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Mean Girls Jewelry: Four for You Stella and Bow! You Go Stella and Bow!

Contrary to the frequency with which you pepper your conversations with its quotes, Mean Girls came out 10 years ago. That’s right, Regina’s little sister gone wild looks like this now:

Nicole Crimi Kylie George Mean Girls

“Hey Kylie”

You feel old now? It’s cool, imagine shouting at a room full of college students you can’t go to Taco Bell right now and calling them stupid, only to get blank stares. Tear.

Mean Girls Taco Bell You're so stupid GIF

via E!

But rejoice, all Kevin G stans, because in honor of The Greatest Movie of Our Time, amazing jewelry company Stella and Bow has created an entire line of Mean Girls jewelry! Get in loser, we’re going shopping!

Presale items up now up for purchase under SHOP and Mean Girls - Presale.Making fetch happen on The Hollywood Reporter, Vogue UK, Nylon, Refinery 29, Lucky, Huff Po, Glamour, Fashionista, Ny Mag's The Cut, LA Times, Oyster, Buzzfeed, and m o r e!

RUN. Don’t walk.

So what’s on my pre-order list? I had to narrow it down, obviously, so I didn’t spend a small fortune on decade old movie memorabilia. But you bet your buns I would have hounded my Cool Mom for an allowance advance to buy everything as soon as I heard about it 10 years ago. (Just kidding, she was the opposite of Cool Mom).

Rose Gold Wednesday Mean girls jewelry


photo: On Wednesdays we wear pink!

It’s rose gold. It says Wednesday. You’ll never have to make sure you wear pink underpants on Humpday again (unless you want to). It’s $110 and you get one too so we can match.

Full of Secrets hair clip Mean Girls Jewelry


Mean Girls GIF

Who didn’t want Gretchen’s hair? And even if you’re short on secrets, ain’t nothin’ a little volumizing spray and this yellow gold engraved barrette can’t fix.

Cady- Boo Mean GIrls Jewelry Stella and Bow


Mean Girls Boo You Whore GIF

Really, it’s the universal response for bad news. And for less than $40 it’s easy for you to incorporate into your next arm party, and therefore daily conversation.

Cady- Duh Mean Girls Bracelet

Cady – Duh

mean girls quote i'm a mouse duh gifAlso forty bucks. Also an appropriate response to all of your college Halloween costumes, regardless of what you actually were.

Regina- Gold You can't sit with us bangle Stella and Bow


You Can't sit with us gif

Finally, the piece de resistance, the Regina bangle. Shiny yellow gold like her flaxen hair and every bit as mean as she was in all her glory. You tell her Gretchen!

Peace out for the weekend, and “Suck on *that*! AY-YI-YI-YI-YI-YI!”

Your Lambo’s Blue? Check out this Gold Plated Lamborghini

As an individual, have you thought about the value of owning gold Lamborghini car? Nowadays, it isn’t just about getting any car. It’s all about how unique and trendy your style is. Can you be able to stand from the crowd? A gold Lambo goes beyond the trendy factor. It is also the smartest form of investment that has minimal liabilities. One thing about this item is that it can never be out of time and out of place. Items like the gold-plated Lamborghini are some of the lucky few countable whose value and true worth is always guaranteed.

Gold Plated Lamborghini

via Examiner

In a world where everything seems to be dynamic, it can be a bit tricky to decide on where to invest your money wisely. Even in the world of luxury, everyone wants to put his or her dollar where it can earn returns apart and fulfill other intended purposes. That is exactly what the gold Lamborghini car offers you. Be the most expensive person around, and when the time comes to dispose of it, the car is a valuable asset that will bail you out of the situation. Not even the most powerful world currency can stand up to this precious piece in terms of consistence in value and quality.

The car that will be sold through the auction system has made it to the Guinness Book of world records. It is the single costliest car so far in the history of mankind. Maybe you own just an ordinary car with little value. What happens to it when you have finally had the best of it and you want to move on with something else? Do you just toss it away in the trash and forget about it? That’s a big No for an answer. That isn’t the way to spend your money. The Lambo is all about a lifetime value, something that can’t be taken away from you.

