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Heidi Gardner’s Spooky Jewelry Collection

With her wild imagination, Heidi Gardner has a passion for cult classic thriller films like The Exorcist and The Shining, and it shows in her original and creative jewelry. As a young painter, her artwork displayed both life and death with naked skeletal beings and deformed creatures. With her artistic heroes being Otto Dix, Alfred Kubin and Salvador Dali, it’s no wonder she has cornered the market for dark and haunting jewelry designs.

Heidi Gardner jewelry

via Elle

Originally a classically trained ballet dancer, Gardner specializes in ghoulish yet gorgeous jewelry creations made of heavy metals. Her pieces can be described as spooky and macabre because they are spikes, daggers and skulls. Breaking out of the ballet mold, she went easily into painting but wanted a way to be creative for others, so that they could enjoy her creativity more easily. She looks to jewelry as a way to make people happy. She describes her own pieces as “graceful, balanced, symmetrical, ethereal, elaborately detailed, and with a powerful narrative.”

Her fall 2013 collection is focused on bodies and their forms, as her inspiration was her appreciation of the inner strength that women possess. She says, “It was about being a warrior and unleashing one’s inner beast.” She claims to find comfort and further inspiration in the darker side of life and that her designs have a touch of a morbid sense of humor. People react both positively and negatively to death, but it conjures up a reaction and makes them feel something. Her jewelry line is created so that people in fact do feel that something when they see it. Her spring 2014 collection will be a bit different, with the essence of the ocean. Those pieces include 18k gold plated shark’s teeth and spikey silver starfish.

Heidi Gardner "Spinal Bangle" Gold Plated Brass

Heidi Gardner “Spinal Bangle” Gold Plated Brass

The “Amour D’Amour” collection includes rings, pendants and cuffs. Some of the unusual designs include a sculptural rendering of a woman’s pelvis with diamonds sapphires and rubies. You can wear this unusual piece in a pendant or a cuff. The “Spinal” collection resembles the vertebrae of a backbone. You can wear this design in a necklace or a bangle with different designs of each.

The “Creature Couture” line consists of buffalo and hummingbird skeletal earrings and rings, pendants that resemble a silver bullet and a killer lipstick, a teddy bear ring with fangs, and ethereal skulls with eyes that are rubies. There is another ring with a cracked skull that contains a diamond in the crack, and a ring called “Macy” which is a skull with a mace in the top of it. This line also includes a bear claw pendant in brass or silver and a “sorry Charlie” pendant which is a skull with an ax in it.

"Macy" Gold Plated Brass with White Diamond

“Macy” Gold Plated Brass with White Diamond

All of her jewelry designs are characters that came about from her jewelry purgatory, an outer expression from her days of being a dark painter or even a hidden desire that she simply wanted to get out in the open. This is Gardner’s way of giving everyone the opportunity to express themselves to society, giving them a voice to tell an intimate secret from deep within.

The Heidi Gardner collection runs from $90 up to $1,800. There are also one-of-a-kind pieces that run anywhere from $1,200 all the way up to $15,000. White Chalk and Odd in New York City both carry her line, and you can also find it online at AHAlife and HeidiGardnernyc.com.

Budget Friendly and Fabulous: Julie Vos Jewelry

Buyers looking to find affordable jewelry will want to take a look at the collection offered though Julie Vos Jewelry. This designer has been committed for some time now to creating affordable pieces that still bear a high quality look to them. The makers through this company have been producing great looking jewelry that still feature an upscale appearance to them. This is perfect for anyone who may want to get the best jewelry for their spouse, but aren’t sure where to look. If you are new to this company or to luxury jewelry designs in general, feel free to read through this article for more info.

Julie Vos acorn necklace

First, some people might be interested in hearing about how Julie Vos Jewelry got its start in the past. It actually started in 2006 with just a limited selection. But it rapidly expanded to feature any number of different necklaces and earrings. This has made it very popular, because people can find just above every different piece they want through this company. If you haven’t found the perfect set for yourself yet, you may just get a whole collection through this provider. You can use this designer exclusively if you would want to get a jewelry set that will compliment your look.

Julie Vos Amalia earring

Others will be wondering what sets this jewelry designer apart from many others that are out there. The Julie Vos Jewelry collection features its own unique style that simply can’t be found at any other store out there. This is because the designer tends to use its own unique set of materials and desgns to craft the jewelry itself. The models may feature quite a bit of different gold and different precious jewels. They often have a blocky design to them, which helps them to stand out from other sets that are out there. Some people are often impressed by the overall aristry that went in to crafting these different pieces.

