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Spotlight On: Roni Blanshay

All of these diverse descriptions are used to accurately portray the incredible jewelry creations featured in the Roni Blanshay Jewelry Collections on offer at fine jewelry and accessory stores everywhere. Featuring dazzling, bright metals and sparkling gemstones, these striking pieces are unlike traditional jewelry offerings because these items make a bold statement about the wearer: that she is a classy woman who is proud of her beauty and not afraid to show it.

Roni Blanshay coral and pearl necklace

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Allow yourself to be dazzled by the fabulous collection of Roni Blanshay Jewelry now available in fine jewelry stores. Creator Roni Blanshay is establishing herself as a top designer and producer of innovative high-quality high fashion jewelry. Her creations are highly sought-after by top “fashionistas” and discerning jewelry purchasers everywhere. Enjoy this beautiful, trend-setting jewelry to dress up and accent any apparel and turn it from merely nice to elegant. The sleek lines of the pieces give an understated sheen of glamour to any outfit.

Available in a wide variety of coordinating pieces, from bracelets to necklaces to earrings to pins, these selections are sure to tempt and please even hard-to-please shoppers. Outstanding as gifts or as purchases to complete a woman’s own jewelry collection, these valuables are perfect for wearing in any setting where elegance and style are in order. At the same time not too dressy or too casual for any setting, these pieces fit anywhere requiring a finished look.

Roni Blanshay leather and turquoise slice cuff

Roni Blanshay leather and turquoise slice cuff via Facebook

The various pieces coordinate beautifully with each other. While not every piece matches every other one of the items in Roni Blanshay’s extensive collection, they may be worn together for a well-appointed and complete look. An individual wearing lovely, elegantly-made pieces from the Roni Blanshay collection will brighten every room where she appears in an understated, majestic, non-flashy way.

The Roni Blanshay collection provides a look of subtle beauty to all who wear it. It gleams without ostentation; it sparkles elegantly without looking gaudy. Its beauty is the perfect finishing touch to any well-dressed woman of confidence and poise. The simplicity and beauty add to the finished look of beautiful evening attire without drawing undue attention. The look simply says “beautiful.”

Roni Blanshay Shield Ring

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Make your plans today to acquire a selection of this luxurious jewelry from one of the jewelry stores carrying it in their special inventory. Buy pieces of this select collection while they are available and you can try them on with a favorite outfit to feel more beautiful than usual. The understated beauty and quiet-yet-bold appeal of this gorgeous jewelry will take your breath away.

This elegant trend setting jewelry is currently being featured prominently in the sales of South Florida’s own top luxury jewelry seller. Raymond Lee Jewelers is South Florida’s most trusted Jewelry Sales and Service Center. Established in 1983, this exceptional jeweler states proudly that they “carry an extensive collection of designer jewelry, vintage jewelry, GIA certified diamonds and luxury timepieces.” They are also known for providing top quality watch and jewelry repair services and additionally offer professional jewelry customizations. 229

The Eco Friendly Jewelry of Dale Grey Vintage

It feels good to look good. Leaving the house dressed to the nines with a well-planned outfit and jewels to match can give your confidence level and self-esteem a pretty nice boost. However, simply looking good isn’t always enough to give you that lasting happy feeling. To truly feel good you have to do good. This can be as simple as staying environmentally conscious as you make your next jewelry purchase.

Dale Grey Vintage Necklace

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Make Your Jewelry a Connection to your World

Eco friendly jewelry does not leave any negative effect on the environment during its creation process. That means this type of jewelry is created with minimal pollution, waste and energy costs. The materials are generally recycled or may be primarily of renewable sources whose use doesn’t negatively affect nature in any way.

Dale Grey Vintage uses recycled and reclaimed materials—including brass, copper and gunmetal. These materials add to the vintage appeal of the gypsy inspired pieces, connecting to the environment in ways beyond the visual. The pieces are bold yet feminine—elements that capture the essence of Mother Nature through classic yet daring designs.

The eco-friendly gypsy collection is inspired by the world around you, and wearing it may even inspire you to think more about the environment that you can work to preserve. As you step outside with your eco friendly costume jewelry, let the sun grace your skin. Feel the dampness of dew on the grass graze your toes in your sandals. Feel the wind flow through your hair—let your eco friendly jewels set the mood and really embrace the world around you.

