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The Perfect Last Minute Valentine Gifts for Him

You guys, I am SO sorry I’ve been MIA. I caught the gnarliest bug/virus/cough/swine flu that’s been circulating. How I manage to never get sick while taking Chicago Public Transportation but get knocked on my tush as soon as I come into contact with my coworkers escapes me, but it probably has something to do with airplanes, crap food and Veuve brunches at Polo when I’m here. Anyway, with the help of over the counter cough medicine and chicken soup I’m here to help you find perfect last minute Valentine’s Day gift for the man in your life. Whether it’s your boyfriend, husband, or someone you want to be either of the aforementioned, I gotcha covered. And if your Valentine is four-legged (they’re the best kissers anyway) you can shop the entirety of Ruby’s spoiled-rotten wishlist/shopping list here. But back to the other guy who’s easily persuaded by promises of food and cuddling. We’re like 4 days out people. Now is not the time to go on a quest to find the perfect gift at the mall, nor is it the time to start making a scrapbook from scratch (though true story I did that for Dr. D&D one year, but it was during a charity function where I couldn’t sit or sleep for 36 hours so I had the time to do it.) What you need to do is get down to brass tacks and impress him through his stomach – that’s the way to his heart, after all. So your approach is two-pronged. You’ll wake him up on Friday morning with the most delicious-smelling manly breakfast he’ll ever experience. Ain’t nothing better than breakfast in bed, especially not when an absurd amount of bacon is involved. Just when you’ve lured him into a lard-induced food coma, you strike again, with the best gift a guy could ask for. A watch, of course. Whether you’re rolling with Rolex or you’re starting him out with his first watch (think Movado or TAG Heuer, or even a cool fashion watch), you can rest assured it will be the Best. Valentine. Ever. Shower him with love, carbs and horology, and you’ll have officially cemented your title as #1 Valentine (and thus doubled your odds of a freaking fantastic Valentine’s Day for yourself you fabulous gifter,you).  Now find yourself an apron (and not much else) to wear Friday AM and get ready to bookmark these recipes and goodies. Amazon Prime is your friend, as is RLJ‘s expedited shipping.

Valentine's Day for Him

“I’m Donuts About You” card (and an awesome alternative)/Bacon Hearts/Love You More Than Bacon sign/File this under things he probably won’t miss but will take it to the next level: Free V-Day Printables/Maple Bacon Donuts/Inform him the dress code will be strictly enforced, then give him these Valentine’s Day boxers.

Rolex isn’t the Only Meteorite Watch in Town

“One in a million.” It’s an ideal that most of us strive for yet very few achieve.

It’s fair to say, however, that if you’re sporting Richard Mille’s RM-018 Meteorite watch on your wrist, you’ve probably achieved one in a million status. Commissioned in partnership with the historic French jewelry house Boucheron, this is a timepiece that completely satisfies its seven-figure luxury status.

Richard Mille Meteorite Watch

via The Richest

Making the Meteorite Watch

For starters, this distinguished timepiece has a price tag of exactly that figure, $1 million. This number makes perfect sense when you consider the origins of this limited edition luxury watch, of which only 30 pieces were released.

The RM-018 is partially made of chondrites, sourced from meteorites that have fallen to earth. It obviously requires some effort to find and recover such materials, but they’re also extremely fragile to use in the creation process. This emphasizes the painstaking craftmanship that Richard Mille dedicated to making a watch of this caliber. The wheels are where the chondrites come into play for this piece, requiring a fine touch and no small amount of engineering talent. All of this is encased in 18-karat white gold, which creates a beautiful contrast of fragility and strength.

Mille is of course a connoisseur when it comes to luxury watches. Famed for using precious stones in his ‘Tourbillon’ product line, the Meteorite watch takes his desire to push boundaries to another level. Or perhaps another world would be more accurate.

Richard Mille Meteorite Watch

via HuffPo

Timeless Luxury

Behind every luxury accessory lies a story, a compelling tale that adds to the allure of the item. To the complexity of its construction, the Meteorite watch adds the mystery of its materials.

The chondrites used to craft the RM-018 can contain hundreds of organic compounds, often chemically unique to many different environments. What this means in terms of a spellbinding story is that this one complete timepiece brings together time, space, and place. If the air of mystery created by having interstellar elements on your wrist isn’t enough, imagine being able to explain to admirers that your watch spans not only space, but time itself!

As technology drives the function of telling the time into almost every device that we own, the exclusivity of a piece like the Meteorite watch is only further enhanced. The classic look that a finely crafted traditional wrist watch offers the wearer is another reminder of the timeless quality that such items can hold. In the same breath, the story of this particular piece is one that will cause even the most committed techie to pause and reconsider his position.

