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“The Most Fabulous High Tea in the World” by Graff at The Ritz

There is a new collaboration that was just recently announced by Hong Kong’s Ritz Carlton and Graff Diamonds entitled “The Most Famous High Tea in the World.” This high tea is named in such a way due to its treasure filled trunk of original jewels and diamonds by Graff Diamonds. The Ritz Carlton’s own Chef Peter Find creates the delicacies served during the high tea itself, where he developed specialties for such an occasion. Such passion and dedication is what brings event like these to life in a way that not only makes it romantic for the guest, but make it memorable for the establishment as well.

Most Fabulous High Tea In The World By The Ritz Carlton Hk Graff Diamonds

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The General Manager of the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong could not be happier about this collaborative event, as well as how memorable the combination of jewels and culinary delights add to what has become a popular afternoon treat throughout Hong Kong. Not only is trunk making a fine art, but the masterful culinary arts presented alongside such intricate craftsmanship tailors itself well with the service provided to the ladies and gentlemen at this fine establishment.

Those who believe jewelry, diamonds, and watches are the only things they will find within the fine craftsmanship of this trunk are in for quite a surprise. The high tea’s epicurean treasures are also held within the trunk, as well, and are ready for display and service alongside those sparkling fashions. Some of the edibles include a half bottle of 1998 Chauteau d’yquem Sauterne, 2002 Dom Perignon vintage champagne gelee, a bottle of 2004 Louis Roederer Cristal Brut, 70% chocolate creameux with black truffles, and vanilla panna cotta with bird’s nest and gold leaves each served on delicate Vera Wang chinaware, breathtaking Baccarat glassware and exquisite Christofle silverware. There is also an ample selection of loose leaf teas, as well as premium coffees.

For those with an eye just for the jewelry, you will not be disappointed during this high tea. While enjoying your delicacies, magnificent jewels and diamonds will be displayed in the trunk. Graff jewelry features iconic watch and jewelry collections, as well as precious gemstone and diamond rings. Master craftsmen set each stone by hand, and all designs are completed in house. The fiery gemstones are truly stunning in their platinum settings because every stone has invisible wire linkage, thereby making each piece unique and special in its own breathtaking way.

Most Fabulous High Tea In The World By The Ritz Carlton Hk Graff Diamonds 2

via Born Rich

Starting January 1, 2014, two people can begin enjoying this high tea for US$1400; HK$10,880. There are a number of cozy corners guests can enjoy while indulging in some of the many delights the trunk has to offer, but they are subject to availability. Exclusive suites are available for an additional charge. This is an amazing way to bring in the New Year, and become part of one of Hong Kong’s newest traditions. Diamonds are considered one of the greatest treasures known to man, so why not add some culinary treasures in with that to make it an all-around delightful occasion?

How to Sell Estate Jewelry

You have always remembered being a kid and visiting your grandmother’s house every summer. Chief among those memories is sitting in her parlor and playing with her jewelry. She would bring out her jewelry box and leave you to your own devices as you whiled away the hours going through her vast collection. Now, decades later your grandmother has passed on, but not before leaving you the jewelry collection that you admired so much as a child. Unfortunately, money is kind of tight, so if you are looking to sell jewelry in Boca Raton, Florida, then you have a myriad of options open to you.

How to Sell Estate Jewelry in Boca Raton

Find Out What you Have…

Although you may have played with this jewelry for decades as a kid, you really don’t know what you are working with, so it behooves you to look at having the collection appraised prior to putting them out on the open market. Whether you are interested in the value of a diamond encrusted watch, rare broach, or golden necklace, a qualified appraiser can tell you what you are looking at and its value. It is important to remember to ask for the current resale value of the pieces rather than its insurance value because the latter typically represents inflated values.

Do it Yourself…

Once you have an idea about the value you are working with, there are several options available for those looking to sell jewelry in Boca. For those seeking to sell these items on the open market, technology has made that task much easier with the internet. Online options include selling your items on Ebay or Craigslist. Either of these options are convenient venues for getting out the word on your wares.

