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It’s Time To Talk About the C Word

Why Your Jeweler Shouldn't Use The C Word

Readers, it’s time for some real talk.

We are here today, to talk about the c-word. Clarity enhancement. Like that other c-word, it’s just as dirty when you’re not up front about it. Some women are fine with it, others appalled. But the importance lies in disclosing when you’re about to use it (you know, earmuffs, etc.)
Clarity enhancement is the jewelry industry’s dirty word. If you’re going to treat your stones, then fine, so be it. But you need to disclose up front that your customers should go into the conversation knowing that the c word is going to be used.
You would never roll up on your grandma and drop that into casual conversation! Nor should you roll up on Pinterest (your cool cousin) and (not) drop it. Because, unfortunately, the vast majority of diamond consumers and engagement ring coveters don’t know to look for it. RLJ doesn’t buy clarity-enhanced diamonds (or we try not to) because it’s confusing to consumers. We’d just rather avoid it altogether. If you’re well-versed in diamond treatments and your jeweler discloses up front that a ring has been treated, there’s nothing wrong with clarity enhancement. It’s a great way to get a great deal on a good looking diamond – but it most certainly affects a diamond’s value and you should always know what you’re paying for.
Clarity enhancement refers to several treatments a diamond might undergo to -you guessed it- enhance its clarity grade.  Common treatments include laser drilling or fracture filling. To fill fractures, a tiny amount of glass material is introduced into super-thin crevices and fractures (aka feathers). Laser drilling is meant to zap away inclusions, much like unwanted body hair. It doesn’t affect the other characteristics of a diamond, like its carat weight or color. GIA has concluded that for normal wear, clarity enhanced diamonds are durable, but may be more susceptible to high heat, pressure or corrosive materials. So, you know, don’t stick your clarity enhanced diamond in a vat of acid (don’t do that with an untreated diamond either.)
So, the c-word makes a statement about a diamond A big one. Maybe you’re cool with it. Maybe it offends you to your core. Either way. You have the right to know that’s its use is imminent. So avert your eyes, your wallets, and your ears if you’re so inclined, but don’t fall for something that seems too good to be true. A $10k-plus “discount” on a diamond doesn’t suggest wholesale pricing. This particular dealer isn’t acting charitably by giving you access to trade price structure, they’re usually selling treated diamonds. It’s up to them, as reputable sellers, to let you know. but it’s up to you, the one parting with hard-earned cash, to be a savvy, well-versed customer. So if you feel violated by use of the c-word, tell that dealer to wash their mouth out with soap and turn heel away from their shop.

Engagement Ring Eye Candy: Solitaire -y Confinement

Sometimes 1 is not the loneliest number. Any well-crafted solitaire engagement ring will argue that fact (and pretty convincingly. Diamonds are good like that.) Today, I’m drooling over a few of our newest solitaire rings back fresh from GIA. The beauty of the solitaire lies in its completely uninhibited setting. The diamond shines singularly, without any kind of distractions – it take a great diamond to pull this off. It’s possible to get a great deal on a solitaire engagement ring, really it is, you just have to shop using your 4 C’s. The cut should be good or better (although I did sneak a very nice fair cut in here, see if you can spot it). The color should be I or better – still virtually undetectable to the eye, but out of the pricey “colorless” range of D,E,F. The clarity should be SI or better, so you don’t have any major inclusions mucking up the statement of your solitaire. And, naturally, the carat weight should be as heavy as your heart desires (and your wallet will tolerate.) With a GIA certificate ensuring you’re actually getting a diamond with these specs, you can rest assured you’re getting a fair deal – and a gorgeous stone. Exhibits A – E:

Platinum and Diamond 1.01ct Round Brilliant Cut Ring

This little number actually is a coveted E color, but it’s petite dimensions keep it from being a budget buster. The center stone is 1.01 carats, so it’s the perfect size for the classic 6 prong platinum mounting, and its VS1 clarity grade ensures all you see is sparkle.

