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Spotlight On: Roni Blanshay

All of these diverse descriptions are used to accurately portray the incredible jewelry creations featured in the Roni Blanshay Jewelry Collections on offer at fine jewelry and accessory stores everywhere. Featuring dazzling, bright metals and sparkling gemstones, these striking pieces are unlike traditional jewelry offerings because these items make a bold statement about the wearer: that she is a classy woman who is proud of her beauty and not afraid to show it. Allow yourself to be dazzled by the fabulous collection of Roni Blanshay Jewelry now available in fine jewelry stores. Creator Roni Blanshay is establishing herself as a top Read More →

The Eco Friendly Jewelry of Dale Grey Vintage

It feels good to look good. Leaving the house dressed to the nines with a well-planned outfit and jewels to match can give your confidence level and self-esteem a pretty nice boost. However, simply looking good isn’t always enough to give you that lasting happy feeling. To truly feel good you have to do good. This can be as simple as staying environmentally conscious as you make your next jewelry purchase. Make Your Jewelry a Connection to your World Eco friendly jewelry does not leave any negative effect on the environment during its creation process. That means this type of Read More →

Marquise Engagement Ring Eye Candy

Every woman knows that the most important piece of jewelry you’ll ever own is your engagement ring. The sentimental value alone eclipses the actual worth of the jewelry. The choice of ring is paramount – not only does it symbolize the love of your life, but it’s a piece of jewelry that is worn every day. Your engagement ring should not only stand the test of time, but make you smile every time you glance at your finger. Most men get slightly nervous when talking about buying a ring. That’s often written off as fear of commitment, but there’s more Read More →

The Unique and Antique Jewelry of Simon Teakle

When it comes to purveyors of fine jewelry, world-renowned Simon Teakle is one of the best in the industry. Fine jewelry is his passion, and nowhere is that more obvious than at his Greenwich, Conn., gallery, where visitors are surrounded by beauty and history. Teakle spent 20 years at auction giant Christie’s and spent a good part of his time running its esteemed New York jewelry department. Teakle has handled many famous gemstones and jewelry collections throughout his career, including The Agra Diamond and The Rockefeller Sapphire. He has also handled jewels belonging to Eva Peron, Doris Duke and Elizabeth Read More →

Spotlight On: Steven Fox Fine Jewelry

If you are looking for talented craftsmanship, unique works of art and jewelry with a rich history, then look no further than Steven Fox Fine Jewelry. Steven Fox makes a wide range of jewelry items, but each custom piece tells a story, has a unique style and is perfectly suited to the wearer. Specializations Steven Fox works extensively with pearls and diamonds, although other gemstones are also used in many creations. There are necklaces, bracelets, rings, wedding bands and other forms of jewelry available to purchase from this store. Cost Cost naturally varies depending on which exact piece you purchase. Read More →