To fully avail yourself of these options requires taking quality pictures of the pieces so that their beauty and uniqueness is fully appreciated by jewelry buyers in Boca Raton. Always remember that if you are meeting someone who has expressed an interest in buying your jewelry, always be sure to take precautions for your personal safety. As such, be sure to schedule a meeting at a public place, bring a friend, and make sure that our friends and family know that you are going to be meeting someone to sell your jewelry.

Consignment shops are another viable option for selling your jewelry however, consignment sales can tale awhile to be completed, and you can expect that a goodly portion of your proceeds will go into the pocket of the consignment store owner rather than your own pocket.

Clearly, going it alone to sell your unwanted jewelry is a viable option, but doing so is not without its own risks like dangerous interactions with strangers, and the need to wait forever to get a nibble from your online advertisements.

A Better Option at Raymond Lee Jewelers…

Residents of Boca Raton, Florida have another option that just might be the better idea. Raymond Lee Jewelers in South Florida has been doing business in the Sunshine State since 1983, and they have been buying and selling quality jewelry for more than three decades. They carry an extensive line of designer jewelry, vintage jewelry, GIA certified diamonds, and quality watches, which they are always looking to augment by buying new pieces from people like you.

They buy name brand items from companies that are stalwarts in the jewelry industry and proudly stock such designers as Patek, Philippe, Cartier, Tiffany, Bvigari, and more. More to the point, the experienced staff on hand understands that there is an emotional component to selling cherished family heirlooms and can help guide your selling decision. Over the years, Raymond Lee Jewelers has become one of the largest buyers of vintage jewelry in the country and has become one of the major players in estate jewelry buyers, particularly in Boca Raton.

High End Retail Jewelry…

Specializing in only high end specialty pieces, the inventory of Raymond Lee Jewelers is highly sought after by people who know their jewelry. This exposure means that your jewelry will receive the attention it deserves which results in you receiving the full value that you deserve.

They sell from their high end retail store in Boca Raton, as well as at numerous jewelry shows around the world at such exotic locals as: Hong Kong, Dubai, and the finer jewelry houses of Europe. This exposure allows Raymond Lee Jewelers to pay you premium pieces for your jewelry.

They are always looking for fine platinum jewelry that dates to the early twentieth century and before. Additionally, they are always looking for 14kt and 18kt gold jewelry including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, watches, and broaches. Their qualified and trained staff knows what to look for and how to sell your piece quickly and easily. For a truly easy selling process, those in the know realize that Raymond Lee Jewelers is their one stop shop for getting rid of that unwanted jewelry.

Call the Experts at Raymond Lee Jewelers…

Call the experts at Raymond Lee Jewelers when it comes time to sell your treasured jewelry pieces. The breath of their skills and experience ensures that you will receive top dollar for your grandma’s broach and every other piece you bring in for their consideration. They will treat you fairly and honestly, which is why they are the company that everyone is talking about when it comes time to sell jewelry in Boca Raton, Florida. Your memory of your grandmother will live long in your memories, and those summer afternoons you used to share with her as a kid will always be with you, but if you need to sell some of her vintage jewelry to meet your other financial responsibilities, she would want you to sell them safely while getting all that it’s worth.

If you are ready to explore your options for selling jewelry in Boca Raton, Florida, then you need to reach out to the experts in Boca Raton to make sure your efforts go off seamlessly and without a hitch.

Spotlight On: Monique Pean

Jewelry designer Monique Pean is arguably one of the most influential female jewelry designers out there. After the unexpected death of her younger sister, she passed up a career in finance to try and change the world through a variety of initiatives related to fashion, art and philanthropy. In 2006 she launched her own eco-friendly fine jewelry collection, debuting with the Bering Collection which was inspired by Alaskan Native art and culture. It feature fossilized wooly mammoth and walrus ivory, truly making the jewelry designed by Monique Pean one of a kind. In fact, it is what Monique Pean’s pieces are most known for, their innovation and use of unique materials that no one has ever put into fine pieces of jewelry before.

