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Jay Z’s new Fragrance Goes For the “Gold Jay Z”

On November 20, 2013, Jay Z’s new fragrance will debut at Barney’s New York, accompanied by lots of fanfare and a media blitz.befitting the man himself. Named “Gold Jay Z,” the release culminates more than a year of hard work, perfecting the right scents to add to this signature debut fragrance, as well as indecisiveness about the perfect name for his fragrance. After running through, and rejecting, more than 3,200 possibilities for names, Jay Z grabbed the bottle containing the eau de toilette and proclaimed it to be gold. According to Parlux Ltd.’s Donald J. Luftus, the distributor of the fragrance, this gave rise to the name.

Gold Jay Z Perfume

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Packaged in a bottle with simple and clean lines and gentle curves for a look that is reminiscent of a flask, the fragrance was designed under the tutelage of Swiss perfumer, Ilias Ermenidis of Fermenich. Mr. Ermenidis stated that he wanted to capture the essence of Jay Z when he was choosing the scents to include in this fragrance. Along with the confidence and style this rapper turned entrepreneur exudes, he is also a vibrant and charismatic personality. These parts of his personality are successfully represented by various notes and strains that are present in his signature fragrance.

It is said to be a white alluringly luxurious fragrance with a fougere base. Layers of white cardamom, grapefruit and yellow ginger, along with a smattering of blueberry, are woven throughout. The heart of this sensual fragrance is infused with strains of cypress, lavender, vetiver and violet leaf. Rich and deep notes of teak, golden amber, bourbon vanilla and patchouli provide the finishing touch that melds the scents all together in a seamless and tantalizing fragrance. It is an elaborate mixture that suits a man who has many facets of his personality.

On November 29, which is also Black Friday, and just nine days after the debut of Gold Jay Z in New York, it will be available in 2,000 department stores across the country. Available in three convenient sizes, this fragrance will be high on the list of must-have gifts for the suave man.

In coordination of the nation wide release of Gold Jay Z, an expansive media campaign will ensue. Billboards across the country will feature ads about this highly anticipated fragrance. Digital devices will be emblazoned with it. Macy’s will feature unique windows that allow shoppers to interact with them as an advertisement of the fragrance.

In addition to debuting his fragrance at Barney’s New York, Jay Z is also collaborating with the esteemed store on a line of limited edition luxe products. These products were created as the result of collaborations with top designers in the industry, such as Balmain and Proenza Schouler. The recipient of the profits of this venture is not Jay Z, though. The Shawn Carter Foundation, a charity organization dedicated to helping socio-economically challenged individuals attend institutes of higher learning will receive 25% of the profits of the sales of these products.

Spotlight On: Fabrizio Riva Jewelry

Fabrizio Riva Jewelry occupies the intersection of beauty and technology. The words “fine jewelry” connote visions of bespectacled artists hunched over workbenches handcrafting exceptional pieces. You will find such artists at the 21,000-square-foot Fabrizio Riva factory in Long Island City, New York, working alongside state-of-the-art machinery boasting leading-edge technology. Combining front line manufacturing techniques like computerized rapid prototyping with sophisticated, original designs, Fabrizio Riva Jewelry offers discerning clients unique, instantly recognizable and beautiful pieces to round out their jewelry wardrobes.

Fabrizio Riva Milky diamond circle pendant necklace

Fabrizio Riva Milky diamond circle pendant necklace

Fabrizio Riva is an American company, founded in New York by Ted Doudak in 1988, that employs 150 master jewelers, artists, technicians and manufacturing professionals at their Long Island City facility. Doudak began his career in jewelry industry in 1985, working at a chain factory and working his way up to jewelry maker and stone setter. He combined his artistic and technical skills with his interest in manufacturing technology to create the Fabrizio Riva jewelry line. Riva’s 2013 lineup includes pendants, chains, bracelets and earrings featuring its trademark geometric lines and understated color palette of black, brown, gray and milky diamonds set in lustrous 18-karat gold.

