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Engagement Ring Eye Candy: Large & In Charge

This week’s engagement ring eye candy has me craving a super size helping of rocks. Luckily, the RLJ showcase is fully stocked with colorful diamond delicacies like so many truffles at Godiva. And this week, we added quite a few new hefty engagement rings with large center stones. With great carat comes great responsibility (to share the blingy gorgeousness far and wide) so it’s my duty and pleasure to introduce you to a few of our new beauties and help these lovely sparklers find a new home.

Cushion Cut Fancy yellow Halo

18k White Gold Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

It’s my personal opinion that the best cushion cut diamond is one over three carats. And no, it’s not because I’m blinded by bling-size (for instance, I think the ideal size for a round brilliant is no larger than 2.5 carats.) I just feel that a cushion cut really shines when its center is bulging, its proportions are balanced, and it’s large enough to display the unique shape that separates it from square & rectangular cuts. Luckily, our newest cushion cut is 4.31 carats, placing it firmly in the B.A.D. category. It’s also yellow (!) which I know is not for everyone, but bear with me because it’s not the only yellow this week. This one features a gorgeous halo setting & microwave split shank.

Fancy Yellow Pear Shaped Halo

18k White Gold Pear Shape Fancy Yellow Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Another huge, yellow diamond, this pear shape is a warm, buttery yellow and is a whopping 6.05 carats. Like the one above, it’s surrounded by a gorgeous white diamond halo. However, the simple, thin microwave band is the perfect foil to the rather voluptuous center diamond. The setting is 18kt white gold, but the yellow gold prongs on the center diamond blend flawlessly into the diamond so that all you see on this ring are, well, diamonds.

9.03ct radiant cut halo

EGL Certified 9.03ct Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Onto the white diamonds. First up, a radiant cut that would make Beyonce look twice. In fact, this ring reminds me a lot of Beyonce’s engagement ring. Ours isn’t a Lorraine Schwartz original, and with an SI2 clarity grade it’s not quite *flawless*, but it woke up like this. Ok I’ll stop. It’s a massive 9.03 carats but doesn’t stop there – it features an additional 2.06 carats of accent diamonds. Of course, plenty of that weight comes from the halo around the center stone, but if you check out the bedazzled split shank setting, you’ll see that two tapered baguettes and two emerald cuts are nestled in there. So there’s no doubt that this rock shines from all angles.

Three stone emerald cut engagement ring with trapezoids

Platinum 4.24ctw Emerald & Trapezoid Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Finally, my favorite. I know you’re not supposed to play favorites, but I do. Frequently. And this one is a contender! There’s nothing I love more than a three stone ring, and this style is just so classic and regal. The center stone is a 3.04 carat emerald cut (coincidentally my favorite size for an emerald cut is 3 carats exactly) and it’s a stunning VS1 clarity – like staring into a crystal clear pool. If the pool were made of diamonds. I also love the proportions on this one – it doesn’t go too vertical. But the center stone isn’t the only beauty here, two step cut trapezoids flank the side of the center stone to blend into a beautifully symmetrical, seamless profile. Smitten.



Engagement Ring Eye Candy: Well, Yellow

Happy National Plant a Flower Day! And Happy Pi Day! But guess what, we are celebrating neither of those here, today, in this realm of the internet. Why? It’s also 3-12 and therefore a holiday I just decided is Happy Chicago Day. Which is all well and good because Chicago is the chit, however it snowed AGAIN/STILL last night so you can’t really plant a flower here, unless it’s a tulip and you did said planting last year. And eating pie is a good way to reconcile oneself with wearing layers, but not as good for willing spring and sundresses into existence. So in lieu of flowers (or floral-inspired engagement rings) and pie (or pie-inspired engagement rings, whatever that looks like), we’re celebrating yellow diamonds. Because it’s made-up Chicago Day. And I live in Chicago. And I love yellow diamonds. Therefore by the law of verbal traps, um, you’re celebrating yellow diamonds. Extremely unique yellow diamond engagement rings, to be precise. Let’s proceed.

Asscher cut diamond engagement ring with yellow accent diamonds

If you follow me on Facebook, are related to me, or live within a 2 block radius of me, you’ve already heard about this ring. For the uninitiated, this is a diamond engagement ring that is out of this world. An Asscher cut is hard to come by. A 3 carat Asscher cut? Doubly so. Add to this the fact that there are emerald cut fancy yellow accent diamonds, something I’ve only ever seen in Shiraz-tinged dreams, and you have one of the most unique engagement rings I’ve ever seen. The 3.18ct center stone is a fabulous F color, and its SI2 clarity does have some visible internal characteristics, but let’s go ahead and call them beauty marks. Someone come give this beauty a loving home, before I’m forced to.

Cushion Cut Fancy Yellow engagement ringWhat’s that? 3 carats is too small for you? And you prefer a yellow diamond center stone? Come closer, darling, and meet this lovely 4.62 cushion cut. It too is SI2 clarity, but it’s yellow, so it’s even more forgiving. And with an additional 1.38ctw of diamond pave, the added sparkle will catch your eye before any inclusions do. And, in the rare instance where you notice a smidge of imperfection in this diamond, .30ctw of white trillion cut diamonds are there to bring you back to where you need to be: in love with this engagement ring.

Pear shaped yellow diamond engagement ringLast, but certainly mos def not least, is this insanely beautiful pear shape. Pear shaped fancy yellow diamond engagement rings are a rare and welcome treat, and RLJ was lucky enough to have two big, pear shaped fancy yellow pass through our hallowed doors in as many weeks. This one is a 2.01 carat and in keeping with today’s trend, has an SI2 clarity grade. It got the yellow gold bezel setting treatment to add even more warmth to its sunny disposition. And a hefty dose of pave with 1.22ctw of round brilliants in a halo and a split shank setting. Then, to set this ring apart, we added .76ctw of white marquise accents that are in a beautiful rose gold bezel setting. It’s a unique treasure, and it’s begging to be on your finger!

