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The History and Popularity of Rolex Models

There are very few people in the Western world who aren’t familiar with the brand Rolex. The exclusive high-end watch maker is well-known for their fashionable and expensive timepieces. The Rolex brand was created in 1905 and is now the largest luxury watch brand in the world, producing more than 2,000 watches every day and enjoying annual revenues in the billions of dollars. The company was founded by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred David in London, with the intention of utilizing the best Swiss techniques and combining them with a unique style that would eventually become world famous.

There are a number of features that have contributed significantly to the popularity of Rolex watches. In addition to driving many of the design features of the last century, Rolex watches offer a number of useful and practical features. These include:

Ceramic Bezels: Bezels are essential to the long-term structural integrity of a watch. Ceramic bezels make Rolex watches particularly scratch resistant and resistant to UV rays. Under normal circumstances UV rays from the sun can gradually break down the integrity of a watch. By utilizing ceramic in their bezels, Rolex has effectively removed that issue, which contributes to Rolex watches retaining their value over decades.

Water Resistant Casing: Rolex was the first watch maker to introduce the concept of a water resistant watch. In the early 20th century, the idea of a watch that could withstand depths of 100 meters was incredible, and this feature contributed significantly to the popularity of the brand.

Quartz-based timekeeping: Rolex was part of the initial research and development necessary to implement Quartz-based movement within watches. In the 1960s, Rolex joined with several Swiss watchmakers to create the “Beta 21 quartz movement”. Quartz-based timekeeping continues to be an industry standard to this day.

These groundbreaking features, along with many others, established Rolex as one of the premier watch makers in the world. However, it is the designs and models that Rolex has released over the years that has ensured the brand’s survival for over a century and has made Rolex watches arguably the best investment you can wear on your wrist. The following are a few of the models that helped catapult Rolex into the industry leader it is today:

Rolex Daytona:

Rolex Daytona 16523 Two Tone Zenith White Dial Watch

Rolex Daytona 16523 Two Tone Zenith White Dial Watch

The Rolex Daytona is arguably the most well-known and valued model ever made by Rolex. It was first developed in the 1960s and was hand-powered (as opposed to battery powered). Movie star Paul Newman was known to sport a Daytona, which contributed significantly to its popularity.


Rolex ceramic bezel submariner

The Submariner is Rolex’s signature water resistant model. The current models are waterproof up to 1000 feet and include glass that magnifies the faceplate for easier viewing. Although not cheap, the Submariner is known as one of Rolex’s more affordable options. Robert Redford and Johnny Depp are frequently seen wearing this model.

Rolex GMT Master:

The GMT Master is the brand most people commonly associate with Rolex watches. The distinctive red and blue adjustable hand was originally created for airlines like Pan-Am that wanted their crews to be able to keep track of two different time zones.

If you’re looking for a fashionable timepiece and price isn’t a concern, you should absolutely consider one of Rolex’s many models.

Spotlight On: Nomos Watches

Some may believe that watches are going out of style in lieu of cell phone clocks. It is true, that many people are dependent on their cell phone clocks these days, but watch culture is still alive and well. Nowhere on earth is this better seen than in the small town of Glashuette on the border of the Czech Republic. Here in this tiny backwater community lays the small, but powerful Nomos manufacturing location. Some 145 Nomos employees work here, handcrafting some of the finest watches the world has ever known. The town of Glashuette has been producing world class watch makers for hundreds of years, making this the perfect home base for the world finest watch retailer.

Nomos Club Dunkel 36 MM

Nomos Club Dunkel 36 MM

The Nomos collection consists of eight families of watches. The most predominate of these groups is the design masterpiece “Tangente.” The Tangente has continued to be a bestseller year in and year out. Accumulating countless awards, the watch has become the brand logo for Nomos. Despite its attention to design and style, this watch proves to be a very robust model that literally keeps running and running.

Nomos Tangente Watch

Nomos Tangente Watch via Airows

Another favorite design, even among the Nomos watchmakers themselves, is the classically constructed “Orion.” Many aspects of the watch will remind you of an era past. In reality there has never been a watch crafted like this in past decades. The classic design deceptively hides a superb technology. Another favorite aspect of the Orion is that it is a unisex watch. This watch is so elegantly versatile that the moment an individual slips it on their wrist it compliments your own individual style and gender. There are few watches in the world this versatile. It is also interesting to note, that the name “Orion” originated for this watch because of its unique shape. When looked at from certain angles the watch exactly resembles a UFO from classic German sci-fi television. Like each family in the Nomos collection, the Orion comes in a choice of colors and finishes.

Nomos Orion Watch

The “Tetra” is the only Nomos watch available with a square face.Tetra is definitely the most unique of the Nomos family. This unconventional design has made it a favorite with those who have a highly developed individual style. This is one of the few Nomos watches that come in finishes appearing more feminine including a pink face. Many of the Nomos watches appear exclusively unisex. The pink face provides a refreshing contrast for those looking for a definite feminine touch. The Tetra also comes in a choice of brown or black leather band.