As a craft, watchmaking itself also looks both backwards and forwards. Dating back to the 16th century, it’s a profession that is rooted in the past, yet the watchmaker’s focus remains fixed on the future and increasing the complexity of the next timepiece. Adding deeper complications that push beyond hours, minutes and seconds has always been the maker’s goal.

The Meteorite watch embodies these qualities and is indeed worthy of the label ‘one in a million’.

Is Eleven James the Netflix of Luxury Watch Rental? Nope.

Word on the gold-paved street is that there’s a new luxury for less player in town, and the buzz has just begun. Eleven James, dubbed as the Netflix or NetJets of luxury watches, is here to help you live beyond your means for a modest fee. The premise: pay a monthly membership fee for access to a collection of luxury watches that they’ll lend you for two month periods before you can swap it for another luxury watch. Membership starts at $249 for three watches per year ($449 for six) and grants you access to collections “The Afficionado” (IWC, Panerai, Rolex, Hublot, Zenith, Cartier, Jaeger) and for an additional amount “The Connosiuer (all those, plus Patek, Audemars, Vacheron Constantin and Girard-Perregaux).

Eleven James Collection; rent luxury watches

Very Nice [via Eleven James]

My initial thoughts? Waste of money. Why would you throw money at something you’ll never own when you could just take your annual membership costs and buy a pre-owned luxury watch? These watches have all been worn before anyways and while they’re insured by Eleven James, it’s recommended you take out additional insurance in case of “incidents”.

Founder Randy Brandoff, former chief marketing officer of NetJets, insists that his experience with the luxury rental market proves that this is an in demand service. According to Randy via Forbes:

“At NetJets and Marquis Jet, I experienced firsthand how many consumers of luxury products are increasingly interested in access rather than ownership.  Private jets, vacation homes, classic cars, and many other historically prized possessions have all become accessible via various club and shared ownership programs.”

Right, Rando, but I don’t need (or even want, really) access to a private jet, Italian Villa, or vintage Mercedes every day. Maybe every weekend, but not every day. Luxury watches? I want to hoard collect them and treasure them daily, even if I do own 20 and have to bother with reminding myself to switch them.

But it’s not for me. It’s for the guy who’s leasing his Lambo and his mansion. It’s for the guy who already has 10 watches and is cool with paying $1599 a month for the opportunity to play dress up with The Virtuoso collection. It’s for the guy who owns a TAG or maybe even a Sub and has the taste for grail watches but not the budget.

Again, it’s not for me. This company is geared specifically towards men. I get it, it makes sense, but chicks love watches too. And no I don’t mean a diamond studded J12, I mean I think I’d look pretty baller in a rented Milgauss 116400GV or a rose gold and chocolate dial Daytona. It’s nice that “a gorgeous brunette” will deliver it (only in NYC though), but for a format like this, one that oodles of women and female teens have proven they’re very comfortable with, it seems like a misstep not to include us in all the scuba-diving-in-the-Galapagos-with-”your”-Rolex fun. The website does say more collections are pending though, so here’s hoping they can find some US Olympic swimmers to deliver the lady horology.

Rolex Daytona 116515 18k Everose Gold Ceramic Mens Watch

Why, thank you, Cullen Jones, watch delivery right on time (get it?!)

And why are the ladies so comfortable with this concept? Bag Borrow or Steal, Le Tote and, of course, RTR. Eleven James is less like Netflix and more like attainable luxury juggernaut Rent the Runway…which has its drawbacks. If you’re a dude, no that is not the name of a runway model escort service. Rather, it’s how your female Facebook friends can afford to wear a different designer cocktail dress to the seven weddings they attend each weekend. It is pretty awesome, but the dresses’ exclusivity have been diminished thanks to RTR’s immense popularity. There’s a finite number of dresses to rent, so you end up seeing the same Herve Leger dress on four different girls in the same month. Things that make you go “Hmm”: a surge in 24-year-olds rocking $1000 spandex on the regular.

Rent the Runway Herve Leger Naughty but Nice Dress

Have you seen this dress? Yes. Yes you have.

Now, the same thing might not (probably won’t) happen with Eleven James, simply because it’s a hell of a lot more unexpected that you’d be borrowing a $40,000 watch like it’s your sister’s favorite sun dress. But I have a feeling this news is going to spread fast, especially because the company only launched in December 2013 and I’m seeing fairly aggressive coverage of the company on finance and luxury blogs. It’s only a matter of time until Watch Snob goes HAM on this and every trader you know is wearing a different Patek Philippe every two months.

