burberry britain watch

The Britain BBY1200 43mm Automatic

Anyone looking to be there at the premiere will want to book their trip quick. BaselWorld is going to be packed with media and fashion elite all trying to get first look at the new watches. There’s no telling if there will be any room left for another looky-loo come showtime.