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Timepiece Thursday – Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, and Katy Perry Wear Luxury Watches

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller DEEPSEA (Re...

There are upcoming releases from Rolex, Cartier, Breitling and other famous luxury watchmakers that will absolutely amaze those who are waiting in the wings. If you are one that is looking for something more along the lines of a luxury pre-owned watch, then surprises and treasures await you.Diamonds, gold, incredible complications, looks for every occasion, and more all are at your disposal and waiting for that special moment when you decide on which pre-owned luxury watch suits your fancy.

On a bright note, this has created an abundance of the high-end timepieces to get excited about. Seeing is believing when it comes to checking out the latest available of the Rolex or Hublot brands.Not to leave any watchmaker out of the mix, it is safe to say that most any pre-owned luxury watch from most any brand name will be on the market. Additional benefits include the ability to afford one of these fine pieces much sooner than you probably anticipated.Affordability is a huge aspect of owning any one of the beautiful, reconditioned watches from the likes of Tag Heuer, Bulgari, Chopard, and Gucci.

Presumably, the anticipation and excitement of researching and finding exactly what you want will be part of the fun.For those who  do not currently own a pre-owned luxury watch, do not let the word “pre-owned” cause any undue anxiety or concern. In fact, with all of the tests and scrutiny placed upon a used watch, reconditioned timepieces will have the appearance and appeal of a brand new watch.Perhaps, you have seen Hunger Games, the latest Twilight movie, or a famous action star like Brad Pitt  and like the watches they wear. What’s more, you might have a particular celebrity like Katy Perry, Snookie, or Cameron Diaz  and really admire their watch selection. How fun to think of yourself owning a luxury watch they like!Cameron Diaz teams up with Tag Heuer for Lady Link Collection

A little FYI; Katy Perry wears a Sili Forever black model watch by Ice-Watch in her  new video from The Complete Confection album; Brad Pitt sports a Tag Heuer – looking sharp Brad; and Cameron Diaz who also wears a Link Lady Collection watch from Tag Heuer.

What a cool idea! Making a connection with a celebrity you can identify with in a small way by owning something they apparently like; it just adds to the ambiance of the moment.

Grab a family member or a friend and plan out how you will find luxury pre-0wned watches that you probably can afford. It is not only about buying a beautiful luxury, high-end timepiece, this is also a fantastic way to celebrate life with those you adore or hold close to your heart.



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Masculine Monday: NY Antique Jewelry and Watch Show (and Tell)



Masculine Monday: Give Your Rolex Watch Away

Good Morning Everybody!  Hope that you’ve all rested up over the weekend, and that a case of the ‘Monday’s’ is not setting the mood for your day.  With Monday being reserved for our Masculine Monday Entries, today’s Masculine portion will come to you in a varied delivered way…

Today, Gents, our advice for some serious Girlfriend/Wife/Best Friend bonus points… give the lady your wristwatch.

Preferably, give her your Gents Rolex wristwatch!

Rolex GMT

We touched on this trend just as it was sparked a few months ago, where Jennifer Aniston and her men’s Rolex wristwatch was featured in our entry, ‘Breaking the Mold‘.  As time has passed, more and more gals are wanting a gents wristwatch, as opposed to a ladies model.

Along with the other most prevalent trends being shown by consumers at the New York Antique Jewelry & Watch Show, which we’ll touch on later, many women are looking for Gents Rolex models for themselves. It has become one of the strongest trends withing the watch industry.

“Many women are looking for gents Rolex models for themselves. That is the new trend.” 

This comes straight from the source, the Raymond Lee Jewelers VP, who is currently exhibiting a carefully chosen selection of Raymond Lee Jewelers Antique Jewelry and Luxury Watches at the famous US Antique Show.

Being a true modern gentlemen with style and substance does require the ability to choose the perfect gift for the one you love. When the next Birthday or Anniversary rolls around, consider picking up your gal a Gents Rolex to light up her face with glee.

Better yet, find yourself a new timepiece to liven up the life on your wrist, and give her your current gents wristwatch as a gift. This will be both sweet and sentimental, and you’ll be thanking me in no time.

Julia working with clients at NY Antique Jewelry & Watch Show

Feature Friday: Panther Two Tone by Cartier

Cartier Panther Small Two Tone Watch

Raymond Lee Jewelers: Feature Friday

At RaymondLeeWatches.com, you can find a variety of luxury watches for both men and women. Ranging in designs and decades of creation, browse the collection of pre-owned luxury watches that we are currently carrying.

On this Feature Friday, I present you with a classic two tone watch by Cartier. With a one year warranty and the signature panther two-tone bracelet, this lovely watch is deserving of a highlight!

Cartier W25029B6: RaymondLeeWatches.com


Item #: W25029B6
Style: Panther
Size: Small
Case: Two tone stainless steel and 18K yellow gold
Dial Color:  White
Bracelet: Two tone stainless steel and 18K yellow gold
Clasp:        Double locking foldover clasp
Movement: Quartz
Crystal:           Sapphire
Case Diameter:   22 mm
Case Thickness:   6 mm

Browse other watches by Cartier on RaymondLeeWatches.com

Curating Pearltrees: Vintage Jewelry Clustering!

Just click… and the cluster is yours!

Vintage Jewelry & Fashion Blogging Galore!//

Vintage Jewelry & Fashion Blogging Galore

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