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Jay Z’s new Fragrance Goes For the “Gold Jay Z”

On November 20, 2013, Jay Z’s new fragrance will debut at Barney’s New York, accompanied by lots of fanfare and a media blitz.befitting the man himself. Named “Gold Jay Z,” the release culminates more than a year of hard work, perfecting the right scents to add to this signature debut fragrance, as well as indecisiveness about the perfect name for his fragrance. After running through, and rejecting, more than 3,200 possibilities for names, Jay Z grabbed the bottle containing the eau de toilette and proclaimed it to be gold. According to Parlux Ltd.’s Donald J. Luftus, the distributor of the Read More →

Spotlight On: Fabrizio Riva Jewelry

Fabrizio Riva Jewelry occupies the intersection of beauty and technology. The words “fine jewelry” connote visions of bespectacled artists hunched over workbenches handcrafting exceptional pieces. You will find such artists at the 21,000-square-foot Fabrizio Riva factory in Long Island City, New York, working alongside state-of-the-art machinery boasting leading-edge technology. Combining front line manufacturing techniques like computerized rapid prototyping with sophisticated, original designs, Fabrizio Riva Jewelry offers discerning clients unique, instantly recognizable and beautiful pieces to round out their jewelry wardrobes. Fabrizio Riva is an American company, founded in New York by Ted Doudak in 1988, that employs 150 master jewelers, Read More →

Spotlight On: Sharon Khazzam Jewelry

In this age when so many celebrities feel entitled to starting their eponymous line, be it perfume, fashion, or jewelry, just by virtue of their fame, Sharon Khazzam is an anamoly. She had a dream – to design jewelry, and she realized that dream the old fashioned way. She studied. She worked under masters, and only when she felt she had mastered her craft did she venture out on her own, fueled by talent, refined skill. Sharon is the personification of meticulous and order. After earning her degree in jewelry design at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, she apprenticed Read More →

Fancy (Under)Pants: 24 Karat Gold Lingerie

Ladies, we know you’re no stranger to luxury lingerie. But all your Agent Provacateur, La Perla, Kiki De Montparnasse, Le Mystere and Eres are about to get a run for their (considerable amount of) money. Rococo Dessous, the dreamy luxury lingerie line created by former Victoria’s Secret designer Breanna Lee, features opulent 24 karat gold lingerie hand woven from special Swiss gold fabric. Each set is inspired by its moniker – powerful women from history like Marie Antoinette, Tsarina Alexandra and Cleopatra. Both the style of the lingerie and its use of gold evoke the spirit of each legendary lady’s Read More →

Cindy Chao Butterfly Brooch Heads to The Smithsonian

The new history-making jewel of the moment is an intricate butterfly brooch designed by Cindy Chao, a mega-talented jewelry artist from Taiwan. On March 5th, her delicate butterfly will rest its very bejeweled wings among the most famous jewel wonders of the world. It will perch historically with the likes of famous jewels such as Harry Winston’s Hope Diamond and earrings that once bobbed from the earlobes of Marie Antoinette. The jewelry artist’s 2009 Black Label Masterpiece Royal Butterfly brooch will be inducted into the Janet Annenberg Hooker Hall of Geology, Gems and Minerals. The brooch boasts 2,328 gemstones and Read More →