Thirsty Thursday: Frosty Pink Cocktails

Ding ding ding! That’s the Happy Hour bell. Don’t you wish that existed? I’m sure it does in some novelty corner of the interwebs, but I mean like an omnipresent, distinct dinging or steam whistle type alarm. To signify that work is over and thusly you can/should now get your drink on. Perhaps what the steam whistle really was used for in olden times. Barring the fact that there is no happy hour steam whistle we’ll celebrate as the Happy Hour bell intended. Yes, I’m all over the place quite literally with these bells and whistles but it’s been that kind of week. And it’s really not even Friday yet. Really. Luckily, these treats will have you looking forward to the weekend whilst celebrating its arrival just a tad early. In your hand, you’ll enjoy a frosty pink cocktail that’s so beautifully girly I want to wear tutus with it and have a glitter fight. The pink watermelon martini is the centerpiece of this adorable bridesmaid ask party, themed to match the gorgeous and famed Rifle Paper cards. On your hand, you’ll gaze at this equally frosty, equally pink John Hardy Batu Bedeg rose quartz and pink tourmaline dome ring. I love the tone on tone pink and the way both shades pop against the structured and textured sterling silver ring. Bonus? It’s in the hottest ring style du jour – the dome ring. Cheers!

John Hardy Batu Bedeg Rose quartz pink tourmaline ring

Pink Watermelon Martini

via SMP

Mean Girls Jewelry: Four for You Stella and Bow! You Go Stella and Bow!

Contrary to the frequency with which you pepper your conversations with its quotes, Mean Girls came out 10 years ago. That’s right, Regina’s little sister gone wild looks like this now:

Nicole Crimi Kylie George Mean Girls

“Hey Kylie”

You feel old now? It’s cool, imagine shouting at a room full of college students you can’t go to Taco Bell right now and calling them stupid, only to get blank stares. Tear.

Mean Girls Taco Bell You're so stupid GIF

via E!

But rejoice, all Kevin G stans, because in honor of The Greatest Movie of Our Time, amazing jewelry company Stella and Bow has created an entire line of Mean Girls jewelry! Get in loser, we’re going shopping!

Presale items up now up for purchase under SHOP and Mean Girls - Presale.Making fetch happen on The Hollywood Reporter, Vogue UK, Nylon, Refinery 29, Lucky, Huff Po, Glamour, Fashionista, Ny Mag's The Cut, LA Times, Oyster, Buzzfeed, and m o r e!

RUN. Don’t walk.

So what’s on my pre-order list? I had to narrow it down, obviously, so I didn’t spend a small fortune on decade old movie memorabilia. But you bet your buns I would have hounded my Cool Mom for an allowance advance to buy everything as soon as I heard about it 10 years ago. (Just kidding, she was the opposite of Cool Mom).

Rose Gold Wednesday Mean girls jewelry


photo: On Wednesdays we wear pink!

It’s rose gold. It says Wednesday. You’ll never have to make sure you wear pink underpants on Humpday again (unless you want to). It’s $110 and you get one too so we can match.

Full of Secrets hair clip Mean Girls Jewelry


Mean Girls GIF

Who didn’t want Gretchen’s hair? And even if you’re short on secrets, ain’t nothin’ a little volumizing spray and this yellow gold engraved barrette can’t fix.

Cady- Boo Mean GIrls Jewelry Stella and Bow


Mean Girls Boo You Whore GIF

Really, it’s the universal response for bad news. And for less than $40 it’s easy for you to incorporate into your next arm party, and therefore daily conversation.

Cady- Duh Mean Girls Bracelet

Cady – Duh

mean girls quote i'm a mouse duh gifAlso forty bucks. Also an appropriate response to all of your college Halloween costumes, regardless of what you actually were.

Regina- Gold You can't sit with us bangle Stella and Bow


You Can't sit with us gif

Finally, the piece de resistance, the Regina bangle. Shiny yellow gold like her flaxen hair and every bit as mean as she was in all her glory. You tell her Gretchen!

Peace out for the weekend, and “Suck on *that*! AY-YI-YI-YI-YI-YI!”

Van Cleef and Arpels Alhambra Gift Guide

The Holidays are here and at the top of our wishlist? Oodles and Oodles of Van Cleef and Arpels Alhambra jewelry. Even better if it’s vintage or pre-owned, all the better for us to fill our silk stockings with more VCA goodies. White mother of pearl shimmers like freshly driven snow and we can’t get enough of this winter white. Of course, its equally beautiful dark counterpart is the onyx Alhambra, bold and sensuous paired with 18kt yellow gold and layered over the neck for total opulence. We’d be tickled to find any of these pieces under our tree, and let the mixing and matching begin. With pendants from contemporary Alhambra collections and a  pre owned mother of pearl clover bracelet we’re prepared to stack and and mix metals with the unifying theme of Alhambra. This Christmas and Hanukkah we’re smitten with the classic clover motif, but also with the Sweet Alhambra’s heart shaped femininity. It only gets girlier with rose gold metal and a rose gold chain to ‘sweeten the deal’. And for everyday wear, you can’t beat a pair of Alhambra studs, a Palm Beach county staple that we’re happy to see spreading across the nation (and with prices this far below retail, we expect it to visit even more chimneys this December 24th!)

Merry Van Cleef Mas

1.Magic Alhambra large pendant 2.Sweet Alhambra Rose gold pendant 3.5 motif Alhambra bracelet 4.Alhambra earrings 5. Onyx Alhambra 20 motif necklace 6.10 motif Alhambra necklace