Look around you and see what is happening even in governments. Big debts that have become a major problem to the nationals in terms of repayment are the order of the day. Money seems to be losing value each day. Can you recall the amount of money you paid to have your tank filled at the petrol station five years back? Now compare the value of that money between then and now. That’s what we mean when we say that the multimillion dollar car is a big wonder. It has countless precious metals whose value is irreplaceable.

The car has lots of benefits. For one, it protects money against devaluation. Secondly, it has the ability to shield the purchasing power against insecurities like inflation, which is steadily rising. Imagine you have your money in a bank. A severe crisis occurs and for one reason or another, the bank collapses. That will be the end of you unless you have a stable investment with consistent income.

In conclusion, the gold decked car is a fascinating phenomenon that has got the world’s attention. It is an innovative piece of creation that is superb in storing the value of your money, of course if you can afford it.

24 Karat Gold Leggings That Reduce Cellulite?

In the past years, the fashion industry has maintained an upward trend in terms of new inventions. Jewelers are key contributors to these innovations. So much jewelry is used to enhance people’s appearance. It is everyone’s desire to appear attractive and presentable, which is the reason for the wide use of the different kinds of jewelry. Gold is among the most precious and highly valued minerals used by jewelers. Research shows that the invention of 24kt Gold Leggings has had a tremendous impact in the jewelry industry by claiming to reduce cellulite. Many questions have been asked, including speculations that this could just be another lie from Proskin, the company that came up with the original design of the leggings.

proskins 24 karat gold leggings that reduce cellulite (allegedly)

via refinery 29

Often, cellulite is a term used to refer to fat deposits usually found under the skin in the abdomen and the lower pelvic region, including the thighs and tush. It is caused by a number of factors such as age, genetic predisposition, poor diet, and hormonal reasons. The condition poses a major threat to the skin of the affected person. Various methods and mechanisms have been researched, tested, and used by victims in the attempt to correct the disorder. The good news is the discovery of 24kt Gold Leggings that have been proven to be a remedy to this menace.

There is a general understanding of gold as a shinny and glittering piece of metal like material that is eye catching. This is true, but not what to expect for these leggings. Instead of having the glittering kind that is often used for watches, ornaments and other jewelry, the British company by the name Proskins has come up with this pair of stretchy pants. Its design majorly focuses on the idea that 24kt Gold has anti-aging properties.

According to the company’s website, the gold is incorporated in the fabric of the leggings. The anti-cellulite leggings enhance the production of hyaluronic acid, a substance that is usually naturally present in the skin. The acid in turn moisturizes the skin and prevents the appearance of cellulose. It also makes the skin look more youthful. The release price for this type of magical leggings by the manufacturer was $197.57. However, the price could vary.

This sounds great, considering the fact that the battle against cellulite has been brought to an end, thanks to the 24kt Gold Leggings.

Normally, leggings are meant for breaking a sweat after a whole day’s busy encounter, or for some, as a general outfit. This kind, that also incorporates health concerns, is a great revolution in the jewelry industry. Ideally, it may end up replacing the old traditional type of leggings that are commonly used by women.

24kt Gold Leggings that are able to reduce cellulite are not easy to find. Getting the genuine and quality brand is also a difficult task. A few jewelry shops have stocked them but do not offer any guarantee for the quality or ability to perform as advertised by the manufacturer. The best way to go about it is placing an order to Proskins, a company that deals with the magic leggings.

Rose Gold Nike Fuel Band Gets a Bracelet-Like Makeover

The latest trend in personal gadgetry is the smartband: a device worn on the wrist capable of functions beyond just telling the time. So far, the smartband interfaces have been serviceable, but next week Nike is upping the ante.

Rose Gold Nike FuelBand

via Fashionista

With the exception of the Jawbone UP, none of the smartbands currently on the market have taken fashion into consideration. The UP’s bracelet-like appearance is certainly smooth and sleek, but it is also rather plain. While innocuous, it definitely doesn’t make much of a statement (and isn’t that the true purpose of accessorizing?).

Because really, why wouldn’t you want one of these nifty little gadgets? The main feature of the fitness smart-bands is a step and activity tracker: it tracks how many steps you take in a day, the intensity of your activity levels, and the duration of your active time. Paired with its native smartphone ap (each company has a different one, but they all feature multi-platform availability, no droid/iphone wars for the smartbands… yet), the smartband uses your daily data to calculate things like distance traveled and calories burned. It then produces friendly visualizations to help you set and achieve your goals; how does your activity level today compare to your activity level yesterday? The day before? How much do you need to increase it to meet your personal fitness goals?