Vintage Nomos Tetra at Christies

Vintage Nomos Tetra at Christies

Nomos watches are not only manufactured with excellence in mind, but also with a concerned eye focused on sustainability. The Nomos empire clings to a strong belief in not offsetting their costs by pushing it onto the next generations. A certain level of financial ethics must be maintained in order to operate Nomos in this way. Because Nomos makes it a point not to compromise their own financial ethics, they are free to focus on the beautiful craftsmanship of it fabulous watches. The Nomos empire understands that without a commitment to things beyond oneself, our own ambitions will be diminished over time.

Watch of the Week: Rolex President Blue Dial

This week we’ve got the blues – the Rolex blues. This gorgeous yellow gold Rolex President blue dial watch boasts a unique face and diamond markers, and – of course – the presidential bracelet. But let’s let the watch do some talking.

pre owned Rolex president blue dial

There’s nothing like opposites attracting the way they do in jewelry and watches – pair colors from opposite side of the color wheel and you’re guaranteed a showstopper. The rich 18kt yellow gold of the case and bracelet set off the deep blue ombre enamel dial perfectly and create a classic look.


Now that this Day Date has your attention, allow it to direct your eyes to its generous helping of diamonds. Diamond markers and a diamond bezel ensure that you shine in style. We like that this Rolex refrains from diamonds on the lugs or bracelet with such a classic color combination.

Used Rolex presidential blue dial

This Prez’s bracelet is beautifully preserved, with nice tight links that add value and beauty to a pre owned Rolex. Also adding value? The pristine box and papers that come with this gorgeous watch. And in case you want to write it a love note after you’ve bought it, it also comes with a Rolex pen and pad of paper.

A Design-Savvy Watch for Blind People

There’s a reason why people call it a “watch” and it’s because you have to have the ability to see. Eone Timepieces is look to change all that with the Bradley, a watch that is not only visually appealing but also allows its owner to “feel” the time. And the public agrees that the watch is a pretty cool idea. The company asked for a modest $40,000 dollars on and has received well over $300,000 dollars in funding.

There have been cheap “talking” versions of a watch for blind people that have been on the market for some time, but even those cater to people who have the ability to hear. None of these watches have been able to establish themselves as legitimate timepieces.

The Bradley is Different in a Very Good Way

Eone watch for the blind

via Gizmodo

Where these watches fail, the Bradley excels. Time is indicated to the user by two ball bearings, one on the inside of the face to indicate the minutes and one on the outside to indicate the hour. The position of these ball bearings is completely internal and unseen, being controlled by magnets. The ball bearings can be easily set back in place if there are knocked off their track.

The hour indicators are designed individually to denote the hours. A triangle is used to denote the twelve o’clock position as well, and the three, six, and nine hours are textured and longer than the smaller time units. This makes the watch easy to read by touch alone.

Eoene Bradley watch for blind people

via Gizmodo

The design of the watch is a sleek titanium design that resembles a Deco sundial in a very cool way. The case is made of lightweight titanium which is also very sturdy. Available straps include leather bands in yellow, olive, and blue, with a stainless mesh available as well.

Eone Bradley watch


Every Timepiece has a Story

The Bradley was named after for Lt. Bradley Snyder who lost the ability to see after sustaining an injury from an IED in Afghanistan. Snyder refused to be pessimistic and trained all summer as a swimmer. The work paid off as he won two gold and one silver medal the the London paralympics in 2012. It was people like Bradley Snyder that inspired the design of this timepiece.

The timepiece is unique in that it is also appealing to people who can see but will often find themselves in situations where they cannot look at their watch. People will be able to tell the time during a boring date or an evening with the in-laws. A reasonable $128 donation will get you one of the first Bradley watches before they hit the shelves.

Spotlight on: The Cartier Ballon Bleu Flying Tourbillon Skeleton

If you want a watch to elevate your sensibilities, and your understanding of true art, the Cartier Ballon Blue Flying Tourbillon Skeleton is for you. Designed with a distinctive skeleton face offering insights into the fine Cartier movements powering this beautiful watch, it transcends what we would expect even from a master watchmaker.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier Flying Tourbillon – A Clock Masterpiece

via Gentlemen’s Gadgets

The Ballon Blue Flying Tourbillon Skeleton blends both art and formal style into a luxurious watch that is a proud part of the collection of High Watchmaking styles. It is grand in its presence, with a layered face of ruthenium, a sparkling Gold case, features like multi-time zones and reserve power it offers function along with a high art form.

The most interesting aspect is the mingling of spaces in the “skeletal” design of the case. This emboldens the striking roman numerals while working them into the design itself. A true mark of a modern watch both simple, bold, and beautiful the face also provides a look at the movement underneath, a beautiful Cartier movement complete with a manual winder.

Cartier Ballon Bleu Flying TOurbillon

The style also comes in an extra-large model, and of course it bears the Geneva Seal and comes with a certificate of origin.There truly is no better watch with quite the same characteristics and appeal. For those of you who truly do desire to own the world’s most beautifully designed watch, this is your time piece. Born of a true pioneer’s quest to make the world’s best luxury watches, this watch continues the pursuit of absolute perfection in time.