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Quick Roundup – Confetti means TGIF!

Let’s go ahead and squeeze on in here with a quick (quick) wekend round up. because yes, it is Friday at5pm, and yes, some of you are off to nice concerts and hot date nights, but trust me, you’ll thank me tomorrow when you’re all “But what should I wear today?” This. You should wear this. I mean…can it get much better? And as long as you make it to the gym (or bottomless mimosa brunch. Or better yet both), your shirt will tell the truth. Now, as for your accessories. Becky is sharing her favorite picks, all under $300 Read More →

Buying an Engagement Ring vs. Buying a Car

You know something funny? I like to compare purchasing a pre owned luxury watch to buying a car. Just like cars, luxury watches come with a high price tag, especially when you buy them new. And just like cars, watches have a large value depreciation as soon as they leave the authorized dealer. However pre-owned watches already lost that big chunk of change. So purchasing one in excellent condition gets you an investment that will perform just as well as the new one, but that initial depreciation is passed to the new buyer in the form of a lower price. Read More →

Get the Look: Vogue Engagement Rings

Vogue just released their guide to engagement rings for every bride. They’ve helpfully broken up the rings by category, including estate & antique, colored diamonds, “minimal” (?), modern, non-diamond, and traditional. The selection is impressive, with zero loyalty to the halo. Vogue likes to be on the cutting edge. And while there are certainly styles for most brides included in this slide show, they didn’t quite capture every bride. And while I’ll never bat an eyelash at a sampling of designer engagement rings, every bride can’t rely on Cartier for the goods. No, just like their exquisitely crafted jewelry, designer Read More →

2014 Jewelry Trend: Ring Stacks

The ring stack is to jewelry trends what maxi dresses are to fashion trends. They popped up in a big way, but they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Especially now that the fashion set knows that maxi’s are simultaneously: comfortable, gorgeous, fashionable, conducive to non-leg-shaving. Ring stacks are exactly the same way (except for the leg shaving). Now that this trend has officially reached saturation, its devotees and late-adopters alike are all “This is awesome.” So no, I don’t think the ring stack is going anywhere for the foreseeable future. Further proof, the ring stack phenomenon has infiltrated bridaly jewelry, Read More →

Why I Can’t Authenticate That Cartier Love Bangle

Welcome back to Can’t Week! In which I celebrate all the things we can’t do (you know, that are jewelry related). Check out why you can’t tell the difference between diamonds after letting it sink in that I can’t authenticate that Cartier Love Bangle for ya. The two hottest posts on this blog, since the dawn of time, have been about Cartier Love bangles. One is a simple size guide, the other promises AUTHENTIC BANGLES AT AMAZING PRICES! Much like your favorite e-mail spammer. But this is no South African prince scam, RLJ really does sell authentic Cartier Love bangles, Read More →