Dale Grey Vintage Coin Bracelet

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What to Look for in Eco Friendly Jewelry

The Dale Grey Vintage Collection is specially designed, eco-friendly jewelry that you can feel good about wearing. However, when looking for eco-friendly jewels there are a few things to keep in mind.

There are several features that make a piece of jewelry eco-friendly:

It is vintage: If it wasn’t produced just for you, then your desire for the product didn’t lead to any waste. Purchasing vintage jewelry is a great form of recycling. By giving an item a second life you save it from meeting a landfill.

It is reclaimed: Eco-friendly jewelry is generally made of recycled or reclaimed materials. While these materials still require some processing, and will generally produce some waste, they don’t require any destruction of natural materials.

Turquoise and 18kt gold vintage charm

Turquoise and 18kt gold vintage charm via Raymond Lee Jewelers

The jewelry you wear can be more than a fashion statement. Jewelry is worldly—it represents different cultures, beliefs, passions and histories. Every piece of jewelry you wear carries its own inspiration and story. When you wear eco-friendly jewelry, that passion, history and meaning is even deeper.

The Dale Grey Vintage Gypsy collection provides this type of experience. When you wear a piece of the Dale Grey Vintage collection, your jewelry begins to tell a story. You are no longer an individual entity traversing across this planet. Instead, you are a fundamental part of your own world—connected to the emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing of every person, place and living object you come across.

Marquise Engagement Ring Eye Candy

Every woman knows that the most important piece of jewelry you’ll ever own is your engagement ring. The sentimental value alone eclipses the actual worth of the jewelry. The choice of ring is paramount – not only does it symbolize the love of your life, but it’s a piece of jewelry that is worn every day. Your engagement ring should not only stand the test of time, but make you smile every time you glance at your finger.

Most men get slightly nervous when talking about buying a ring. That’s often written off as fear of commitment, but there’s more to it than that – shopping for anyone else, first of all, is not every man’s favorite pastime. Then traditional costs of three months’ salary get tossed around and that’s enough to make anyone with fiscal sense a little leery. Plus, no one ever wants to start their life together picking the wrong ring. They want their future wife to be happy with the choice, just like their future wife hopes that they will find the perfect ring.

The Marquis Cut Engagement Ring

When choosing the engagement ring, it’s the center stone that you should decide on first. Once you know the shape and size of the stone, the rest of the setting will naturally come together.

A marquis cut is a fantastic choice. First of all, it offers way more bang for your buck. Because of the shape, the stone gives the illusion of being larger than it is which, in turn, means that the cost will be lower. Another advantage to the marquis cut is that (if set so that the points are length-wise down the finger, rather than sideways) it has a slimming effect on the fingers. The stone can, of course, be set to your specifications.

Marquis cut diamonds are a great center stone if you want your engagement ring to have a little variation of color. Perhaps you’d like a diamond with a hint of yellow or one with rubies added to the setting, such as this:

Light Yellow Marquise Cut Diamond Platinum Ruby Engagement Ring

Light Yellow Marquise Cut Diamond Platinum Ruby Engagement Ring

Sapphires are also fantastic. The contrast of the stones really makes the diamond sparkle:

EGL 3.06 ct Marquise Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

EGL 3.06 ct Marquise Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

The best way to choose the right ring is to go with the bride’s style. Fads will come and go – for instance, twenty years ago, yellow gold was very popular. But it’s since been eclipsed by silver, white gold and platinum. You can’t do anything about the trends that will change in the next five, ten, or twenty years. What you can do is to find a setting and style that embodies the bride’s personal taste. Some women appreciate a more classic taste. They want something elegant and timeless, such as:

4 Carat Marquise Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

4 Carat Marquise Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

Many women today love the ornate feel of vintage jewelry – something with a pop of color that looks as though it might have been the height of fashion in the early 20th century:

Diamond Emerald Platinum Yellow Gold Vintage Style Engagement Ring

Diamond Emerald Platinum Yellow Gold Vintage Style Engagement Ring

Then, of course, there are women who prefer something simple and elegant.

1/2 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Set Marquise Cut

1/2 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Set Marquise Cut

Whatever your decision, make sure it’s something that will stand the test of time.

