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Perfect Places to Propose…That Match The Engagement Ring!

In the real estate market, it’s all about location, location, LOCATION. In the world of marriage proposals, it’s a vital component as well. Your special woman will never forget where you popped the question, so why not give her something remarkable to look back on? If your soon-to-be fiance is more traditional, you may want to choose a location like the place you first met or where your first date was. However, if you’re looking to truly wow her, these ideas will help. 1. Las Vegas Las Vegas isn’t just about marriage ceremonies. It also has several romantic locations for Read More →

How Much Should I Spend on An Engagement Ring?

Proposing to the love of your life is a once in a lifetime experience. There is no experience quite like the moment when you lay your love on the line for someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. For this reason, many men will put a great deal of thought into all the details of their proposal: where he will propose, what he will say, what the ring will look like, and numerous other considerations that must be thought about in advance. When it comes to choosing the right engagement ring, there are a number of Read More →

How to Sell Estate Jewelry

You have always remembered being a kid and visiting your grandmother’s house every summer. Chief among those memories is sitting in her parlor and playing with her jewelry. She would bring out her jewelry box and leave you to your own devices as you whiled away the hours going through her vast collection. Now, decades later your grandmother has passed on, but not before leaving you the jewelry collection that you admired so much as a child. Unfortunately, money is kind of tight, so if you are looking to sell jewelry in Boca Raton, Florida, then you have a myriad Read More →

Spring Cleaning: Selling Your Old Watches Without Taking a Loss

Come Spring cleaning, if you want to get rid of some old items cluttering up your closet or desk and you’re looking to sell watches Boca Raton may be a few steps ahead of you, but you can still get rid of those old watches without having to lose a lot of money on the deal. Here are a few ideas to sell those old watches without taking a major loss in the process. 1. Market it as “Vintage” You’ve heard of wine and cheese improving with age, right? Why not watches? Insist that the gold on the band tastes Read More →

National Proposal Day Engagement Ring Eye Candy!

Welcome to a special edition of engagement ring eye candy – we’re celebrating National Proposal Day! We can’t wait to hear the “she said yes” stories our grooms-to-be will tell us – we’ve sent “home” quite a few of the most gorgeous engagement rings Boca Raton has to offer! Luckily, there are plenty more where they came from, and today we’re paying homage to our favorite engagement rings in the store. If you’re a regular reader, you know we’re not shy about playing favorites (especially when they rotate pretty much daily). But these particular rings stand out above the rest. Read More →