Tips For Choosing Your Bridesmaids Jewelry

As a bride to be you have put a lot of time and thought into each aspect of your wedding. The dress, of course, is chosen with the greatest care to detail and style. The flowers have to be just the right shade to match your theme and season. Your music has been chosen to perfectly reflect the special relationship you and your groom share. Even the members of your bridal party have been carefully chosen. The girls you have chosen as your bridesmaids are usually going to be your nearest and dearest friends or female relatives. Of course you Read More →

Popular Engagement Ring Designers

Since this blog is called Designers and Diamonds, I figured I’d combine the two today. Some of my favorite engagement rings are those crafted by the best designers in the bridal game, and each has something different to offer. Appropriate, considering the vast variety of different brides and different styles of each lady. But, for a guy just starting out shopping, the barrage of fancy names might be a bit much to handle. Well, gents, look no further. Your lady friend has obviously pinned this handy graphic for you so that when the time comes you can identify her favorite Read More →

Friday Faves

It’s Friday! We made it to another weekend, friends! And with Mother’s Day this Sunday, springtime celebrations abound! While I’ll be toasting to my Mom long-distance (and trying to bribe her to FaceTime me while she opens her gifts), I’ll be celebrating the official arrival of Spring in Chicago. Flowers everywhere, rabbits for Ruby to chase on every walk, and a gas oven that heats up the whole house insisting that we grill dinner every night. It is goooood. And it also has me in a shopping mood. Enter my Pinterest faves this week! Pin Loves I love these tops. Read More →

Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I love May – really, it brings so many opportunities for great food, delicious cocktails, and one last whoosh of social celebrations before the season dies down (in Boca Raton) or starts winding up (in Chicago.) Between the Kentucky Derby, Cinco, Memorial Day, and the bevy of birthdays I love to celebrate this month, May truly is one of my favorites. And that’s before we even discuss May’s birthstone, emerald! So today, in honor of Cinco de Mayo, and the verdant green stripe on the Mexican flag, I’m celebrating with plenty of green- emeralds, margaritas, cilantro, Read More →

Weekly Wishlist: May the 4th Be With You

It’s May 4th, the day (usually) between the Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo. However, it is also of great importance to nerds everywhere, myself included. It’s STAR WARS DAY! And now that we’re a smudge over 7 months away from the release of Episode VII, it’s time to start celebrating. Though the merrymaking might be preemptive (no guarantees that 90% of this dialogue won’t be about sand), the Star Wars universe is gearing up once more. Nixon watches is rolling out a collection of high end, Star Wars collectors edition watches inspired by The Dark Side. Vanity Fair surprised absolutely Read More →