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Spotlight on: Madeleine Moxham

It’s true to make the statement; that jewelry goes in a variety of styles. Jewelry is created using a number of items. Stainless steel, metal, plastic, and even fabrics are used to create masterpieces worth millions of dollars. Some jewelers create their pieces from gold, silver and diamonds, and yet others use less conventional pieces of materials. As for MOXHAM a London based jeweler, the need to create a new and inspiring collection of jewelry pieces and accessories proves to be the talk of the town.

Madeleine Moxham Bracelet

The Egyptian is told for telling great stories, creating medicines and designing beautiful jewelry pieces. They are also known for inventing beauty products. The history of Egyptian mythology has inspired the creation of beautiful, timeless pieces, which can be worn at night or during the day. MOXHAM combines leather and brass settings in a unique and exotic way. Brass makes a statement by itself and so do leather. When the two materials are fused together they create a collection that is inspiring, daring and mind bogging.

Madeleine moxham necklace

MOXHAM is one of those jewelry designers that definitely thinks, outside the box. Fabulous designer jewelry creates a controversy that extends dramatically to one fashion era to the next. Jewelry is not like clothing. It doesn’t get old or worthless; nor does jewelry becomes outdated or obsolete. The older and more exquisite jewelry is the more valuable it is and becomes to the purchaser. Madeline MOXHAM has certainly earned the reputation of being an exotic creator or unique and defying jewelry. Madeline can take her place in the spotlight of fine jewelry designers. Her collection of leather and brass pieces are definitely worth talking about.

MOXHAM Necklace

Here is a few pieces of Madeline MOXHAM jewelry pieces that spectators can glaze upon. Each piece of jewelry is uniquely, wonderfully and fiercely created, with flare and creativity. These are the kind of pieces that draws attention to both the younger and the more matured jewelry lover.

Thirsty Thursday: Pretty in Pink Cocktails

Pink cocktails are sumptuously sweet and dreamy, especially our newest confection. The palest pink mother of pearl slice sits atop this stunning 14kt rose gold ring like a flat disc of glossy cotton candy. With the thinnest halo of diamonds finer than sugar granules, this ring is a delicate beauty. And with such a sweet ring on your hand, you need something equally sweet in your hand. Enter The Paloma, a saccharine but not cloying treat from B’s in the Kitchen. Cheers!

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Your Favorite Childhood Games Get Blinged by Hasbro

If you are a woman between the ages of 24 and 34 you are being targeted by merchandisers everywhere. If you have found memories of games like Candyland, Scrabble and My Little Pony, World Trade Jewelry in particular is after you. World Trade Jewelry has just signed an agreement with game maker Hasbro to make jewelry based of some of their most iconic games.

hershey kiss diamond

It’s not the first time the jeweler has aligned itself with products with found memories. They have already produced a line of Hershey Kiss pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings. They then created a series of Sweetheart Jewelry. Sweetheart candy hearts are famous for their Valentine’s Day message candy hearts.

Now they are teaming up with Hasbro and merchandise that will immediately have recognition and good feelings associated with them. The new jewelry will be offered in over 10,000 locations as well as online.

hershey kiss diamond bracelet

Scrabble will be licensed for initialized pendants, cuff links and other items. An actual wood scrabble tile in birch or mahogany will be used and then trimmed in sterling silver or 14k gold. It is expected to be in retailers for this fall.

Candyland licensed products will include cupcakes that open into a locket, lollipops made from swirls of shiny enamel and trimmed in diamonds and an assortment of colored Swarovski crystal items. The Candyland line is also expected to be available this fall, with prices starting at under $100.

While details of the My Little Pony collection are not totally known, one would expect a series of jewelry using images from the collection of ponies not only from the series’ original run, but the re-release in 2003. Again, this line will be available for Christmas shopping later this year.

World Trade Jewelry’s match with Hasbro seems like a marketing winner, creating lifelong memories from the toys of your youth.

Chinese Jewelry Scam Traded Carats for Apples

When you have spent years saving and investing your money carefully, there is nothing worse than finding that you’ve been scammed out of your entire savings. Although you might recognize many scams, it is possible that you can face an unexpected situation that leaves you a little baffled and facing a major loss.


