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History of the Rolex Oyster

Contrary to what many people may think, the Rolex Oyster is not a brand line. The term Oyster refers to a waterproof feature that put Rolex ahead of the pack in the luxury watch business. If there is a single feature that gave Rolex absolute advantage over its competitors, it must be the unveiling of the waterproof Oyster model. Much as it may not seem to be a big deal today, in the 1920’s a waterproof watch was a big dream. However in 1926, Hans Wilsdorf, a marketing genius and co-founder of the Rolex SA company broke the code and patented the first ever water waterproof, dustproof watch.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 16234

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 16234

The story of the oyster cannot be told without mentioning Mercedes Gleitze. She was the first Englishwoman to cross the English Channel from France to England, and an instrumental component in the marketing of the oyster. In her 1927 vindication swim across the channel, Gleitze wore a Rolex Oyster that had been provided by Wilsdorf. After swimming across the channel, Rolex turned her into a celebrity figure and used her ordeal across the icy waters of the channel to market the impermeability of the watch. The oyster was marketed as being able to defy the elements. It could withstand water, dust, heat, cold and other devastating conditions and still maintain perfect timekeeping ability.

Ladies Rolex Datejust 69173 Two Tone Diamond Bezel Watch

Rolex Datejust 69173 Two Tone Diamond Bezel Watch

The perpetual winding mechanism is another innovation that earned Rolex a lot of respect in the watch-making business. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual model combined ‘element defying’ qualities with an automatic winding mechanism. The perpetual winding mechanism allows the watch to maintain its superb chronometric performance. Ever since the early twentieth century, Rolex SA has come up with other beautiful watches based on the Oyster Perpetual technology. The Rolex Submariner, Deepsea, Yacht-master, Milgauss, Explorer and Daytona are just a few of the models based on this technology.

Ladies Datejust 6917 18K Gold Oyster Bracelet

Ladies Datejust 6917 18K Gold Oyster Bracelet

Rolex SA has defined its business model on refining the available designs rather than coming up with new timepieces. This works well to give Rolex watches a classical, timeless sophistication that is a deep part of their heritage. Furthermore, the fact that archetypes are not regularly changed gives the watches a high resale value. You can own and use a Rolex for more than five years and still sell it at a price close to the original. This is not the case with many other brands that lose value drastically.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 6718 Ladies Watch

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 6718 Ladies Watch

This classical timepiece has gained a lot of popularity worldwide due to aggressive marketing. Being a luxury brand, it can only be associated with the high and mighty in society. At least four former American presidents have been known to be avid Rolex admirers. These include; Ronald Reagan, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. Celebrity figures such as Bruce Willis, Usher, Martin Luther King Jr., Ellen DeGeneres and a host of other public figures have been spotted with Rolex timepieces. As a result of its association with celebrities and people in the upper echelons of society, Rolex has become a status symbol. The watch is more than a mere functional timepiece-it is an expression of your taste for finer things in life.

Watch of the Week: Rolex President Blue Dial

This week we’ve got the blues – the Rolex blues. This gorgeous yellow gold Rolex President blue dial watch boasts a unique face and diamond markers, and – of course – the presidential bracelet. But let’s let the watch do some talking.

pre owned Rolex president blue dial

There’s nothing like opposites attracting the way they do in jewelry and watches – pair colors from opposite side of the color wheel and you’re guaranteed a showstopper. The rich 18kt yellow gold of the case and bracelet set off the deep blue ombre enamel dial perfectly and create a classic look.


Now that this Day Date has your attention, allow it to direct your eyes to its generous helping of diamonds. Diamond markers and a diamond bezel ensure that you shine in style. We like that this Rolex refrains from diamonds on the lugs or bracelet with such a classic color combination.

Used Rolex presidential blue dial

This Prez’s bracelet is beautifully preserved, with nice tight links that add value and beauty to a pre owned Rolex. Also adding value? The pristine box and papers that come with this gorgeous watch. And in case you want to write it a love note after you’ve bought it, it also comes with a Rolex pen and pad of paper.