Tiffany and Co Lucida solitaire ringThis ring is a stunning Tiffany & Co. Lucida engagement ring with a massive 2.24 ct center stone. The Lucida cut is Tiffany’s proprietary cut, and it’s shaped similar to a square radiant cut – one of my favorite cuts, as I’ve professed before. The I color offsets the cost of a massive diamond (worth every penny) and it is, as most Tiffany diamonds are, a great clarity grade of VS 1.

platinum GIA certified 1 carat round diamond engagement ringThis 1 carat round brilliant serves as a perfect demonstration of the difference that cut makes. It’s .01ct lighter than the first ring, but it looks way bigger, thanks to a shallow cut (which is probably what earned it a “fair” cut grade – could you tell this was the one?!) But a stunning color and VVS2 clarity grade make sure this diamond doesn’t suffer at all – it’s one of my favorites!

2.62 carat round brilliant solitaire ring

If 1 carat simply won’t do, let’s bump it up to 2.62 carats. This insane ring (another one of my favorites, but in another division. Like the “Ladies Who Lunch Upgrade” division) features a gorgeous round brilliant with a SI1 clarity grade and an I in color. This is the perfect example of stretching your budget to get the biggest, best, sparkliest, “dayum”-est, B.A.D.

emerald cut solitaireAn emerald cut solitaire is something you don’t see every day, and that makes this one even more special. Add to that the fact that this beauty is internally flawless, 1.04 carats and an impeccable G color, and you’ve got plenty of reasons to stare!

Your Lambo’s Blue? Check out this Gold Plated Lamborghini

As an individual, have you thought about the value of owning gold Lamborghini car? Nowadays, it isn’t just about getting any car. It’s all about how unique and trendy your style is. Can you be able to stand from the crowd? A gold Lambo goes beyond the trendy factor. It is also the smartest form of investment that has minimal liabilities. One thing about this item is that it can never be out of time and out of place. Items like the gold-plated Lamborghini are some of the lucky few countable whose value and true worth is always guaranteed.

Gold Plated Lamborghini

via Examiner

In a world where everything seems to be dynamic, it can be a bit tricky to decide on where to invest your money wisely. Even in the world of luxury, everyone wants to put his or her dollar where it can earn returns apart and fulfill other intended purposes. That is exactly what the gold Lamborghini car offers you. Be the most expensive person around, and when the time comes to dispose of it, the car is a valuable asset that will bail you out of the situation. Not even the most powerful world currency can stand up to this precious piece in terms of consistence in value and quality.

The car that will be sold through the auction system has made it to the Guinness Book of world records. It is the single costliest car so far in the history of mankind. Maybe you own just an ordinary car with little value. What happens to it when you have finally had the best of it and you want to move on with something else? Do you just toss it away in the trash and forget about it? That’s a big No for an answer. That isn’t the way to spend your money. The Lambo is all about a lifetime value, something that can’t be taken away from you.

Look around you and see what is happening even in governments. Big debts that have become a major problem to the nationals in terms of repayment are the order of the day. Money seems to be losing value each day. Can you recall the amount of money you paid to have your tank filled at the petrol station five years back? Now compare the value of that money between then and now. That’s what we mean when we say that the multimillion dollar car is a big wonder. It has countless precious metals whose value is irreplaceable.

The car has lots of benefits. For one, it protects money against devaluation. Secondly, it has the ability to shield the purchasing power against insecurities like inflation, which is steadily rising. Imagine you have your money in a bank. A severe crisis occurs and for one reason or another, the bank collapses. That will be the end of you unless you have a stable investment with consistent income.

In conclusion, the gold decked car is a fascinating phenomenon that has got the world’s attention. It is an innovative piece of creation that is superb in storing the value of your money, of course if you can afford it.

24 Karat Gold Leggings That Reduce Cellulite?

In the past years, the fashion industry has maintained an upward trend in terms of new inventions. Jewelers are key contributors to these innovations. So much jewelry is used to enhance people’s appearance. It is everyone’s desire to appear attractive and presentable, which is the reason for the wide use of the different kinds of jewelry. Gold is among the most precious and highly valued minerals used by jewelers. Research shows that the invention of 24kt Gold Leggings has had a tremendous impact in the jewelry industry by claiming to reduce cellulite. Many questions have been asked, including speculations that this could just be another lie from Proskin, the company that came up with the original design of the leggings.

proskins 24 karat gold leggings that reduce cellulite (allegedly)

via refinery 29

Often, cellulite is a term used to refer to fat deposits usually found under the skin in the abdomen and the lower pelvic region, including the thighs and tush. It is caused by a number of factors such as age, genetic predisposition, poor diet, and hormonal reasons. The condition poses a major threat to the skin of the affected person. Various methods and mechanisms have been researched, tested, and used by victims in the attempt to correct the disorder. The good news is the discovery of 24kt Gold Leggings that have been proven to be a remedy to this menace.

