It’s Official: Google is on the Smartwatch Bandwagon

Samsung and many other companies have already tried their hand at creating smart watches. There are tons of watches out there that are geared toward connecting all facets of your life and making things easier. Be it watches that are made to monitor your heart rate, how much you exercise, or to chart your progress with a fitness program, there is most likely a watch to fit your needs.

Breitling for Bentley A47362 Special Edition Chrono GMT World Timer Watch

Not technically a smart watch, but pretty smart lookin’ amirite?

This year Google has jumped on the wagon and created their own version of the smartwatch. Google confirmed that they are indeed jumping into the market with a preview of their newest technology. The watch, which will be picked up by the Fossil Group for development, is slated to be one of the most innovative watches have hit the market so far. The Android Wear watch is an extension of the current Google Android technology that many already use and love. The watch is a wearable version of the technology that just about everyone is familiar with. Google has worked to quickly pair with large companies like Fossil, Motorola, and LG to insure that the product they introduce is as beautiful as it is functional.

According to Google, the first Android Wear product will be watches because they are wearable and easy to access for just about any user. Smartwatches that are offered through Google will give wearers info and notifications for most of their android applications. This will also allow users to use voice commands for things like texting, calling a cab, or making reservations. This product will also offer remote access to other devices like televisions and phones that have been configured.

Google announced that they are already in working with the companies they have partnered with to get the product out as quickly as possible. Suppliers like Asus, LG, HTC, Motorola, and Samsung are already helping out on the project to get the most of the product. The product is very well researched and is well on its way to being a fantastic product overall that is sure to get the customers ready and going. Google is also pairing with some of the most innovative microchip manufacturers to insure that the technology being released is as advanced as possible.

The watch is said to be sleek, beautiful, and fantastic for anyone that wants to get the most out of their android technology and what it represents. Though it may seem that a watch is something that may not be all that useful in the world of Android technology, this watch is said to be a great product that is going to make some real waves. This watch is going to help make using your android products far easier to use and even more fun to use overall. There are not all that many images on the market so far but there is plenty of talk.

Though there is no real release date in talks right now, there is sure to be more information released soon about this great new product. Google may have waited quite a while to get with the program, but they are taking the time to be sure that the product the release is a fair rival to other smartwatches that are already on the market.

4 Cute Ways To Announce Your Engagement

“WE’RE ENGAGED!!!” It’s the text/snapchat/Facebook post everyone hopes to receive from their long-term relationship-bound bestie. But what if you’re the bestie? What if it’s your┬ásparkly new ring on that very important finger? Chances are you’ve had a secret Pinterest board for quite some time now (no shade, just jealousy. I had to preemptively-pin in public like some sort of animal.) Chances are you have a pretty definitive seasonally-dependent line up of possible color schemes. Chances are you know damn well which flowers are verboten from all arrangements. What I’m saying is, you’ve already started to put some thought into your wedding – put some thought into all the goodness leading up to it! You only get one shot at getting/being engaged and married (well, ideally) so live it up! Enjoy every minute – ok maybe not those minutes you spend freaking out over ridiculousness like cake filling flavors or escort cards. But do enjoy the precious moments of sharing this joyful time with loved ones. Especially your engagement announcement. Gone are the days of impeccably worded newspaper announcements. And even Charlotte York’s NYT wedding section obsession is now a thing of ancient history. But listen lady, you can do better than an emoji filled status update. I believe in you. Save the autocorrect for the select texts you can’t wait to send, then put your phone down, bask in the glow of your newly engaged status – not your FB one. Then select your favorite of these cute ways to announce your engagement.

Cute Engagement Announcement Idea

via the abyss of Tumblr. If you have a real source, holla.

Alright, you’ve got the ring, let the socially acceptable designer shoe shopping consumption BEGIN! Just kidding. Please be responsible with your wedding budget and do not spend it all on expensive footwear (although you already know how I feel about that subject). However if you do happen to have a pair of Valentino’s lying around (or any pair of cute shoes for that matter) – how sweet is this photo idea? And perfect for the truly girly-girl who has been dreaming of her wedding day forever.

Engagement Portrait that your friends & family will actually want to keep

via Pinterest

It’s rare that I read some long comment on a Pin I actually agree with. Typically I’m wondering if this DIY pink lemonade dish soap is going to break my dishwasher or why anyone would put that much effort into Elf on the Shelf. But this Pinner brought up a good point: smoochy pic engagement announcements are sweet, but your friends and family love you, know you, and want to cherish this time in your life too. They’d probably rather not do so with a snapshot of you two sucking face (that’s what the first kiss is for!) Give them a beautiful portrait they can both leave on their fridge for 2 years after your actual wedding and scrapbook.

Introducing Us: cute engagement announcement

via Introducing Us

If you’d rather take things digital, please please please for the love of G_D use this idea so I can live vicariously through you. I’m so upset this didn’t exist when I got engaged! Intorducing Us is a service that lets you create a relationship timeline that culminates in an engagement announcement (and Save the Date if you so choose.) It allows all of us to become Jess & Russ, regardless of any graphic design skills or cleverness. And it is so.cute.