Monique Pean Opaque Grey diamond and sapphire earrings

Monique Pean Opaque Grey diamond and sapphire earrings

 Nearly eight years after launching her jewelry line, Monique Pean has 14 different collections, all sustainable and exquisitely designed. Her work ranges across the gamut of jewelry, with earrings, rings, bengals, necklaces and a wide variety of different pins that can be put on different outfits for an added bit of elegant flair. Her work also ranges greatly in price. Some pieces are affordably under a thousand dollars, while other pieces like her black tourmaline and gold navette necklace with 18 karat recycled rose gold sells for a whopping $11,500. In other words, Monique Pean’s work can be worn by just about everyone who appreciates fine jewelry, though most of it is on more of the expensive side.

Monique Pean Mwanza Warthog Tusk Shell Drop Earrings

Mwanza Warthog Tusk Shell Drop Earrings

 However, much of this is due to the materials she uses. Monique Pean stives to make all of her jewelry from sustainable materials. For example, the 18 karat gold she uses is 100 percent recycled. The Buffalo Horns used for her work are all gathered through Fair Trade practices, as are the precious stones she puts into all of her jewelry. This especially goes for the diamonds which are all gathered from areas and dealers who have gotten them conflict and devastation free. They certify this by making sure all the diamonds are KPCS certified. They will also use repurposed diamonds and diamond slices in their jewelry which leaves less of an ecological footprint on the environment. This same sustainable practice is also done with all of the pearls that are in the Monique Pean jewelry.

Monique Pean Diamond and Sapphire slice hoop earrings

Diamond and Sapphire slice hoop earrings

Monique Pean is also only sold at select stores in select locations around the world. All Barney stores carry Monique Pean, so wherever there is a Barneys, some of these fine pieces of jewelry will probably be in stock. Ikram in Chicago also carries her work, as does the Jeffery locations in New York and Atlanta. Twist in Seattle and Portland to serve the Pacific Northwest and Susan in San Francisco, Marissa Collections in Naples and Alchemist in Miami. When it comes to international locations that sell Monique Pean, you’ll be able to find her work in Canada, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Saudi Arabia. You can also find most Monique Pean jewelry online at the Barney’s online store and at a number of other boutiques that sell her work and have online shopping capabilities.

Brangelina’s Hong Kong Jewelry Shopping Spree Includes Parmigiani Watch

What happens when you mix a $20 million dollar a year actress, a UN High Commissioner for Refugees Goodwill Ambassador, a tattooed sexy chick with the bee-stung lips, a $30 million actor and the twice running Sexiest Man Alive, with an extravagant Hong Kong vacation in between filming movies in Sydney, Australia and the U.K.? You guessed it, Brangelina’s Hong Kong jewelry shopping spree.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Emperor Jewelry

via Emperor Watch and Jewellery

The high profile couple of nine years, 49 year old Brad Pitt and 38 year old Angelina Jolie, engaged in 2012 with three biological and three adopted children, but yet to embrace the m— word (marriage), took a break between movie sets to spend a chunk of their $55 million a year combined salaries on jewelry in the Hong Kong jewelry store, Emperor Watch and Jewelry.

True to character, Pitt laid down 250k for a high-end Parmigiani Fleurier watch, an an 18-carat rose diamond pendant called “The Sunray Pendant,” and a silver bracelet for the most recent lasting love in his life. Michel Parmigiani, creator of Parmigiani Fleurier watches, is described as a “master horologist,” a “renowned restorer and talented creator” of time pieces. His exquisite watches are a mixture of technological delicacy and refined artistry of exceptionally high quality. The Swiss based company that creates Parmigiani Fleurier brand watches from a country renowned for its exactitude in keeping time, is internationally recognized for excellence.