Spotlight on: The Cartier Ballon Bleu Flying Tourbillon Skeleton

If you want a watch to elevate your sensibilities, and your understanding of true art, the Cartier Ballon Blue Flying Tourbillon Skeleton is for you. Designed with a distinctive skeleton face offering insights into the fine Cartier movements powering this beautiful watch, it transcends what we would expect even from a master watchmaker.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier Flying Tourbillon – A Clock Masterpiece

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The Ballon Blue Flying Tourbillon Skeleton blends both art and formal style into a luxurious watch that is a proud part of the collection of High Watchmaking styles. It is grand in its presence, with a layered face of ruthenium, a sparkling Gold case, features like multi-time zones and reserve power it offers function along with a high art form.

The most interesting aspect is the mingling of spaces in the “skeletal” design of the case. This emboldens the striking roman numerals while working them into the design itself. A true mark of a modern watch both simple, bold, and beautiful the face also provides a look at the movement underneath, a beautiful Cartier movement complete with a manual winder.

Cartier Ballon Bleu Flying TOurbillon

The style also comes in an extra-large model, and of course it bears the Geneva Seal and comes with a certificate of origin.There truly is no better watch with quite the same characteristics and appeal. For those of you who truly do desire to own the world’s most beautifully designed watch, this is your time piece. Born of a true pioneer’s quest to make the world’s best luxury watches, this watch continues the pursuit of absolute perfection in time.

Watch of the Week: Piaget Protocole Watch

This Piaget Protocole watch is for the ladies. We can’t get enough of its tony 18kt yellow gold case and bracelet, nor its thin and sleek design. This watch is actually thinner than even the Piaget Polo Tourbillon Relatifs, small and powerful but with enough width to make a statement on the wrist.

18k Yellow Gold Piaget Protocole 5354 Small Size Watch

18k Yellow Gold Piaget Protocole 5354 Small Size Watch

The thinness of the watch is a perfect foil for the boxy, large face elegantly appointed with numerals and bright gold Dauphine hands. The textured,cut cornered bezel perfectly mirrors the inner links of the bracelet.

Piaget Protocole second hand

The bracelet is boxy, befitting of the watch case, and is elegant enough to double as jewelry. A gold dual deployment clasp secures the bracelet of this dress watch. It’s the perfect watch for an upscale outfit, and both evening and day time events that require a fabulous dress code.

Piaget Protocole pre owned

Watch of the Week: Tiffany Moonphase Watch

When you think of a luxury watch, the name Tiffany doesn’t immediately come to mind. Luxury jewelry? Well it’s typically one of the first. But Tiffany’s impressive watch collection is a quiet juggernaut of luxury timepieces. The same attention to detail that Tiffany’s fine jewelry creations have built into their DNA carried over to Tiffany watchmaking. Devastatingly gorgeous cases, dials and bracelets are a prerequisite, along with quietly powerful movements. For your consideration – the watch of the week, a Tiffany moonphase watch – a triple date in 18kt yellow gold with skeleton case back.

tiffany and co watches, pre owned tiffany watch, tiffany moonphase watch

This moonphase draws you in with its elegant, long portrait style case in beveled 18kt yellow gold. The pristine dial shows off gold numerals so tall and narrow they could walk the runways at fashion week. All of this centered around a complicated but still somehow sparse inner dial with dates and moonphase.

Check out those elegant alpha hands – impossibly stunning.

Tiffany & Co. watches, tiffany watch movements, tiffany watches second hand

A nicely burnished brown leather strap picks up the warm tone of the 18kt yellow gold case and keeps this watch subtle (a bracelet would be gorgeous, but we favor the juxtaposition) Tiffany branding on the buckle keeps things classy.


Even the skeleton case back remains characteristically buttoned up. From this angle, you won’t see any of the movement’s family jewels, just a sleek, gold, Tiffany stamp staring back at you.