The Unique and Antique Jewelry of Simon Teakle

When it comes to purveyors of fine jewelry, world-renowned Simon Teakle is one of the best in the industry. Fine jewelry is his passion, and nowhere is that more obvious than at his Greenwich, Conn., gallery, where visitors are surrounded by beauty and history.

Pair of Jade and spinel earrings by Simon Teakle

Pair of Jade and spinel earrings by Simon Teakle

Teakle spent 20 years at auction giant Christie’s and spent a good part of his time running its esteemed New York jewelry department. Teakle has handled many famous gemstones and jewelry collections throughout his career, including The Agra Diamond and The Rockefeller Sapphire. He has also handled jewels belonging to Eva Peron, Doris Duke and Elizabeth Taylor, to name a few.

Asscher cut diamond ring, by Raymond Yard

Asscher cut diamond ring, by Raymond Yard

Teakle likes to focus on the beauty and craftsmanship of the piece, whether it be jewelry, silver objects or sculptures. He likes for jewelry to be relevant to today’s market and he deals in a wide variety of pieces, ranging from antique to Art Deco to modern, at his showroom.

 Gold, citrine, sapphire and diamond bracelet, circa 1960

Gold, citrine, sapphire and diamond bracelet, circa 1960

His pieces are truly works of art, from a ruby and diamond Tudor Rose ring from 1860 to an emerald and diamond necklace from 1900 to a heart-shaped Stuart crystal pendant, circa 1730. You can even find unusual items, such as a Lucite bass guitar from 1980 or an amethyst, diamond and gold perfume bottle from 1840. Visiting his gallery is both a shopping excursion and a walk through time.

Emerald and diamond necklace with matching earrings, by David Webb, circa 1970

Emerald and diamond necklace with matching earrings, by David Webb, circa 1970

Teakle also puts the spotlight on the jewelry of today. He recently hosted an exhibition of TAFFIN jewelry, designed by James de Givenchy, an old friend and colleague. TAFFIN pieces are contemporary and truly one of a kind. You can find such unique offering as a Venetian glass bead and sapphire ring or a pair of black onyx and white lacquer earrings.

Pair of morganite, orange sapphire and diamond earrings by Taffin

Pair of morganite, orange sapphire and diamond earrings by Taffin

Spotlight On: Steven Fox Fine Jewelry

If you are looking for talented craftsmanship, unique works of art and jewelry with a rich history, then look no further than Steven Fox Fine Jewelry. Steven Fox makes a wide range of jewelry items, but each custom piece tells a story, has a unique style and is perfectly suited to the wearer.

A paraiba tourmaline cabochon ring by Steven Fox jewelry

A paraiba tourmaline cabochon set in platinum with sugarloaf ruby accents and diamonds.


oval cut engagement ring, engagement rings boca raton, large diamond rings

Well hello there.

Steven Fox works extensively with pearls and diamonds, although other gemstones are also used in many creations. There are necklaces, bracelets, rings, wedding bands and other forms of jewelry available to purchase from this store.


sapphire earrings, custom gemstone earrings, unique jewelry Boca Raton

A pair of 10+ carat burmese sapphires set with 1.22ctw of diamonds in platinum. Gorgeous.

Cost naturally varies depending on which exact piece you purchase. However, it is important to note that these are not cheap jewelry items, despite the fact that Steven Fox does frequently offer a 50% discount on select jewelry items. At the same time, as the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” If you are looking for exquisite jewelry that stands apart from the competition, then this is the shop for you.

The Estate Collection

estate jewelry boca raton, antique diamond bracelet, udall ballou estate jewelry

Platinum and diamond Udall + Ballou bracelet with 17.10 carats of Old Eurpoean cut diamonds and 6.15 carats of baguette cut diamonds

Those who appreciate the unique beauty of Victorian jewelry are sure to enjoy a peek into Steven Fox’s Estate Jewelry collection. This collection includes rings, bracelets, brooches, necklaces and other rare jewelry items from centuries past.

vintage diamond ring, estate diamonds boca raton

Platinum and diamond pinky ring

While jewels are beautiful in their own right, it takes an expert jeweler to bring out the full beauty of each gemstone. Steven Fox has managed to do this and is known for creating unique, extremely beautiful pieces of art that are sure to dazzle anyone who appreciates exquisite jewelry. There is a large selection of pieces available in various styles, providing numerous options for those who are looking for high quality handmade jewelry.