Another popular smartband feature is its sleep tracker: based on body movements it analyzes the length and depth of your different states of sleep. Do you sleep soundly? When? For how long? It even integrates a noiseless alarm to wake you in the morning without disturbing your partner.

The noiseless alarm feature can also be enabled for periods of inactivity. Need a little reminder to get up from your desk and move every hour? The smartband can be programed to do that.

These gadgets synch mostly wirelessly to your smartphone. Though the old-school UP still requires plugging in, the new model (UP 24) has a wireless synch feature as does the fitbit flex, fitbit force, and nike FuelBand. What the smartbands have so far been lacking is style; the fitibit and nike technology has been sporty and serviceable with little emphasis on true accessorizing. The UP has made some concession to being a piece of your daily outfit, but mostly it looks like an unobtrusive bangle.

Nike’s new rose gold FuelBand SE is the first color way in the new Nike Metaluxe collection. Beginning November 21, 2013, the rose gold Nike+ FuelBand SE will be available in limited quantities at select retail locations as well as nike.com. So let’s get this straight: an adorable accessory in luxury colors which promotes health and fitness and is only available as a limited offer? What’s not to love about this thing?

The November release means that you can make the rose gold Nike+ FuelBand SE as the perfect holiday gift. What better way to help your loved ones keep those New Years Resolutions?

Money to Burn: 24kt Gold Rolling Papers

When most people go shopping for gold, they bring home jewelry or a collectible item. The newest craze in gold is something completely different, however. Lately, manufacturers have been producing cigarette rolling papers made of 24-karat gold in an attempt to lure in smokers who want a status symbol.

Shine 24kt gold rolling papers

It might seem as odds with the typical man who rolls his own cigarettes. He’s usually hoping to save money, but 24kt gold rolling papers certainly aren’t the most frugal choice. However, the Shine brand is targeting anyone who has money to burn — literally. Smokers of nicotine and marijuana now have a new choice if they want to appear stylish and rich. That’s as long as smokers are willing to shell out $60 per pack of twelve papers. You can get over 100 papers for less than $4 at retailers like Amazon. So it looks like consumers will likely only break out the gold wrappers on special occasions, whatever those occasions might me.

The man behind Shine, who only goes by Dave D., doesn’t think that this product is one that consumers will buy on a daily basis. While you might think that Dave makes his product in California, he bases his operations in South Carolina and Las Vegas. Of course, there are plenty of people who hit up the Vegas strip with money that they won’t mind using, so tourists might be drawn to the market’s newest product.

Shine 24k gold rolling papers

Shine 24k gold rolling papers

As of now, Shine papers have sold in almost two-dozen countries, so the papers have attracted the eye of more than just wealthy Americans. Of course, it’s not the first product of its type. London Cut Cigars, which helps Dave manufacture the papers, already sells a Dominican cigar wrapped in the same type of gold leaf over Connecticut Shade papers.

The papers are edible with a slow-burning interior paper that holds everything together. They still have to be thin enough to roll, though, and some consumers have voiced their concerns online. One smoker criticized the taste of the papers while adding that Shine papers aren’t easy to roll.

Shine rolling papers

Gold rolling papers are too new to glean any information about long-term side effects, so it’s probably best if smokers use them infrequently. Neither the FDA or The American Lung Association have released official word on the product.Nevertheless, the hip-hop world has already taken to Shine papers. Don’t be surprised if you see them popping up on music videos, among other places, where rappers are quick to flaunt their assets and success. Although health effects have led to a decrease in smoking — rates were highest in the 1950s and have steadily dropped since the ’60s according to a study by the National Cancer Institute — there seems to be a demand for this type of product. Dave has already seen some repeat customers, so they must be happy with his product. It seems like smoking may one again become the “cool” thing to do if Shine papers remain popular.

If you’re interested in a status symbol that’s less harmful to your health, fine jewelry never goes out of style. After all, music videos will always feature watches worth thousands of dollars and fancy cars.