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By the Numbers – Survey Says Women Want Jewelry for V-day via National Jeweler

A survey commissioned by Sears finds that when in doubt for Valentine’s Day gift giving, jewelry is the way to go. According to National Jeweler, the study found that:

  • 40% of respondents who were in a relationship reported that they expect to get engaged on February 14th
  • 29% of all women respondents answered that if they could only receive one Valentine’s Day gift, they hoped for jewelry.
  • 20% of women would prefer flowers or chocolate
  • 9% were lusting for the hottest tech toys
  • Tied at 8% were lingerie and kitchen/home items
  • 5% each for shoes/accessories/handbags and clothing
  • Fitness items remain a dubious gift, as only 1% of women would like to receive such a present for Valentine’s Day

Additionally, per National Jeweler’s delightful commentary:

“The survey also showed that men would be well advised to pay better attention to women’s wants, even if they don’t realize it. While 61 percent of men surveyed admitted that they have given a Valentine’s Day gift without any thought behind it, nearly 80 percent of women say they have received a gift that appeared to have no thought behind it.”

So gents, take heed – jewelry is definitively what women want this Valentine’s Day! Save your gift budget for something permanent rather than the temporary – albeit romantic- beauty of traditional red roses, and give your Valentine something she’ll treasure forever. Your gift doesn’t need to break the bank- thoughtful, unique and beautiful jewelry can be found on a budget.

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Tuesday Shoesday: The Life Aquatic

Happy Tuesday Shoesday dear readers. Today we’re day dreaming of the sunny, sparkling seashore beckoning to us from our Boca Raton showroom. And while we can’t feel the sand beneath our toes until after close, we can certainly imagine the lovely shades of blue on every wave, wistfully thinking of the life Aquatic!


Tuesday SHoesday: The Life AQUAtic



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January Fashion Trends Spring 2012 – Fashion Friday

It’s Friday, and we’re ready for some fashion! We’re wrapping up the second week of January, but by fashion headlines you’d think we’re well into February with all of the red and pink being featured on some of our favorite websites. Two lovely outfits in this super feminine palette inspired our January fashion must-haves. The list is chock full of pretty details and ladylike notions, check ‘em out below!

January Fashion Must-Haves



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Pantone’s 2012 Color of the Year: Tuesday Shoesday

New Year, New Color, at least that’s Pantone’s philosophy. For the past twelve years, Pantone has chosen it’s Annual Color of the Year; a hue that captures the energy and tone of the current culture, and undoubtedly pops up throughout art, fashion and design in myriad ways. 2012′s color of the year is punchy Tangerine Tango. We can’t get enough of this bright coral orange swatch, especially now that it’s popping up all over spring’s resort wear collections. Below we’ve culled some of our fave shoe picks from the latest designer collections, along with Raymond Lee Jewelers’ very own take on the 2012 Color of the Year.

Tuesday Shoesday: Tangerine Tango 2012 Pantone Color of The Year 2012



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2012 Fashion Trends: Oriental Prints, Fur Trims and Short Hems Coming Soon! – From The Archive

Today we’re starting a new Sunday series – throwbacks from past posts of yore. Enjoy below, and see if we were right in predicting any of 2012′s biggest new trends:

Fashion Trends of 2012:

Expect to see prints of the Orient, Lace and Fur Trimming similar to the style of the 1920′s, and Mod Infused Early ’60s Hemlines

Thanks to great resources like Fashionising.com, getting a heads up on the next years fashion trends is within reach. While it’s still a bit early to predict what significantly different changes will take off with a fluster and what trends will fall as complete blunders in 2012, enough information is available to (at the very least). help us prepare the best way possible.

I can only hope that the biker-chic style that was so eminent in the stylings of 2011 remains steadfast as the year turns, as I still have to purchase both my motorcycle boots and jacket.  Of these two things… I have been virtual window shopping for the entirety of 2011.

Chanel Motorcycle Boots – Introduced During 2010 Fashion Week in NY
Philipp Plein Jacket – A MUST HAVE !!!

Now, that said.. Some new trends, both in prints, fits and hems are rumored to be big hits in the upcoming year of 2012. Of these, expect to see an increase in the street style wearing of Komono‘s, oriental prints will be more common, though expected to be a bit more subtle and floral in use. Exotic silks and authentic vintage Kimono’s would be great pre-planning purchases to be a well-prepared fashionista for 2012!

The vintage fashions of this year certainly will not die off and disappear, but they will morph just a bit. From the sophisticated ’70s style we’ve seen so much of this year, with the soft flowing curls and slinky fabrics, expect a shift into the style of the early 1960′s. We’re talking true Mod Girl stuff here, Peter pan collars, short hems, mod hair styles and the Twiggy fashioned eyeliner may be sneaking it’s way back into the fashion forefront.

This year has already opened itself up to many 1930′s inspired fashions, a trend heightened with the release of the Motion Picture, ‘Water for Elephants.’ For both Men and Women, there has been a throw-back to old-fashioned baseball caps, and early styled lace accented dressings for ladies. With the ‘Great Gatsby’ Film expected to be released in 2012, the same will be seen in relation to 1920′s Flapper Fashion.

Avoid costume like ensembles, as these will be easy to spot and difficult to avoid with an expected over-indulged availability of short black wigs and overdone Flapper dresses. Keep this classic trend modern by introducing the ’20s presence in your style in a minimalistic way. Wide-leg trousers and subtle fur trims are great ways to achieve this style without going overboard.

Wide-Leg Trousers
The Chanel ‘Le Boy’ (A MUST HAVE for 2012!)

The Chanel ‘Le Boy’ is the ultimate glamour bag, with the classic golden braided strap, and intricate lettered perfection of ‘CHANEL’ stitched along the bag’s wide end, these little puppies will be booming in popularity… I want the red one, bad. Already. :)

Fashionising.com: Chanel ‘Le Boy’

So, there you have it. A few fashion predictors to help you ease your way into a fashionable 2012 from start to finish. Now, we’ll get to what’s pressing currently, which is the preparation for bathing suit season, of course! Get ready for high waists, retro cuts and prints, the return of the one-piece (with a twist), and the early signs of the 1990′s fashion comebacks…

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