Julie vos calypso cuff

Try to think about the overall look of the jewelry before you decide to buy it for yourself or not. It can be beneficial for many customers to try on the jewelry, so keep an eye out for these sets in department stores. They are becoming increasingly popular in physical stores, so you may just see it near you. Think about getting several sets, because the jewelry really is affordably priced. The only caveat is that you won’t see many diamonds inlayed with these different collections. This helps keep the price low, but you will have to think about whether this is what you want to get.

Julie vos circe chalcedony earrings

Finally, don’t forget to check through the collection of jewelry available online. The Julie Vos Jewelry collection has everything that people need to get the perfect look for themselves. You can often find affordable prices for these different sets if you look online. The only downside is that you won’t be able to try it on yourself before you buy. But you can get a good idea of what it may look on you first. Browse through their gallery to find out what you may be able to expect from them.

Erickson Beamon’s Vicki Sarge Designs Her Own Line

Erickson Beamon has long been known as a jewelry brand that creates stunning, one of a kind pieces that are at once innovative and exciting. These pieces are not something to be taken lightly and can instantly steal the show from anyone around. The brands creators, Karen Erickson and Vicki Sarge even claim to have coined the term chandelier earring in the 1980’s. It stands to reason that after 30 years together, the two titans of design would begin to branch out and start solo projects. While there is no news currently of an Erickson solo career, Sarge is debuting her new collection this fall.

Vicki Sarge Earrings via W

via W

Erickson Beamon was once a brand at the height of all things high fashion, though the brand is still going strong and has been after 30 years in existence, it has fallen a bit out of favor for collections from other new designers. Now is the time for small designers that have not ever been in the limelight. Shoppers want pieces that are unique, challenging and that are not your typical drop earring. Erickson Beamon is still a power house and no one should misunderstand that but it is certainly settling into its golden years as a brand on the edge.

Erickson Beamon is the go to brand when a customer wants something that is going to get them attention and keep it. Sarge brings some of her characteristic flare from the Erickson Beamon brand and creates her own masterpieces. These avant garde pieces are breathtaking. Employing the latest techniques in design and fabrication, Sarge has created pieces that are at once unique and classically beautiful. Much like the original Erickson Beamon brand, Sarge’s new collection is art driven and features pieces that are worthier of being hung in a museum than from a starlet’s ear.

Her pieces have both delicate designs and stunning shapes that are bold and whimsical all at once. These pieces are art driven so they may not be suitable for every wearer but they are certainly worth taking a peek at. Her pieces are made from the highest quality materials like the traditional gold and silver and even hand carved wood from artisans in Kenya. These pieces are truly remarkable and are a stark removal from any brand that has existed before. Sarge is challenging the boundaries that have been set for high fashion pieces and is trying to create new and innovative pieces that will get people talking.

These pieces feature bold details like tribal masks, chunky gold leaves, crystal accents, pom poms and more. This brand is certainly not one for the faint of heart but is perfect for that lady or gent that wants to make an impression without even opening their mouth. Sarge says of the brand that “People want extraordinary,” she says. “They can get cute little stuff anywhere.” This brand is certainly one to watch as the premier collection is heading to the runway this fall. This brand is sure to turn heads, get attention, and garner fantastic pieces that are well worth the time and attention that it took to create them.

The Rebirth of Sidney Garber Jewelry

Jewelry has taken a distinct turn toward becoming more natural, mimicking the materials and environments that bore them. Sidney Garber is an innovative designer that is going back to nature with designs that not only mimic the beauty and strength that nature has to offer, but also makes the most of the gorgeous materials from which they are hewn. With rings that are both delicate and strong, modeled after animals and classically cut, and that are stunning no matter what design is chosen.

sidney garber earrings

Rings range from materials like gold and silver to pearl, topaz, sapphire, ruby, and more. These rings are simply stunning with bold styles that still feature delicate accents that make them perfect for just about any situation. With bold cocktail style rings, fancy dress rings, and more, this designer has truly out done herself with this collection. Her designs also include bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and brooches that are absolutely stunning. This collection is very diverse with pieces to suit just about every taste and every style. Though they are a bit pricey and do not fit every budget, they are still fantastic pieces that are great for just about any occasion.

sidney garber bracelets

Sidney Garber is a designer that pushes the boundaries of what is typical and classic in the jewelry industry. With pieces that are at once classically beautiful and statement making, Sidney Garber is creating pieces that are well worth the cost and perfect for just about any buyer. The earrings draw upon the chandelier trend that is so popular among celebrities these days utilizing silver, pearl, topaz, and other precious materials to create earrings that are at once stunning and wearable. These pieces are perfect for jazzing up a formal outfit, making the most of a casual outfits, and more.

