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Wedding Ring Eye Candy: Cartier Wedding Rings

A classic diamond wedding band or a simple gold band is always a thing of beauty. But when you take designer pedigree into account, we’re talking a whole new ball game. Such is the case with Cartier. Cartier wedding rings are at once bold, but refined. They’re modern, but classic. They stand out from the typical, but still leave no doubt as to what they symbolize. And with the Cartier name comes the Cartier promise of excellence, a centuries old tradition of creating some of the most beautiful jewelry on earth. Of course, it also means a Cartier price tag – unless you’re savvy. Shopping for vintage wedding bands, pre owned Cartier and estate wedding rings allows you to have the luxurious look of  Cartier wedding ring for thousands less than you’d pay at the boutique. And just because the rings are second hand, doesn’t make them any less gorgeous. Cartier jewelry is designed to last, to become an heirloom piece, meaning that the ring you buy, as long as it’s from a reputable dealer, should be in excellent condition. Allow us to elaborate…

Cartier 18k Rose Gold Diamond LOVE Ring Size 58

Cartier 18k Rose Gold Diamond LOVE Ring Size 58

Cartier 18k Tank Francaise Diamond Wedding Band

Cartier 18k Tank Francaise Diamond Wedding Band

Cartier 18K Yellow Gold Asscher Cut Diamond Wedding Band

Cartier 18K Yellow Gold Asscher Cut Diamond Wedding Band

Cartier 18k Yellow Gold LOVE Wedding Band Size 50

Cartier 18k Yellow Gold LOVE Wedding Band Size 50

Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring Eye Candy

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Today’s engagement ring eye candy satisfies our cravings for elliptical bling. The marquise diamond is a stunning fancy shape with a brilliant cut. The lengthy shape draws the eye up and back, creating more surface area and the illusion of a bigger diamond. We love the graceful shape of a marquise cut stone, especially when it’s accented by beautifully tapered baguettes, diamond pave, and bright rubies.

4 Carat Marquise Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring, marquise engagement ring

4 Carat Marquise Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

marquise engagement ring, light yellow diamonds, yellow diamond engagement ring

Light Yellow Marquise Cut Diamond Platinum Ruby Engagement Ring

art deco engagement ring, art deco style, marquise engagement ring

5 Carat Marquise Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

ruby engagement ring, engagement ring with ruby, art deco engagement ring

1 Carat Marquise Cut Diamond Platinum Ruby Engagement Ring

marquise engagement ring, 2 carat engagement ring, 2ct diamond ring

2 Carat Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Baguette Engagement Ring Eye Candy

In case your sweet tooth isn’t satisfied by those mini Reeses you’ve been picking at from the Trick or Treat bowl, you’re in luck. We’re ready to indulge in our sweet favorites later, but for now we’re craving a different kind of rock candy. Today’s engagement rings all feature gorgeous baguettes. Whether they’re tapered or perfectly even, they’re horizontally set to accent these marvelous center stones. Dig in to our baguette engagement ring eye candy!

Designer Rings for Men – Masculine Monday Guest Post

Designer Rings


If you don’t have any designer labels in your wardrobe or trinket box, it may be safe to say you are a small town guy at heart. Of course, one of the rites of passage to any city life is having that first designer outfit, label suite or designer piece of jewelry that gives you the perfect edge over rest of the crowd at a party. It is true that not many of us can afford an extravagant couture by a designer, but what about a small piece of jewelry? And it doesn’t even have to be made out of precious stones or metals. Designer rings are the new rave in big cities all over the world. These small embellishments can do a lot more than just look nice on your fingers; they can make the perfect statement about your personality and individual style.

An ideal way to start is by looking for some designer rings online. Images of the same may give you a good idea about what you might like to show off on those beautiful hands. Plus, the choices are overwhelming, to assure you find that wonderful ring that compliments almost everything you have hanging in the closet.

If you are a professional or executive that needs to dress formally at most events, keep the ring simple. There are many designers that make stylish and elegant rings that you might like. On the other hand, you might want to experiment or add a little oomph to your outfit by wearing a little over the top ring. Rings with big gems on top are quite exquisite this season. Find something with a bit of color to really bring the corporate house down.

For those who want something a little more casual, there are varieties that can blow your mind from traditional Indian silver designs to nature friendly growing rings. You can even have a look at some nail filer rings in titanium that look great for that casual denim a t-shirt look.

Browsing around and experimenting with different styles is key to finding something you will treasure for the rest of your life. Designer rings and other may be the first step you need to knowing your personal likes and dislikes in fashion. Not only will they help you fit in, but also stand out and above everyone else in your circle. And who knows, pretty soon you just might have a favorite designer you swear by.

This guest post was contributed by Just Men’s Rings. Find out how you can contribute to Raymond Lee Jewelers blog.

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Vintage Engagement Rings Part II

Vintage Engagement Rings


Raymond Lee Jewelers is back with more vintage diamond engagement rings for today’s Wedding Wednesday Engagement Ring Eye Candy. We love vintage engagement rings for their hand crafted looks and incredible attention to detail – not to mention their Eco-friendliness. These rings have the added benefit of being budget friendly too! Vintage engagement rings are typically very unique – you won’t see other brides wearing the exact same ring! These 6 are some of our favorites.


Vintage Engagement Rings Part II
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