There is a general understanding of gold as a shinny and glittering piece of metal like material that is eye catching. This is true, but not what to expect for these leggings. Instead of having the glittering kind that is often used for watches, ornaments and other jewelry, the British company by the name Proskins has come up with this pair of stretchy pants. Its design majorly focuses on the idea that 24kt Gold has anti-aging properties.

According to the company’s website, the gold is incorporated in the fabric of the leggings. The anti-cellulite leggings enhance the production of hyaluronic acid, a substance that is usually naturally present in the skin. The acid in turn moisturizes the skin and prevents the appearance of cellulose. It also makes the skin look more youthful. The release price for this type of magical leggings by the manufacturer was $197.57. However, the price could vary.

This sounds great, considering the fact that the battle against cellulite has been brought to an end, thanks to the 24kt Gold Leggings.

Normally, leggings are meant for breaking a sweat after a whole day’s busy encounter, or for some, as a general outfit. This kind, that also incorporates health concerns, is a great revolution in the jewelry industry. Ideally, it may end up replacing the old traditional type of leggings that are commonly used by women.

24kt Gold Leggings that are able to reduce cellulite are not easy to find. Getting the genuine and quality brand is also a difficult task. A few jewelry shops have stocked them but do not offer any guarantee for the quality or ability to perform as advertised by the manufacturer. The best way to go about it is placing an order to Proskins, a company that deals with the magic leggings.

How a 14 Year Old Created a $250 Million Jewelry Empire

Isabella Weems set out to get a used car. At 14 years old, she figured if she started making some money and saving early, she would have the money she needed by the time she was 16 and had her driver’s license. Not only did she succeed in her goal, she founded a $250 million business in the process. Now 17 years old, she’s a high school student multi-millionaire.

Bella Weems Jewelry Origami


The Foundations of a Fortune

Weems made her accidental fortune in jewelry as the founder of Origami Owl. Origami Owl is a custom jewelry company that uses independent sales representatives to hawk the company’s wares. It’s a business model known as direct sales and should be familiar to anyone who has been to a Pampered Chef, Partylite, or Mary Kay party. The sales representatives buy the company’s products at a significant discount, then sell them to end-user (aka “retail”) customers for a marked-up price that allows the sales representative to make a profit. Much of the company’s products are sold at the same type of house parties that are common to other direct sales companies. There are over 50,000 sales representatives for the company. This is a significant number indicating the popularity of Origami Owl, considering Weems only founded it in 2010.

When her parents suggested she earn her own money for a car, Weems decided to start her own business to get the cash. As she researched business ideas, she hit upon the idea of jewelry when she saw a locket in a catalog. Weems had the idea of updating the traditional locket with charms. She’d been babysitting and had earned $350 at that point, which her parents matched so she could buy wholesale parts to make the lockets with charms of her vision.

Origami Owl Takes Flight

Once the first few lockets were finished, Weems began selling to her friends and they in turn sold to their friends. Together, she and her friends hit on the concept of selling the lockets at house parties organically as a way to reach more people at once. Selling the lockets at boutiques and jewelry stores like Raymond Lee Jewelers and at jewelry shows soon followed. Eventually, she opened a kiosk in a local mall for Black Friday shoppers. This was all done the same year the company was founded. The next year, Origami Owl became an official direct sales company and its revenue increased by 86 times.

The company has taken off from a small tabletop business to a full-fledged organization with multiple employees and different departments. Weems spends time working in each department after school each day as an intern in her own company. Her parents and several key high-level employees are helping her take Origami Owl to the next level and Weems wants to learn every aspect of the business she founded.

Her mother is trying to let Weems keep living as normal a teenage life as possible while still remaining hands-on with her company. While Origami Owl has grown so much that it’s mostly being run by others with more business experience now, Weems is still the official boss and she plans on assuming full control of the business one day. To do this effectively, she feels like she should learn the business from the ground up. That’s just what she’s doing. A business mogul in the making, Weems is an up and coming name in the jewelry business that retailers should pay attention to because Origami Owl is only to get bigger and better if Weems has her way.