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Of course Lady GaGa Uses a 24kt Gold Wheelchair

In July of 2011 Lady Gaga performed outraged the disability group. She apparently used a wheelchair prop in one of her concerts at the Sydney Town Hall. Today her gold wheelchair is no prop. She is definitely out of commission for a while.

Not everyone can afford to recover surrounded by 24Kt plated gold. Leave it to Lady Gaga to be the one that shows everyone how to recuperate in luxury. A regular wheelchair with aluminum or steel frames is not what Lady Gaga wanted to help her recover from her hip injury.

Lady Gaga 24kt gold wheel chair, lady gaga wheelchair, lady gaga gold wheelchair

The chair was apparently designed by Ken. Ken is responsible for creating masterpieces for quite a few celebrities including Cher Lloyd and Kanye West.

The 24kt gold plated wheelchair has lots of amenities that are fit for a queen. Aside from being completely trimmed in gold, the padded parts of the wheelchair are covered in pure black calf leather. It has a detachable canopy, which Lady Gaga can remove or replace as the weather permits.

The wheelchair can recline to a lying position, at 180 degrees. The rims for the wheels were custom ordered from Los Angeles. Dallas Texas is responsible for the gold finishing, and Wisconsin gets credit for the assembly. Ken was able to complete this project for Lady Gage in one week.

Lady Gaga is no stranger to good taste, weird fashion and unique props. Her 24kt gold plated wheelchair continues to reveal for fashionable side. Regardless of how bleak a situation appears, leave it to Lady Gaga to bring out the best.

She is able to gain and hold attention even in her hospital room and in the public view. Lady Gaga is a definitely a fashion and drama queen. So, quite naturally she should have a wheelchair that is fit for a queen.

5 Most Blinged Out Men in the Music Industry

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but a few of the music industry’s leading men have proven bling knows no gender. These five artists have proven that a little sparkle is always in style.

#1: P. Diddy

Sean “P. Diddy” Combs is perhaps the most open male artist about his love of diamonds. He is well known for wearing rings, necklaces, earrings, and watches with multiple carats. But Diddy’s latest add to his collection might be considered the most lavish yet — a diamond-encrusted iPod with over 120 stones. Talk about “rocking” out!

#2: Elton John

Elton John is another artist famous for his love of diamond bling. This extremely large statement ring is just another example of the wildly flamboyant musicians taste in jewelry.


Liberace may not bee too relevant to today’s music, but his love of “bling” still lingers on. It has been said that the crooner often wore a gold pinkie ring in the shape of a piano with over 20 carats of diamond jewels.

#4 Jay-Z

Rapper and business mogul Jay-Z is known by fans to be one of the most “blinged out” men in hip hop. His style even includes layer necklaces combined several dozen carats of diamonds each.

#5 Kayne West

Just like his friend and mentor Jay-Z, Kanye West is no stranger to diamonds and bling. He has even been known to rock jewelry with diamonds, without diamond, and layer it on.

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Kim Kardashian Pregnant – Our Perfect Push Presents

It’s official: Kim Kardashian is pregnant. Kim and Kanye aka Kimye are expecting their first child.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, kim kardashian pregnant, kimye pregnant, kim pregnant

via E!

The rapper and reality tv star announced Kim’s pregnancy after Kanye let the cat out of the bag at his Atlantic City concert. Kim Kardashian is about 12 weeks along, making her baby due just around when Kate Middleton is due to give birth to the next heir to the British throne. It’s a pretty strange coincidence, considering Kim’s own “Royal Wedding” after Kate & Will’s. It’s still uncertain if the couple will announce the baby’s sex or if they’ll give it a K initial, but one thing’s for sure – Kim will get one hell of a push present. Below, a few of our suggestions for the expectant mother.

diamond tennis bracelet, diamond bracelet, tennis bracelet boca, emerald cut tennis bracelet

This 13 carat diamond and platinum tennis bracelet is an opulent variation of the classic diamond bracelet. And the beautiful emerald cut diamonds will match the engagement ring Kim is so keen to hold onto (even if she’s way ready to let go of ex Kris Humphries).

