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“The Most Fabulous High Tea in the World” by Graff at The Ritz

There is a new collaboration that was just recently announced by Hong Kong’s Ritz Carlton and Graff Diamonds entitled “The Most Famous High Tea in the World.” This high tea is named in such a way due to its treasure filled trunk of original jewels and diamonds by Graff Diamonds. The Ritz Carlton’s own Chef Peter Find creates the delicacies served during the high tea itself, where he developed specialties for such an occasion. Such passion and dedication is what brings event like these to life in a way that not only makes it romantic for the guest, but make Read More →

How to Sell Estate Jewelry

You have always remembered being a kid and visiting your grandmother’s house every summer. Chief among those memories is sitting in her parlor and playing with her jewelry. She would bring out her jewelry box and leave you to your own devices as you whiled away the hours going through her vast collection. Now, decades later your grandmother has passed on, but not before leaving you the jewelry collection that you admired so much as a child. Unfortunately, money is kind of tight, so if you are looking to sell jewelry in Boca Raton, Florida, then you have a myriad Read More →

Spotlight On: Monique Pean

Jewelry designer Monique Pean is arguably one of the most influential female jewelry designers out there. After the unexpected death of her younger sister, she passed up a career in finance to try and change the world through a variety of initiatives related to fashion, art and philanthropy. In 2006 she launched her own eco-friendly fine jewelry collection, debuting with the Bering Collection which was inspired by Alaskan Native art and culture. It feature fossilized wooly mammoth and walrus ivory, truly making the jewelry designed by Monique Pean one of a kind. In fact, it is what Monique Pean’s pieces Read More →

Brangelina’s Hong Kong Jewelry Shopping Spree Includes Parmigiani Watch

What happens when you mix a $20 million dollar a year actress, a UN High Commissioner for Refugees Goodwill Ambassador, a tattooed sexy chick with the bee-stung lips, a $30 million actor and the twice running Sexiest Man Alive, with an extravagant Hong Kong vacation in between filming movies in Sydney, Australia and the U.K.? You guessed it, Brangelina’s Hong Kong jewelry shopping spree. The high profile couple of nine years, 49 year old Brad Pitt and 38 year old Angelina Jolie, engaged in 2012 with three biological and three adopted children, but yet to embrace the m— word (marriage), Read More →

Gold iPhone Sold Out in Hong Kong

Everyone that has an iPhone or other smart phone knows that personalization is key. Having the ability to make your phone as unique as you has long been the trend and more and more companies are opting for brightly colored phones that better reflect the personality of the person they belong to. With iPhone being one of the worlds largest in terms of smart phones, it stands to reason that taking this high profile brand to China and Hong Kong would be a bright move for the company. Though iPhones in typical colors like white and black have been in Read More →