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Your Lambo’s Blue? Check out this Gold Plated Lamborghini

As an individual, have you thought about the value of owning gold Lamborghini car? Nowadays, it isn’t just about getting any car. It’s all about how unique and trendy your style is. Can you be able to stand from the crowd? A gold Lambo goes beyond the trendy factor. It is also the smartest form of investment that has minimal liabilities. One thing about this item is that it can never be out of time and out of place. Items like the gold-plated Lamborghini are some of the lucky few countable whose value and true worth is always guaranteed.

Gold Plated Lamborghini

via Examiner

In a world where everything seems to be dynamic, it can be a bit tricky to decide on where to invest your money wisely. Even in the world of luxury, everyone wants to put his or her dollar where it can earn returns apart and fulfill other intended purposes. That is exactly what the gold Lamborghini car offers you. Be the most expensive person around, and when the time comes to dispose of it, the car is a valuable asset that will bail you out of the situation. Not even the most powerful world currency can stand up to this precious piece in terms of consistence in value and quality.

The car that will be sold through the auction system has made it to the Guinness Book of world records. It is the single costliest car so far in the history of mankind. Maybe you own just an ordinary car with little value. What happens to it when you have finally had the best of it and you want to move on with something else? Do you just toss it away in the trash and forget about it? That’s a big No for an answer. That isn’t the way to spend your money. The Lambo is all about a lifetime value, something that can’t be taken away from you.

Look around you and see what is happening even in governments. Big debts that have become a major problem to the nationals in terms of repayment are the order of the day. Money seems to be losing value each day. Can you recall the amount of money you paid to have your tank filled at the petrol station five years back? Now compare the value of that money between then and now. That’s what we mean when we say that the multimillion dollar car is a big wonder. It has countless precious metals whose value is irreplaceable.

The car has lots of benefits. For one, it protects money against devaluation. Secondly, it has the ability to shield the purchasing power against insecurities like inflation, which is steadily rising. Imagine you have your money in a bank. A severe crisis occurs and for one reason or another, the bank collapses. That will be the end of you unless you have a stable investment with consistent income.

In conclusion, the gold decked car is a fascinating phenomenon that has got the world’s attention. It is an innovative piece of creation that is superb in storing the value of your money, of course if you can afford it.

Innovative Jewelry by Lucifer Vir Honestus

For those that want jewelry of the finest quality, most precious materials, and most innovative styles, Lucifer Vir Honestus is the brand for you. This high end jewelry brand has earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other accessories that are of the finest quality and most interesting design. No longer are these precious metals and stones relegated to the world of the hum drum and boring ring or setting, Lucifer Vir Honestus is a brand that sets out to create items that are one of a kind, that are innovative, and that are sure to get people talking.

Lucifer Vir Honestus Carved Imperial Jade Earrings

These pieces are one of a kind using materials that are of the finest quality and that are absolutely beautiful and wonderful for just about any occasion. These pieces have beautiful organic lines, whimsical shapes, and fantastic color that is sure to add a bit of sunshine to just about any occasion. With bright stones like turquoise, citrine, ruby and more, these pieces are brightly colored and beautifully shaped to deliver the most beautiful lines possible. These pieces are simple but still exceedingly elegant and pristine. Though they do not prescribe to the traditional standards of beauty, they are still simply stunning and beautiful.

Lucifer Vir Honestus Tanzanite Earrings

These pieces also employ beautiful imagery like frogs, flames, and tear drops. The bracelets of the collection also have a very organic feel with animal and natural imagery to create a line that is truly something to see. This brand uses beautifully organic and whimsical materials to create fantastic lines that are absolutely stunning. With pendants that draw inspiration from the sea and other natural elements, these pieces are great for softening an outfit with the most beautiful of jewelry. These pieces are just whimsical enough to draw attention and make a statement without being too out there. These attention grabbing pieces are perfect for making a statement without bringing too much attention.

Lucifer Vir Honestus Ring

These pieces are not exactly affordable but they are absolutely wonderful and perfect for those looking to find a piece that is going to make a splash and draw attention. These pieces mimic the sea and vines with very soft lines that are perfect for making a splash. This collection is certainly full of statement pieces which means that wearing any one of these items is sure to make your outfit one that is going to bring attention. These pieces are one of a kind and are crafted from the finest materials to insure strength and durability no matter how long you have them or how long they remain in your collection.

Lucifer Vir Honestus 5 Carat rose gold engagement ring

The Lucifer Vir Honestus collection is certainly not one for people that do not like statement jewelry or that do not like pieces that are out of the ordinary. This collection is far from ordinary and is great for those that want to find pieces that are beautiful, and one of a kind. These whimsical pieces are fantastic for bringing a bit of fun to any outfit without making your outfit too immature. These pieces are at once whimsical and grown up which makes them perfect for just about any style and any styling.

The Rebirth of Sidney Garber Jewelry

Jewelry has taken a distinct turn toward becoming more natural, mimicking the materials and environments that bore them. Sidney Garber is an innovative designer that is going back to nature with designs that not only mimic the beauty and strength that nature has to offer, but also makes the most of the gorgeous materials from which they are hewn. With rings that are both delicate and strong, modeled after animals and classically cut, and that are stunning no matter what design is chosen.

sidney garber earrings

Rings range from materials like gold and silver to pearl, topaz, sapphire, ruby, and more. These rings are simply stunning with bold styles that still feature delicate accents that make them perfect for just about any situation. With bold cocktail style rings, fancy dress rings, and more, this designer has truly out done herself with this collection. Her designs also include bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and brooches that are absolutely stunning. This collection is very diverse with pieces to suit just about every taste and every style. Though they are a bit pricey and do not fit every budget, they are still fantastic pieces that are great for just about any occasion.

sidney garber bracelets

Sidney Garber is a designer that pushes the boundaries of what is typical and classic in the jewelry industry. With pieces that are at once classically beautiful and statement making, Sidney Garber is creating pieces that are well worth the cost and perfect for just about any buyer. The earrings draw upon the chandelier trend that is so popular among celebrities these days utilizing silver, pearl, topaz, and other precious materials to create earrings that are at once stunning and wearable. These pieces are perfect for jazzing up a formal outfit, making the most of a casual outfits, and more.

