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Introducing the Breitling Transocean Chronograph GMT

If you travel frequently, and especially travel through multiple countries and time zones, you recognize the value of an international watch. Such a watch can help you stay on track of what time it is where you are located and what time it is “back at the office”.

Breitling has a Tansocean Collection just for you. They recently have added a new Transocean Chronograph GMT to this collection and it offers some nice new details for a Breitling watch.

breitling transocean chronograph GMT, used Breitling Boca Raton

via Breitling

This new Transocean Chronograph GMT is completely developed and made in the Breitling facilities and its heart is an impressive self-winding chronograph calibre B04. When you enter a new country or time zone, you simply pull out the crown and turn it forward or backward according to your direction of travel. You can also see the 24 hour home-time indicator.

TRANSOCEAN CHRONOGRAPH GMT, sell brietling Boca Raton

via Breitling

Breitling is apparently so happy with the caliber B04 chronograph that it has created it with a transparent sapphire crystal back. This clear back allows the owner to admire the inner workings of the caliber B04.

This will be a limited run for Breitling, with only 2000 of these watches created in a steel edition. A red gold version is even more rare, and vastly more expensive. Only 200 of the red gold models have been produced.

The Transocean Chronograph GMT. If you are a traveler it may not be too early to place this on your holiday gift list.

Blackout: Black Watches

Last week we were fixated on pure white watches, but this week we’re all about sultry, sophisticated black. A black watch, or one with a black dial, oozes luxury. When you add a black dial to a Rolex Submariner, it’s an instant update to masculine luxe. A midnight black Montblanc is rich with pops of gold, and a diamond studded Royal Oak takes black to the next level – and we’re just getting started. Check out our favorite black watches below. Read More →

Breitling Hong Kong Boutique Now Open

Breitling has been a world leader in watches for a number of years. There are many fans around the world of the timepieces which are inspired by aviation. The independent watchmaker just opened the first boutique in Hong Kong, located on Hennessy Road, a bustling road in the city.

Used Breitling Windrider Jetstream Chronograph, pre owned breitling, breitling boca

Used Breitling Windrider Jetstream Chronograph B55348 mens Watch

What’s the most impressive about the boutique is that it is six stories high. It has a retail area, a museum, as well as a classy VIP lounge and service counter.

The president of Breitling Greater China, David Reid, was in attendance at the grand opening. He helped to introduce the boutique to the press as well as to watch buffs around the city and around the world who wanted to see it firsthand. Champagne was poured freely and a number of timepieces were displayed during the grand opening.


via Luxury Insider

With another boutique to add to the Breitling name, it will only help the company to compete with the other brands more effectively and be a name that is on everyone’s lips when talking about high-end watches.

Should you be in the neighborhood of Hong Kong, you will want to take a trip down Hennessy Road in order to check out the boutique. If you can’t make it clear across the globe, there is always Raymond Lee Jewelers in South Florida. You can buy watches and sell watches, knowing that you will also get a great deal. They also feature watch repair services, in case your Breitling is not working as it should.

With an extensive line of jewelry and services, you can find it all at Raymond Lee Jewelers. If you wish to buy a Breitling, you can do so. And if you lack the funds, the option to sell gold in order to afford it is always there as well.

Amin E for Raymond Lee Jewelers, South Florida’s premiere source for buying and selling luxury watches and designer jewelry.

Breitling Navitimer Blue Sky Unveiled

Breitling’s New Navitimer Blue Sky is not only an appealing aviation timepiece but it is also a 60 year limited edition anniversary watch. There will only be 500 timepieces made for this special edition watch. Breitling has been producing high quality aviation watches since 1952.

breitling navitimer blue sky, breitling blue sky, john travolta, blue sky navitimer

This watch will be worn by the elite, John Travolta already has his on his wrist, he is Breitling’s ambassador and was there in Singapore to help commemorate this beautiful watch, and the 60th anniversary of Breitling. This watch is special in the fact that there will only be 500 made, it promises to be very collectible and sought after.

john travolta breitling navitimer blue sky, breitling navitimer preowned, breitling

Some of the features of this watch include

  • 43mm steel case
  • automatic mechanical caliber
  • Aurora Blue dial
  • Bidirectional rotating bezel
  • circular slide rule

Your Choice of

  • Deep Blue Crocodile Leather Band
  • Air Racer Strap
  • Navitimer Bracelet

The Breitling Navitimer is the longest mechanical chronograph in continuous production. It will have a retail price of around $10,000 dollars and this collectible and quality timepiece is almost guaranteed to increase in value as time goes on. Not only is it a watch, it is an investment. Only dealers authorized by Breitling will have the honor of selling these fabulous timepieces.

Kimberly L for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.

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A New Breitling Collection

"The Transocean Chronograph Unitime"It’s not anything new when luxury watch brands introduce a new model or collection. Every year at Bezel, excited watch enthusiasts awaits the unveiling of what is to be a more complicated and intricate in design. There has been no news of late to indicate anyone was disappointed at this year’s event. One of the more impressive releases comes from Breitling.

To its credit, Breitling is pushing the benefit of ownership to a new level by seeking a customer draw with its new 5 year warranty. Covering all in-house movements with the Manufacture Breitling Caliber, you can count on the support and service that has long been part of the Breitling name.

Introducing this year’s highlight, the “Transocean Chronograph Unitime” is going for extended power with the ability to hold a 70 hour reserve. This is huge in comparison to what has been common place with previous models. For even more impressive subtleties, notice that the bezel is adorned with various languages as an option to owners.

Steel case and mesh bracelet of the Unitime model

Steel case and mesh bracelet of the Unitime model

The traveler is likely to really be excited to see a feature that will cause a real stir. A time zone function is added making full use of the directional capabilities of the crown. Moving forward or backward, the crown will initiate different function that does not affect the minute hand, city disk, or 24 hour disk. What an accomplishment!

Another model of the Unitime with a bright white face on Stainless Steel

Another model of the Unitime with a bright white face on Stainless Steel

Additionally, you will notice date adjustments automatically operate for a better owner experience not requiring extra attention. With all of these fantastic features, you are likely to really appreciate the design and overall look of options for the bracelet. If you are a leather lover or a steel mesh contemporary style, both are sure to offer exactly what you want in this new Unitime.

One option that definitely sets this watch apart is the rose gold color with a rich black face and integrated dials. For the brighter version, you have a steel watch inset with a white face that gives a very noticeable fresh and glee type appearance. It just puts a smile on your face when you check the time, of course that’s just an opinion – a positive one I might add!

Choose 18 kt. gold or stainless steel and get ready to thoroughly enjoy your new Transocean Chronograph Unitime for life. Breitling has really put together one very smart design that has a bold, yet subtle appeal for any luxury watch fan. This is one for the books!