An Overview of the Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon 2014 Watch

Audemars Piguet has recently given the world a peek at his latest creation. The Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon watch is scheduled to be officially presented at the 2014 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie and is sure to attract a wealthy, modern man who is looking for a classic watch with a very contemporary style.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon 2014 Watch   audemars piguet

via A Blog to Watch

While the original version of this watch was released in 2002, the newest model is more modern than its predecessor. The Royal Oak Concept GMT 2014 Tourbillon Watch has a bulky yet summery feel. The revised original movement is not just fascinating but also top quality and the watch has a titanium and light white ceramic case. It is fully water-proof and can be submerged in up to 100 meters of water without any type of damage.

The open-worked dial allows you to see directly into the inner workings of this unique timepiece. Other outside features include a GMT time zone display, a white ceramic upper bridge, a selection indicator mechanism and indicators noting the position of various parts of the time-setting winding stem.

While the style of the watch is sure to surprise some industry watchers who are used to seeing men’s luxury watches made with a traditional sense of style, those who know Audemars Piguet well should not be shocked in the last at seeing his latest creation. While Audemars Piguet has created some fantastic, high popular luxury timepieces, he does not adhere to traditional fashion guidelines or styles. In fact, Mr. Piguet was the first person to ever consider using steel in a luxury watch and he did so with a great deal of success.

The style of this watch is such that it can be worn not only for formal events and gatherings but also while out and about town. The Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon 2014 Watch is made from some of the most durable materials known to mankind, ensuring that a man can wear it when and where he pleases. The watch has a white rubber strap with a titanium AP folding clasp, which serves to make the watch comfortable to any wearer.

The cost of this watch is currently unknown. However, given the fact that the last Tourbillon watch retailed for well over US$ 200,000, it would be realistic to speculate that a man who wants to buy one of these unique, classy watches should expect to pay a high price for the purchase. However, given Audemars Piguet’s outstanding reputation as being one of the best watchmakers in the world, any man who invests in a Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon 2014 watch will not regret the purchase. This unique watch stands out not only because of its ultra-modern style but also high quality workmanship. Unlike many other luxury watches, this particular model is extremely durable, suitable for use for both formal and informal occasions and is sure to catch the eye of anyone who appreciates not only luxury design and fashion but also unique accessories that are not worn by the vast majority of the world’s elite.

Breguet Pocket Watch Sells for $1.2 Million – To Breguet

Anyone that knows a thing or two about pocket watches knows that these small, compact, and often intricately decorated timepieces can go for thousands at auction and can end up costing buyers far more than they may have been worth when they were created. Just such a watch was sold earlier this month at a Sotheby’s auction. The watch was purchased not by a private collector as some might assume, but rather, by the Breguet Museum. This stunning gold pocket watch that tells time, moon phase, and date based on chronometer principles was originally owned by Lord Henry Seymour.

Breguet buys $1.12 million pocket watch

via Born Rich

The watch that fetched $1.2 million at auction today was bought in 1831 for $7700, a far cry from its estimated $1 million dollar value today. The watch was then given to the brother of Lord Henry Seymour, Richard Seymour Conway 4th Marquis of Hertford. The watch was then handed down to his illegitimate son, Sir Richard Wallace. The watch was then auctioned off as part of his estate. This owner of the infamous ‘Wallace Collection’ was the last owner until he died in 1890.

This beautifully understated time piece is at once stunning and practical. Though one would assume a watch of this value would be encrusted with diamonds and other precious metals, the watch is simply designed and belies an elegance that shines through despite its simplistic design. 2013 marks the 190th anniversary of the death of Breguet, the famous watchmaker for which the museum was named. The watch itself was made by Breguet and is a testament to the powers of truly skilled watchmakers. This watch is of the finest quality and is a fantastic example of what the famous watch maker was capable of producing.

Watches today pale in comparison to the antique watches of yesteryear and though beautiful and flashy, are nowhere near as fantastically made as the fine watches that belonged to the well off and the gentry of the past. Other watches that are housed in the museum reflect the versatility of Breguet as a watch maker and illustrate his talent overall as a skilled craftsman. Though Breguet is no longer with us to create these brilliant pieces, his legacy will live on through the beautiful pieces that are left behind. CEO of Breguet Museum Mark Hayek gushed about the brilliant timepiece after its purchase.

The piece will become part of the permanent display of pocket watches and other fabulous timepieces created by the watchmaker in the museum. Though some might see the purchase of a watch for $1.2 million as somewhat insane, the watch is a testament to a time passed and is well worth the money spent. The watch not only tells the story of Breguet but also the story of the men that owned it. This piece is rich with history and has a past all its own. Though most individuals do not have the resources to purchase a watch of this grand scale, these pieces are all on show in the museum. To date, Sotheby’s is one of the largest sellers of antique watches in the United States.