Sidney Garber diamond sparrows brooch

Sidney Garber diamond sparrows brooch

The bracelets are equally mesmerizing with solid metal and stone encrusted pieces that again draw on nature. With pieces that are perfect for mixing and matching and for wearing as individual pieces. Her current collection as well as collections past are versatile while still making a splash with any outfit that you choose. Finding a piece that suits just about any clothing is simple with this brand. These pieces are perfect for making a statement while still wearing pieces that are classically beautiful and that are timelessly stunning. Though the brand is not necessarily affordable for every budget, they are great splurge pieces as they are timeless.

sidney garber rose gold chain necklace

With pieces starting at around $2,000, this brand is certainly a high end brand. These classically stunning pieces are available at both the Sidney Garber retail store and at fine department stores like Barney’s and more. This means that finding these pieces is not wholly impossible and is not limited to buying only from the designer’s main store. This brand is great for those that are looking for a fantastic one of a kind piece that is going to be just as beautiful the first day you buy it as the last day that you wear it. This collection is absolutely wonderful, innovative, and fantastic for anyone that is looking for a high end piece that has a bit of new world flare.

Spotlight On: Sevan Bicakci

Sevan Bicakci is perhaps the first leading jewelry designer Ottoman whom the world has admired since the Middle Ages. He has indeed compensated for Istanbul’s lost time, for Sevan Bicakci has become the Go To designer for jewels of world celebrities in social, entertainment and art circles. Catherine Zeta-Jones is one of his clients who favors the Bicakci over size and dramatic jewelry. The socialites of the entire world cherish Sevan Bicakci jewelry. He has become his own fashion statement and his work is immediately recognizable.

Sevan Bicakci Ring

Apprenticed as a Child

When 12 years old, young Sevan was apprenticed to a master jeweler by his father. The master died only four years later; however Seven had absorbed his teachings and was well on his own path of design and creation. He opened his own booth in the international mall and soon built up his own clientele and patrons of his design art. The burly tousled haired Turk of Armenian descent is now established as a contender for the title of world’s most acclaimed designer of exotic jewelry.

Sevan Bicakci Earrings

Jewelry Newly Designed With Byzantine Appearance

His bracelets are among Sevan Bicakci’s favorite designs, as he creates designs that wind their way up the woman’s hand and wrist, and sometimes up her arm with lifelike brilliance. Sevan uses many items from nature in his art, such as leaves and insects in precious metals. He enjoys putting a bit of subtle humor into some of his designs which are intended to pique a bit of surprise in the viewer when seeing the design of a large atrocious insect appearing to climb a lovely arm.

His rings are massive works of art, the most famous of his collection being his dome rings. The rings are studded with precious jewels and encased with rich gold, which by themselves would make the ring most desirable. The dome at the top is the centerpiece, however, as the precious jewels are leading your eye to behold a unique delicate carving of Early Rome, Istanbul, or ornate floral arrangement that stands inside the faceted dome crown. Each Bicakci ring is a rare masterpiece of design, creativity and beauty of such magnificence it requires a wearer of strong and dominant character to carry it off well.

Sevan Bicacki ring

Sevan Bicakci necklaces are Mediterranean gifts of elegance. He continues his flowing designs in necklaces that parallel his ornate bracelets. Seven also enjoys an oversize pendant on a simple but large gold chain to captivate one’s attention and admiration. The works of Sevan Bicakci grace the beauty of the most prominent women of the world. It is a timeless jewelry collection that bears exotic elegance and nobility as a standard. Raymond Jewelers is proud to carry the Sevan Bicakci line of fabulous necklaces, bracelets and rings. We invite admirers to come in and browse his designs and admire the art and importance of each piece. He truly is a designer with heirloom quality, as his jewelry would pass down through generations of family who are appreciative admirers of his fine Ottoman influenced jewelry.