Fabrizio Riva jewelry designs embody muted elegance. His earring collection, for example, includes post and drop pieces in exaggerated oval, round, teardrop and rectangular shapes. Large and small round milky, brown and gray stones are prong-set in white and yellow 18-karat gold. Best-selling favorites include the exquisite brown diamond teardrop stud earrings and the handsome red gold and 1.3 carat brown diamond spear-shaped drop earrings. The teardrop studs work beautifully to spice up casual daytime togs while the red gold drops are perfect with posh evening wear. Fabrizio Riva rounds out its earring lineup with two rare black diamond pieces: The brown and black diamond teardrop and the black diamond square stud.

Fabrizio Riva brown diamond long rectangular earrings

Fabrizio Riva brown diamond long rectangular earrings

This year’s collection features the “Ankara Navette,” a bold, imposing ring with a brushed-gold band and a marquis-shaped face encrusted with crown-cut white and brown diamonds. This stunning piece is a modern take on the traditional diamond cocktail ring and adds an element of sophistication to any outfit.

The necklace lineup contains Fabrizio Riva’s signature geometric-shaped pendants suspended from delicate cable chains. The “Ankara Navette” pendant is a worthy complement to the matching Navette ring. The most interesting piece is the brown and blue crown-cut diamond charm necklace with its elongated oval gem-set pendant and simple blue quartz disc. Its breezy 18-karat chain adds a polished look casual business wear.

Fabrizio Riva white and brown diamond Ankara Navette ring

Fabrizio Riva white and brown diamond Ankara Navette ring

Rounding out the collection are two finely wrought cable chain bracelets: One features a tiny round 18-karat white gold disc set with seven white pave diamonds and the other is comprised of an 18-karat rose gold chain with a heart-shaped centerpiece crowned with five small round brown diamonds. Both bracelets represent Fabrizio Riva’s modern geometric design and monochromatic color scheme.

Fabrizio Riva pieces have an arresting quality that attracts the eye without being ostentatious. Their timeless design give these pieces an heirloom feel that will outlast short-lived fashion trends. Fabrizio Riva jewelry makes a welcome gift and every fashion-savvy woman should have at least one Riva piece in her jewelry case.

Spotlight On: Sharon Khazzam Jewelry

In this age when so many celebrities feel entitled to starting their eponymous line, be it perfume, fashion, or jewelry, just by virtue of their fame, Sharon Khazzam is an anamoly. She had a dream – to design jewelry, and she realized that dream the old fashioned way. She studied. She worked under masters, and only when she felt she had mastered her craft did she venture out on her own, fueled by talent, refined skill. Sharon is the personification of meticulous and order.

Sharon Khazzam pink gemstone earrings

After earning her degree in jewelry design at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, she apprenticed at Calvin French in France, thanks to Asprey, her first employer, who hired her to be their in-house designer. The master jewelers under whom she worked gave the classical training, that had been handed down to them, requiring her to put in time drawing and painting. And it paid off, she came back to New York to create the Sunflower Collection, the first of a long line of signature works.

Her success only made her realize if she was to stay on top of her game, she could never stop learning. She made time in her busy design schedule to study at the Gemological Institute of America, and to attend numerous workshops and lectures given by established jewelers. Ms Khazzam must know something about time management that most people don’t, because during this period in her life, she also entered the storied Diamonds Today competition and came out the winner.

Sharon Khazzam white diamond ring with pear shapes and round brilliants

In 1993, a scant nineyears after her graduation from FIT, Sharon ventured out on her own with her Stitch collection for Asprey. Oh yes, she was also raising a family during this time! After another eight years spent consulting and designing for private clients, she unveiled the Sharon Khazzam Collection, pieces that reflected her personality – free-spirited and fun, yet glamorous, and elegant with a wink. But don’t let her style mistake you into thinking she’s left her systematic ways behind.

Should you purchase one of her hand-crafted, one of a kind designs, it will come a folder detailing everything you’d want to know about the piece she’s entrusting to you, and if you happen to misplace this information, she’s cared enough about it to number and catalog it in the archives of her New York studio.