The “Sunray Pendant” that now adorns the neck of the actress daughter of three-time Golden Globe Award winner Jon Voight, Angelina Jolie, bears a round, ring-like pendant of about 1/8″ diameter thick ring, suspended from a delicate woven gold chain necklace and 3/4″ long gold clasp, the thick ring containing a continuous row of diamond insets positioned like the sun’s rays, with the ring of outstretched near-rectangular-cut diamonds only broken up on the top and bottom verticles by the gold clasp containing a single round inset diamond on top and an inset round diamond on the bottom, bordered with a golden ray on either side. The two diamonds of the Sunray Pendant represent “sun-like warmth.”

Angelina Jolie served as a UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Goodwill Ambassador for 10 years, visiting impoverished countries, at times while the countries were still at war, and worked to coordinate large-scale relief efforts. The UN granted Jolie the 2003 Citizen of the World Award and Jolie was appointed Special Envoy of the UNHCR. Pitt has often accompanied Jolie on her mission work for the United Nations.

As Hollywood gossip would have it, Jolie was seen sporting two new wedding bands on the appropriate finger; however, Emperor Watch and Jewelry denies selling wedding rings to the couple, and as it stands, the highest paid couple in Hollywood continues to tie the knot loosely. Judging from what Pitt spent in Hong Kong, he most be at least a little bit fond of his nine-year companion, girlfriend and fiancé. Pitt is currently filming Fury in U.K., while Jolie is completing her upcoming film Unbroken, on set in Sydney.

On the other side of the world, please visit Raymond Lee Jewelers in South Florida who have been showcasing designer and vintage jewelry, GIA certified diamonds as well as Parmigiani Fleurier time pieces since 1983.

Gold iPhone Sold Out in Hong Kong

Everyone that has an iPhone or other smart phone knows that personalization is key. Having the ability to make your phone as unique as you has long been the trend and more and more companies are opting for brightly colored phones that better reflect the personality of the person they belong to. With iPhone being one of the worlds largest in terms of smart phones, it stands to reason that taking this high profile brand to China and Hong Kong would be a bright move for the company.

Gold iPhone 5s

Though iPhones in typical colors like white and black have been in these areas for years, the new, colored versions of the phone are new to both the US and China and as a result they are selling out like hot cakes. These brightly colored phones are more popular than the original release, especially the gold version of the phone. Why did the gold version sell out first you may ask, easy. Gold has long since been a significant indicator of wealth, royalty, and prestige and China’s heritage plays heavily on these connotations that are linked to the color.

A color that may signify wealth here and put you in rank with the Kardashians in China puts you in league with emperors. Gold as a color to the Chinese people is a way to be better related to the rich history and past of the nation. Much like the color purple is related to royalty in countries like Britain, the color gold in China was an instant hit. The gold version of the phone sold out in minutes in both Hong Kong and China as did the other colors in the line. It makes people that sell gold in boca and other locations seem a bit more sane.

Though most would assume that a clamor for all the colors to be released again would follow, public out cry was only concerned about when the gold version of the phone would be back in stock. The brand has not yet mentioned when the gold version of the phone will again be available for purchase in China and Hong Kong but there have been talks of releasing gold versions of other popular gadgets like the iPad. If sales are anything like that of the gold iPhone, the company is sure to make a pretty penny.

There have even been instances of individuals buying an iPhone for retail price and selling it for a HK 2,000 markup. Though this practice is not uncommon in the US, there has never been such a high demand for any one product as there is for the gold iPhone in China and Hong Kong. At one point, the Apple site was so bogged down by visitors trying to reserve their iPhone that it crashed the server momentarily. Shortly after the site came back up the phones were sold out prompting buyers to seek their own iPhones elsewhere.

This sort of clamor for a phone is not uncommon in any country but is especially unique when it comes to China and Hong Kong. Though there has been this type of reaction to new technologies before, no one truly expected that colored iPhones would be so popular or that they would cause such a commotion in a country where new technology comes out just about every minute.