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What is Travel Jewelry?

There are few things in this world more exciting than traveling. The thought of beautiful, far off places is exciting. The time starts drawing near and you spend hours laying out outfits for every possible scenario that may arise. You put special thought into each piece you will wear, especially the jewelry that you know will only make each outfit more perfect. However, there are risks involved in taking expensive jewelry when you travel.

DanniJo necklaces

Everyone has jewelry that is precious to them. Pieces that are not only made from precious stones and metals, but that have sentimental value to you. It is important to really think about how many strangers come into contact with your personal items when you are traveling.

For instance:

  • Baggage Handlers
  • TSA Employees
  • Bell Hops
  • Maid Services

All of these people will be alone with your personal possessions at one point or another. You like to think that everyone is honest, but that is not the case. It is better to be smart than naive.

What is Travel Jewelry

Basically travel jewelry is any piece of jewelry that is inexpensive and has no sentimental value to you. Many people, based on the amount of money they make, will have a different idea of what inexpensive is and that’s ok. However, as a general rule, travel jewelry will be costume jewelry. Anything without precious stones or metals.

If you are swimming in the hotel pool and realize you have lost the necklace you were wearing, it is much better to think, “Oh well I didn’t spend much on it,” as opposed to, “How could I have been so careless as to wear that here, I have to find it.” In the second scenario you would not only spend precious vacation time looking for the lost piece, but it would hurt the mood of your vacation and no one wants that.

So when you are putting those perfect outfits together, think about how you would feel if you lost the pieces of jewelry that you are putting with them. If you don’t have what you would consider travel jewelry that is not a problem. Raymond Lee Jewelers has been in business since 1983 and has a large selection of what you need.

Packing Travel Jewelry

So now you have all your outfits perfect, the costume jewelry for each one, and you are ready to pack. Throwing all of your jewelry into a cinch pocket on a suitcase is a bad idea. Imagine pulling out that bundle of necklaces that has now become a mind-teaser puzzle. You sit for an hour untangling the mass. There are much easier ways to get your jewelry from point A to point B.

Start with a jewelry organizer. They are usually inexpensive and take up very little space in your suitcase. There are also websites to help you with packing. They have tons of clever tips and tricks for packing jewelry and anything else you may need to bring.

So now you are ready to take the vacation of your dreams. Enjoy!

Resort 2014: Balenciaga Jewelry

The house of Balenciaga 2014 resort jewelry collection from Alexander Wang is all about clean lines. For those who adore simplicity, this black and white line will be something to yearn for. The details of this collection make the line what it is: there are clean cuts, draping elements, fisherman hats done in the bucket style as well as chain handle totes, sandals with plastic fringes details and even gold anklets.

Balenciaga beaded bracelet

via WWD

The jewelry collection itself is home to spiral hoops, tube necklaces and bangles. The pieces in this new resort line from Balenciaga show the metal’s versatility and relevance. It brings this tried and true metal color to a new, contemporary audience through their jewelry.

Balenciaga gold bracelet

via WWD

This is Alexander Wang’s first resort collection. He was brought on by Balenciaga in 2012 as the new creative director. They wanted him to explore the brand’s heritage whilst still bring his edgy aesthetics to the new designs. And he has delivered with this new, 99.9% black and white line. The only hold outs in the black and white theme are the above mentioned gold anklet straps and the jewelry’s darkened malachite glow. The two-tone palette he has chosen really shines through in the line’s jewelry.

Balenciaga pink seed choker

via WWD

Basically, Wang chose to complete this new resort line with jewelry pieces designed to borrow from Balenciaga’s vintage designs. These vintage designs were his inspiration.

Balenciaga gold shrimp earrings

via WWD

In addition to clothing and jewelry, this resort collection includes a very cool handbag. This piece will be among the ‘most wanted’ in the line. It is a very simple tote bag complete with a heavy chain-linked handle. It is truly the piece that Wang was brought on make. It may incite a preorder, and buying, frenzy.

This ready to wear collection, including jewelry, handbags, shoes and clothing, is available online.