Sharon Khazzam Vicky Ring

Sharon Khazzam Vicky Ring

If you are a devotee of Sharon Khazaam’s designs, you’re probably every bit as daring and colorful as they are , for she has a bold, confident, yet feminine woman in mind when she transforms her ideas into designs like the Satnum necklace, centered around a piece of white coral that suggests years of sand-erosion before being rescued to be wrapped in diamond seaweed and held together with twists of sapphire. And she sees you dancing round the fire in her Gypsy hoop earrings, bold and audacious – laden with sparkling gemstones and dazzling diamonds.

Designs like these bear witness that’s she’s still drawing and painting her ideas before bringing them to life.And her meticulous efforts have not gone unnoticed. She’s been honored by the American Society of Jewelry Historians as their 2013 Member-at-Large.

Fancy (Under)Pants: 24 Karat Gold Lingerie

Ladies, we know you’re no stranger to luxury lingerie. But all your Agent Provacateur, La Perla, Kiki De Montparnasse, Le Mystere and Eres are about to get a run for their (considerable amount of) money. Rococo Dessous, the dreamy luxury lingerie line created by former Victoria’s Secret designer Breanna Lee, features opulent 24 karat gold lingerie hand woven from special Swiss gold fabric.

Rococo Dessous 24 karat gold lingerie inspired by Marie Antoinette, Cleopatra

Each set is inspired by its moniker – powerful women from history like Marie Antoinette, Tsarina Alexandra and Cleopatra. Both the style of the lingerie and its use of gold evoke the spirit of each legendary lady’s reputation.

Rococo Dessous Fashion Show

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The pieces range from $3,000 – $6,000, but this is no gimmick or PR stunt. The fine lingerie takes its cue from gold fashion through the centuries. The first couture gowns regularly featured gold thread and embellishment, and the desirability of gold clothing goes back to ancient Egypt.


The pieces, according to Rococo Dessous’ website “are produced from Swiss gold fabric, hand-stitched in New York, has a unique number, and is made-to-order for our clients.” The collection is, indeed, designed for the modern princess.

Rococo Dessous 24kt gold Alexandra collection

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Marie Antoinette Rococo Dessous

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Francoise Rococo Dessous

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Cindy Chao Butterfly Brooch Heads to The Smithsonian

The new history-making jewel of the moment is an intricate butterfly brooch designed by Cindy Chao, a mega-talented jewelry artist from Taiwan. On March 5th, her delicate butterfly will rest its very bejeweled wings among the most famous jewel wonders of the world. It will perch historically with the likes of famous jewels such as Harry Winston’s Hope Diamond and earrings that once bobbed from the earlobes of Marie Antoinette.

The jewelry artist’s 2009 Black Label Masterpiece Royal Butterfly brooch will be inducted into the Janet Annenberg Hooker Hall of Geology, Gems and Minerals. The brooch boasts 2,328 gemstones and 77 carats that include rubies, sapphires, colorless and fancy-colored diamonds and tsavorite garnet.

The fascinating wings of the butterfly are made of four large slices of faceted diamond that catch the light from various angles. This layering of sliced and faceted diamonds gives an effect that resembles the micro-structure of real butterfly wings.

Cindy Chao 2009 Black Label Masterpiece Butterfly Brooch

CIndy Chao Royal butterfly brooch, cindy chao, cindy chao butterfly, butterfly smithsonian jewels

Cindy Chaos is a prime example of the nature verses nurture theory. Her mother encouraged her to become, like herself, a businesswoman. Her grandfather was an acclaimed architect, and her father was a sculptor. Her keen attention to detail, along with an extraordinary creative flair is a tribute to both her heredity and her home.

Back of Butterfly Brooch as Intricate as the Front

Cindy chao butterfly brooch, cindy chao brooch, cindy chao brooch smithsonian

Cindy thinks of her butterfly creations as representing her own metamorphosis from jewelry designer to jewelry artist. She studied at the Gemological Institute of America in New York. Later, she founded CINDY CHAO The Art Jewel. In 2007, she was honored as being the first Taiwanese jewelry artist to participate in Christie’s NY fine jewelry auction.

Her nature-inspired jewelry designs will likely win the hearts of jewel lovers forever.

Cindy Chao Crimson Rose Butterfly Brooch

Cindy Chao Crimson rose butterfly brooch, crimson rose butterfly brooch, cindy chao butterflies

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