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Popular Engagement Ring Designers

Since this blog is called Designers and Diamonds, I figured I’d combine the two today. Some of my favorite engagement rings are those crafted by the best designers in the bridal game, and each has something different to offer. Appropriate, considering the vast variety of different brides and different styles of each lady. But, for a guy just starting out shopping, the barrage of fancy names might be a bit much to handle. Well, gents, look no further. Your lady friend has obviously pinned this handy graphic for you so that when the time comes you can identify her favorite Read More →

Happy Hour: Blackberry Beauties

It’s time to raise your glass! And raise your glasses, if you must, to get a better look at the fabulous cocktails I’m serving up today. You can even make them sun glasses or hipster lense-less glasses. I’m ok with it. Just as long as you can partake in the pretty pretty blackberry beauties we’ll enjoy today. Follow me to the veranda. Today we’re sipping on these blackberry thyme margaritas. If two years of Thirsty Thursday has taught you anything, it should be that I love me some herbal cocktails. Gin & basil? Yes. Vodka rosemary? All day baby. So Read More →

Thirsty Thursday: Herb Pineapple Cooler

Happy Happy Hour! It’s time to imbibe and accessorize with the fruit du jour – pineapple. yes, you’ve seen pineapples popping up everywhere from tank tops to Etsy prints to lamp bases and more. The pineapple is a fabulous fruit – just look at it. Add to this the fact that it tastes divine, can be used as an ingredient in an enzyme facial, and is truly tropical, well you have all the makings of a summer sensation on your hands. So today, let’s celebrate summer (2 days early) with this amazing looking pineapple basil cocktail. Skip the calorie and Read More →

The Return of Thirsty Thursday Features

You guyyyyys! I didn’t know you missed Thirsty Thursday features! I’d all but given up hope on sharing my love for booze, cocktail rings and coordinating my drink choices with my fashion choices. But the always-interesting search term traffic doesn’t lie, and the PEOPLE have spoken. And they want more options than a vodka soda with a splash of cranberry dammit. So today, let’s get ready for happy hour and welcome back the new and improved Thirsty Thursday – A different kind of cocktail! Today’s happy hour revolves around this sweet little number: I’m so ready to pucker up in Read More →

Engagement Ring Eye Candy: I’m So Fancy

Do you too, have the new Iggy Azalea album blaring at inappropriate decibels, on repeat? No? Now’s a good time to start, because ideally you’ll sync up “Fancy” while drooling over these BAD’s (and a few BAGems while I’m at it.) So, who’s a good candidate for these massive rings – besides everyone? I think there’s a special place in engagement ring land reserved for The Patient. You might be a patient mother, who deserves an upgrade. You might be a patient teacher who should have something sparkly to admire while she’s counting to 10 in her head after a Read More →