Fashion Before Function: Chanel’s New Nail Ring

Rings used to slip onto your finger and sit, unobtrusively for the most part, at the very end, where the finger met the hand. This is no longer the case, as fashion brands scramble to come up with the latest cutting-edge designs that push accessories further and further out, literally. What’s the latest trend from French fashion giant Chanel? It isn’t knuckle rings, and it’s certainly not a standard, boring slips-all-the-way-on ring, no, it’s a nail ring. It sits just on the tip.

Chanel 2013 Nail Ring

via Fashionista

A Risky Style

Nail Rings at Chanel Haute Couture Show

via Beauty World News

There’s no question about whether this look is impressive or eye-catching, and Chanel knows how to make a scene with a fresh design. But, it’s also one of the riskiest trends since the Bumster. These nail rings hover rather precariously at the midsection of the nail. Hopefully you have no need to use your hands for anything requiring manual labor, like gardening, typing or opening doors, because you may just lose your pricey bauble with that sort of wild activity.

The Next Step in Nail Art

Chanel Haute Couture 2013 Nail Rings

via Swagger New York

But, this look was bound to happen. What with the recent obsession with nail art of all kinds, this seems like an easier way for you to add sparkle to your fingertips without devoting hours to careful paint applications. It’s really a trade off. Do you want to agonize over prints and patterns via polish, or do you want to go an evening without using your hands to do more than wave, slowly, carefully, maybe not even that?

Ultimately, it seems obvious that despite the practicality issues, these new nail rings are going to be a hit. Chanel rarely makes a misstep, and you’re probably already ordering a full set of them. They look great stacked with knuckle and conventional rings, too. What a genius idea.

Feature Friday: Jade Necklace

Have we got a featured piece for you! This jade necklace was a fantastic find in Hong Kong, and it smacks of vintage opulence. Jade, long revered throughout history dating back to ancient times, is believed to have healing properties (particularly on the kidneys). It also can supposedly ward off evil spirits, but regardless of its healing or spiritual properties, it’s majorly fashionable. This jade necklace in particular features 3 stones with beautiful deep green and black veining strung together with carved 14kt yellow gold. It’s perfectly on trend with the chunky bib statement necklaces we’ve seen on every fashionista lately. It can jazz up a casual outfit, ala this ensemble with Vince denim ankle skinny jeans, their striped favorite tank and their funky cool white leather vest, plus the Lana ankle strap sandals. Or it pairs perfectly with an evening outfit like that TBags open back mini dress and Rachel Zoe Lexi sandals. It’s your weekend, your choice!

jade jewelry, jade necklace, vintage jewelry Boca Raton

Spotlight on: DanniJo

Dannijo sisters

Not many celebrities have an interesting rag to riches story, but Danielle and her sister Jodie do. Unlike most children, who exhibit signs of sibling rivalry, this is not the case with these two sisters. They had an exciting and unusual childhood interest that would bond the two of them together forever.

As young children this duo would take create jewelry pieces from their dad’s old medical supplies. They eventually made their way to New York City, after attending college. Their excitement was fashion, but their passion was and also has been jewelry.

Dannijo jewelry, dannijo collar necklace

They were new to the industry, had no connections, and spent a lot of time on the telephone, trying to convince someone to take a chance on their creation. Their cold calling technique finally paid off. In 2008 the sister and sister team, designed, commissioned and sold their first jewelry collection “Star Wars” inspired. They did it with the help of Bergdorf Goodman, who sold every last piece for $250 to $500. The collection consisted of 15 strung necklaces with a silver twisted plate, layered with chains

.Dannijo spike necklace, shop dannijo jewelry

Danielle and Jodie big break came in 2007, with the help of Natalie Morales, a TV show anchor woman on “Today.” After talking with Danielle, Morales wore the jewelry on her show, and featured a segment about young business owners, which included the two sisters.

It was during this time, that Dannijo gained prestige and recognition. The jewelry is admired by celebrities and fashion designers like Katie Lee a celebrity chef, and Brooklyn Decker. The sisters know that being shy does not pay off, if they want to be a success. This is a lesson they learned early in their career.

Dannijo necklace with spikes and chains

Their eye for fashion does not stop at jewelry. The infamous Snyder sisters are planning to expand the business. Their first order of business is to launch a handbag collection and ready to wear fashion line. They are also planning be more involved in marketing their jewelry worldwide, and attending more parties and social gathering.