Sidney Garber diamond sparrows brooch

Sidney Garber diamond sparrows brooch

The bracelets are equally mesmerizing with solid metal and stone encrusted pieces that again draw on nature. With pieces that are perfect for mixing and matching and for wearing as individual pieces. Her current collection as well as collections past are versatile while still making a splash with any outfit that you choose. Finding a piece that suits just about any clothing is simple with this brand. These pieces are perfect for making a statement while still wearing pieces that are classically beautiful and that are timelessly stunning. Though the brand is not necessarily affordable for every budget, they are great splurge pieces as they are timeless.

sidney garber rose gold chain necklace

With pieces starting at around $2,000, this brand is certainly a high end brand. These classically stunning pieces are available at both the Sidney Garber retail store and at fine department stores like Barney’s and more. This means that finding these pieces is not wholly impossible and is not limited to buying only from the designer’s main store. This brand is great for those that are looking for a fantastic one of a kind piece that is going to be just as beautiful the first day you buy it as the last day that you wear it. This collection is absolutely wonderful, innovative, and fantastic for anyone that is looking for a high end piece that has a bit of new world flare.

Kate Upton for David Yurman’s Fall Campaign

Kate Upton and bikinis, if that’s what you’re thinking it’s understandable. After all, she has been cover girl for the last two quickly sold-out Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues. But Kate isn’t showing off her curves right now, she’s showing off her hands in her new role as one of the faces of David Yurman Fall campaign. Clad in a ribbed turtleneck, the 21 year old beauty lounges on the sand, with her wrists wrapped in two of Yurman’s thick cable bangles. In another saucy shot she might or she might not be wearing anything other than a couple of the designer’s signature pinkie rings.

Kate Upton David Yurman 2013

via Glamour

National Jeweler quotes Yurman as saying Upton has an “easy all-American warmth” in explaining why he chose her as one of the four models featured in his 2013 campaign, Beauty in Contrasts. meant to highlight the diversity Yurman is known for in his designs. he goes on to explain that the theme of the campaign is to highlight how “diverse elements coexist in a delicate balance”. This is played out not only in the pieces he has included in the campaign, but also in his choice of models.

Kate Upton David Yurman Watch

While Upton represents the all-American type, French model Anais Mali, the daughter of an African mother and a Polish father is a global sophisticate. Dree Hemingway, great-granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway is meant to represent artistic refinement, while the fourth model, Romanian Catrinel Marlon, also a SI Swimsuit alumnae, is cloaked in an air of sensuous intrigue. In past years he has tapped models such as Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen to be faces of Yurman.

David Yurman earrings Kate Upton

David Yurman who started his eponymous brand in 1980 is known for using a cable design, inspired by his love of sculpture, in his gold and silver jewelry. This signature design is prominent in his elegant jewelry collections for both men and women, as well as his timepieces, money clips, and keychains. And now he’s expanded his offerings to fragrances and sunglasses. Sunglasses! Maybe Ms Upton can wear a pair for SI next year!

Thistle and Bee Jewelry: Naturally Inspiring

From the arms of celebrities at the Golden Globes to the necks, wrists and fingers of suburban moms, Thistle and Bee’s delicate, inspired-by-nature jewelry designs have appealed to fashionistas from all incomes and avenues of life since 1998.

Thistle and Bee jewelry

via Mucklow’s Fine Jewelry

Crafted one and all from fine .925 sterling silver, the designs of Thistle and Bee are modeled after items that occur in nature — everything from lotus petals to bamboo shoots to burlap are fair game for their well-traveled artisans who strive to recreate the flow and movement of real-life objects in their silver pieces.

Thistle and Bee Means Versatility

Bamboo Swirl Cuff with Gemstones

Bamboo Swirl Cuff with Gemstones $895

Thistle and Bee offers jewelry to compliment a full range of looks — from the thick, chunky ruffled cuff suitable for everyday wear to the more dainty and elegant Mayfair Lines collection better suited to a stroll along the red carpet. Thistle and Bee jewelry is versatile, affordable and stunning in all its sterling silver simplicity.

Bamboo Stacking Bangle with Peridot

Bamboo Stacking Bangle with Peridot $225

Whether your style is bold, daring and contemporary or delicate and discreet, you’ll find your muse in the offerings of Thistle and Bee. With designs to encompass both men and women, this line makes memorable keepsakes for the graduate and groom-to-be, as well as jewelry for the special woman in your life.

Demure, Yet Durable

Burlap Stacking Ring

Burlap Stacking Ring $75

Nothing says “Sweet Sixteen” like an elegant, yet affordable, burlap textured stackable ring. Choose one with her favorite semi-precious stone and pair it with the matching bangle for a truly memorable celebration. With Thistle and Bee’s heirloom-quality sterling silver combined with the strength and durability of copper, your gift will truly last her a lifetime — perhaps becoming a family tradition to be passed down through the generations.