statement Cuff, y adkin, gold cuff bracelet, y adkin jewelry online

Nothing about Kim is subtle. Same goes for Kanye. We’re sure that their child will inherit a penchant for making a statement, and this gorgeous Y. Adkin 22kt yellow gold and diamond cuff does the same.

diamond and onyx drop earrings, diamond earrings, onyx drop earrings

This jaw dropping pair of platinum, Diamond and Onyx Vintage Drop Dangle Earrings has a tendency to turn heads – very fitting.

blue sapphire and diamond ring, sapphire and diamond ring, kate middleton ring

Given Kim’s obsession with Kate Middleton aka Duchess of Cambridge, this ring might be right up her alley!

Rolex Datejust 16014 Diamond Pave Dial, diamond rolex, rolex datejust

This Rolex Datejust 16014 Diamond Pave Dial is for Kanye. You know he’ll want some credit for contributing to the paparazzi’s new golden child.

What’s the Deal with This New Kim Kardashian Diamond Ring?

For weeks – if not months – press and pundits have been speculating on the likelihood of an engagement in Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s future. After Kanye treated Kim to an Italian getaway to celebrate her 32nd birthday many thought it was all but settled that he would propose.

Just this last week, on October 24, paparazzi spotted Kim at a Christian Louboutin boutique in Miami, Florida. The curvy celeb was sporting hip-hugging jeans, a black crocodile Hermes Birkin Bag, and a suspiciously large oval-shaped diamond ring on the pinky finger of her right hand.

INFPhoto.com/Splash News

Speculation that Kardashian was indeed engaged to hip-hop superstar Kanye West and has opted to wear the ring on her pinkie only out of deference to the fact that she’s still technically married to Kris Humphries has been more-or-less squashed by sources close to the starlet including Kardashian family matriarch Kris Jenner. Regarding whether or not the engagement rumor was true, Jenner said: “If it was, I would know about it.”

The Italy trip took the pair of lovers from Rome to Venice to Florence but the only special surprise was a custom birthday cake for Kim, who blogged “What a romantic weekend! One I’ll never forget.”

Still, one has to wonder if perhaps there will soon be another diamond ring in Kim’s future, perhaps in the next season of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.

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Kim Kardashian’s Fashion Choices are Soft, Sleek, and Sexy!

Kim Kardashian’s Fashion Choices are Soft, Sleek, and Sexy!

What do you get when you mix up jewelry and fashion-wear from the sixties, eighties, and nineties? You get the Spring and Summer 2012 fashions outlook; just check out your local stores. It appears that the fashion industry has had a stroke of genius by looking back at decades of prints, pastels, lace, and stripe combinations to really knock the ball out of the park. As partial proof of a successful think tank session or two, the stores have really started showing that customer appreciation for such a bold move in a tough economy has merit.

For those who have enjoyed these past four decades or so, we can surely appreciate how looking to the past can inspire our present. Walking around the malls or in retail stores around the country, you can get a glimpse of how accessorizing has been affected by the fashion choices of the first half of 2012. Not only is it bright, soft, and quite appealing to the eyes, but it brings a whole new aspect to the shopping experience when it comes to finding that special earring set, bracelets, or necklaces to make that outfit POP!

Beautiful earring set that would look great with casual or formal wear!

Some may go for the cultural jewelry; or an ethnic spin on what they prefer. Others may want to get a little more Bling to add some glimmer and shine to their personal preferences. How ever or what ever you choose, the availability and selection in stores are magnificent and plentiful. Matching the more luxurious line of jewelry with your ensembles may require a bit of discretion to that perfect look.

This stunning and perfect necklace that will be sure to catch the eye of everyone at your next special occasion.

Take the latest fashion as seen on some of the more popular celebrities; Kim Kardashian has turned heads for some time just because of her beauty. But, when she goes casual by mixing a mint green blazer with some jet black slacks, she exudes sophistication and poise…Wow! She not only brings this combo to the public eye, but her choice of basic earth-tone colors in long, loose summer dresses or casual wear brings a very complicated life down to a very soft spoken appearance. She has it all working in unison; fashion, jewelry selection, style, and beauty – looking marvelous Kim!


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