Ring pic engagement announcement

If you do elect to share the happy news via The ‘Gram, please take care to include your intended in your ring pic! He’s spent a considerable amount of time agonizing over the perfect ring for you (trust me, you have no clue how many times I had to assure him that “halo” can mean both pave and micropave). Give that man some credit & show off his sweet face!

April Showers Playlist

April has arrived, and I won’t insult your intelligence with an April Fool’s post. Mostly because I’m still salty about the one year I called a flash sale site’s customer service line to confirm that their $150 Louboutins were authentic and in NIB condition. Joke was on them, I bet they were INUNDATED with calls to their hotline for that prank. I decided to do one for RLJ a few years ago offering free or dirt cheap Rolexes, no one took the bait. Whatever, instead of pranking you guys, I’ll prank Ruby later with some of this. I can guarantee you she’ll be as amused as I was by the Louboutin gag – like mother like dog-ter we’d both prefer a pair of Louboutins, albeit for very different purposes (chewing/wearing.) And because there’s no pranking here in these blog-parts, we celebrate April (whose birthstone is DIAMOND!) with a sweet playlist. I like to think of this month’s soundtrack as an appropriately shifty tribute to this winter. It starts out well enough, with requisite April showers courtesy of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. And it builds, makes you happy, but then gets super slow (freezing) again. And, just like this winter made me believe in time travel by transporting me back to January in March, April’s playlist will transport you back in time with some throwback music. Enjoy!

April Playlist

Inspired By: Aquamarine

While March is slowly waning, its birthstone is just heating up. The gorgeous gem aquamarine is prized for its beauty. And it’s been safely guiding seafarers home and away from sirens for millenia if its lore to believe. Besides helping you avoid chance encounters with Ursula the sea witch, it looks like it might be valuable for yet another reason: its trendsetting properties. Not since emerald swept every color palette in late 2012 has a jewel tone reigned so supreme over everything from interior to design to fashion to fine jewelry. In fact, said emerald saturation earned the hue the title of 2013 Color of the Year. And if the way this year is headed bodes well for aquamarine (hint: it does) then Pantone would be out their MINDS to not name aquamarine or some variant the 2015 Color of the Year. Truth. When else have you seen your Pinterest feed so whipped into a frenzy? Everything is getting a cool, calming wash of pale blue, thanks to March’s beautiful birthstone (ok, and I guess Lupita and Prada had something to do with it.) Don’t believe me? Don’t take my drool-tinged ramblings as fact. While I like to think I know a thing or two about jewelry, I can’t pretend to be some sort of color guru; that being said, the signs are all around you! Don’t be blue, let’s go shopping.

Aqua Inspiration

Talk about look for less! This bright cocktail ring is also Deco-style, also bright, captivating blue, but it’s beryl. And thus is less than 1/20th of the price (not sure if that match checks out) of the aquamarine ring in lower right.

BRB painting my door this color. (I think our Condo association heard me type that and is having me evicted immediately.)

Despite its price, this chandy is not made from actual aquamarine.

Beautimous calligraphy and ocean shades for your next assigned seating shindig.

Unfortunately not ours, but ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little Tiffany window shopping.

Michelle Armas never disappoints.

This lamp is a much more affordable way to infuse your lighting with aqua. And its kind of gem-geo shaped. Win.

Dreaming of a vacation here.

Let’s get fancy with this massive aquamarine cocktail ring.

Web Roundup: My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open


TGIF ya’ll! Welcome to your weekend, I hope you squeeze in all the Farmer’s Marketing/Game Night/Home Depoting/Bottle Popping/Sleeping In you desire. I’ll be doing some spring cleaning (way better than it sounds, I’m a Virgo & it’s like a day at the spa for me). I’ll also be embracing Mars’ retrograde by continuing my 2014 habit of re-reading old book favorites. I’m also hoping to vacuum seal all of our winter coats into storage but it’s probably too premature for that :( But, a nice productive/relaxing weekend is calling my name after last weekend’s St. Paddy’s festivities! And this week was a busy one in my sparkly little slice of the web. I…

Realized my bad habit of having 60 tabs open at once might not just be an internet issue.

Coveted the Cartier Ballon Bird.

Asked Lee to sneak a picture of the famous guy sitting behind him on his flight to LA so I could determine who it was. He eventually asked another passenger, and the guy was JOHN LEGEND. Yes, I asked if my spirit animal Chrissy Teigen was with him, no, she wasn’t, and no, Lee would not agree to ask him for pics/offer him free jewelry in exchange for me meeting her.

Swooned over this VCA catalog on Flipboard. I forgot I even had Flipboard!

Don’t know how to skateboard but I’d learn if I had THIS.

Said: “Oooooooh snap.” The gauntlet has been THROWN. #DRAma

Took Ruby on an extra long walk because it was gorgeous out. We window shopped all her favorite stores on Oak Street, namely Hermes, Graff, Harry Winston and Trabert & Hoeffer. She did try to run into Armani but I ruined her fun.

Laughed, fist pumped and amen-ed Becky’s Pinterest Board.

Became obsessed with the Bridesmaid Ask. I’m so happy it’s becoming A Thing, and think it’s even better than a bridal luncheon closer to the actual wedding.