The Chinese Scam

A recent string of cases against Chinese scam artists has brought to light the importance of caution when you are dealing with unexpected situations. The victims of the scam were women with children who were told that they were cursed and needed to go through a purification ritual to banish the evil that would kill the children.

The victims were told to bring all of their cash and jewelry to a designated location. At that spot, the scam artist put all of the money and jewelry into a bag and performed a “ritual” to cleanse the evil curse. The scam was discovered after the bag was handed back to the victims.

When police opened the bag after capturing the scam artists, it was discovered that the bag that supposedly held money and jewelry was actually exchanged for apples and water.

Caution Dealing With Strangers

It is hard not to react when you are told that your child is going to die, but it is important to use caution when you are dealing with strangers. Even those who seem similar to you can cause grief if you are not careful. Never hand your jewelry or savings in an effort to cleanse a curse. That is the latest jewelry scam to make you lose everything.

Scam artists often use your fears to get what they want, but you can fight back by taking precautions when it relates to your hard-earned jewelry and life savings. Never trust strangers who ask for your money or jewelry, even if their intentions do not seem worrisome.

2012 Fashion Trends: Oriental Prints, Fur Trims and Short Hems Coming Soon! – From The Archive

Today we’re starting a new Sunday series – throwbacks from past posts of yore. Enjoy below, and see if we were right in predicting any of 2012′s biggest new trends:

Fashion Trends of 2012:

Expect to see prints of the Orient, Lace and Fur Trimming similar to the style of the 1920′s, and Mod Infused Early ’60s Hemlines

Thanks to great resources like Fashionising.com, getting a heads up on the next years fashion trends is within reach. While it’s still a bit early to predict what significantly different changes will take off with a fluster and what trends will fall as complete blunders in 2012, enough information is available to (at the very least). help us prepare the best way possible.

I can only hope that the biker-chic style that was so eminent in the stylings of 2011 remains steadfast as the year turns, as I still have to purchase both my motorcycle boots and jacket.  Of these two things… I have been virtual window shopping for the entirety of 2011.

Chanel Motorcycle Boots – Introduced During 2010 Fashion Week in NY
Philipp Plein Jacket – A MUST HAVE !!!

Now, that said.. Some new trends, both in prints, fits and hems are rumored to be big hits in the upcoming year of 2012. Of these, expect to see an increase in the street style wearing of Komono‘s, oriental prints will be more common, though expected to be a bit more subtle and floral in use. Exotic silks and authentic vintage Kimono’s would be great pre-planning purchases to be a well-prepared fashionista for 2012!

The vintage fashions of this year certainly will not die off and disappear, but they will morph just a bit. From the sophisticated ’70s style we’ve seen so much of this year, with the soft flowing curls and slinky fabrics, expect a shift into the style of the early 1960′s. We’re talking true Mod Girl stuff here, Peter pan collars, short hems, mod hair styles and the Twiggy fashioned eyeliner may be sneaking it’s way back into the fashion forefront.

This year has already opened itself up to many 1930′s inspired fashions, a trend heightened with the release of the Motion Picture, ‘Water for Elephants.’ For both Men and Women, there has been a throw-back to old-fashioned baseball caps, and early styled lace accented dressings for ladies. With the ‘Great Gatsby’ Film expected to be released in 2012, the same will be seen in relation to 1920′s Flapper Fashion.

Avoid costume like ensembles, as these will be easy to spot and difficult to avoid with an expected over-indulged availability of short black wigs and overdone Flapper dresses. Keep this classic trend modern by introducing the ’20s presence in your style in a minimalistic way. Wide-leg trousers and subtle fur trims are great ways to achieve this style without going overboard.

Wide-Leg Trousers
The Chanel ‘Le Boy’ (A MUST HAVE for 2012!)

The Chanel ‘Le Boy’ is the ultimate glamour bag, with the classic golden braided strap, and intricate lettered perfection of ‘CHANEL’ stitched along the bag’s wide end, these little puppies will be booming in popularity… I want the red one, bad. Already. :)

Fashionising.com: Chanel ‘Le Boy’

So, there you have it. A few fashion predictors to help you ease your way into a fashionable 2012 from start to finish. Now, we’ll get to what’s pressing currently, which is the preparation for bathing suit season, of course! Get ready for high waists, retro cuts and prints, the return of the one-piece (with a twist), and the early signs of the 1990′s fashion comebacks…

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