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Believe it or not Boca Raton is one of the most predominate area for buying and selling jewelry. This is the top retirement location in South Florida. When people retire or get older in age they no longer have use for their jewelry! Also Boca Raton has a large number of tourists and wealthy citizens who love to buy estate jewelry!

Nina Dobrev Jewelry Line for Charity

Nina Dobrev has risen to stardom through her role on The Vampire Diaries. With her rise to fame, she has increasingly showed her desire to give back to not only her local community, but to regions around the world. This has made her one of the great up and coming philanthropists in Hollywood as well. This shines true with her latest project, as she has designed to team up with Gorjana, a jewelry company, in order to create a collection with all proceeds dedicated to go towards individuals suffering with EB (epidermolysis bullosa).

Nina Dobrev Designs Jewelry Line

via MoviePilot

This is a potentially lethal skin condition where an individual suffering from EB becomes fragile due to connective problems that occur between the epidermis and the dermis. This skin condition plagues children across the globe. These children are often refereed to as “butterfly children” because their skin is so incredibly fragile, it can simply flake off like the dust on a butterfly’s wings.

The collection is currently on sale right now and is going to continue to sell until the 14th of May. The designs are all rather simple, yet elegant. The majority of the pieces are designed out of yellow gold and feature partially black elements, in order to add a greater emphasis on the gold touch. Additionally, there are some pieces that feature diamonds sparkled throughout the piece. The designs are also suppose to coincide with Mother’s Day, as the collection’s sale period ends right on Mother’s Day. It is both Nina Dobrev and Gorjana’s desire to increase sales off of the Mother’s Day holiday coming up.

Currently, the jewelry can be purchased directly through the Gorjana website. There are several different options to choose from for individuals who are looking. While there are some crafted from yellow gold, a large number of these designs are also crafted out of a stainless steel with a yellow gold coating, in order to make the designs more affordable for just about anyone. Several of the designs also feature a butterfly in order to coincide with the “Butterfly Children” name Most of the designs are either for necklaces or bracelets, although there are a few different earring studs and rings. For the most part though, these designs are rather simple, so chances are, individuals who are looking for a gift for their mother or just want to expand their current jewelry collection and also want to support a good cause, is going to find something in this current collection.

The cause itself is known as Nina 4 EBMRF. Short for Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation, EBMRF is supported by celebrities from all over the world who donate their time and money in order to help with the cause. Celebrities such as Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, Zach Galifanakis, Brad Pit and many others have all turned to help this cause and to bring in more money for research in order to determine how to both correct the disease but to also prevent it as well. And for those individuals who wonder, 100 percent of the proceeds from the jewelry purchased goes towards the research foundation in order to help individuals suffering from the disease.

April Showers Playlist

April has arrived, and I won’t insult your intelligence with an April Fool’s post. Mostly because I’m still salty about the one year I called a flash sale site’s customer service line to confirm that their $150 Louboutins were authentic and in NIB condition. Joke was on them, I bet they were INUNDATED with calls to their hotline for that prank. I decided to do one for RLJ a few years ago offering free or dirt cheap Rolexes, no one took the bait. Whatever, instead of pranking you guys, I’ll prank Ruby later with some of this. I can guarantee you she’ll be as amused as I was by the Louboutin gag – like mother like dog-ter we’d both prefer a pair of Louboutins, albeit for very different purposes (chewing/wearing.) And because there’s no pranking here in these blog-parts, we celebrate April (whose birthstone is DIAMOND!) with a sweet playlist. I like to think of this month’s soundtrack as an appropriately shifty tribute to this winter. It starts out well enough, with requisite April showers courtesy of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. And it builds, makes you happy, but then gets super slow (freezing) again. And, just like this winter made me believe in time travel by transporting me back to January in March, April’s playlist will transport you back in time with some throwback music. Enjoy!

April Playlist

Web Roundup: Feeling Blue (And Little Yellow)

This week I am blue. Perhaps it’s a tribute to March’s beautiful birthstone aquamarine. Maybe I’m still feeling the Nairobi blue of Lupita’s Oscar’s gown. Either way, the cool tones of blue caught my eye all over the net this week. With one major exception in the RLJ showcase and if you read this blog regularly you’ll have a solid guess as to which non-blue color it is! Add to this the blue skies I saw today over the Windy City and the promise of mid-forties temperatures next week, I won’t be singing the actual blues this weekend – here’s to the same for you!

Tiffany Blue Book earrings 2014

via Jewels du Jour

Jewels du Jour’s serene coverage of all things Tiffany Blue Book had me drooling.

nastygal prom

via NastyGal

In what universe is this Prom appropriate? Am I old? I get it the 90′s have come full circle but this looks like the walk of shame, not prom.

Shipwreck in Egypt

via National Geographic

Who’s ready for a road trip to South Carolina treasure hunting? And I don’t even mean the vintage boutiques in Charleston.

RLJ got this ring in, and as of 8am Central Standard Time it is the new love of my life.

Lupita Nyongo Oscars Jewelry

via RLJ

Speaking of RLJ, I covered my favorite Oscars jewelry on the on-page blog this Monday!

Tiffany Blue Hunter Boots

via Pinterest – I know, super annoying no original image credit, but I reverse image searched and this source is nowhere to be found. If you know it let me know!

While I don’t want to see another layer of fresh powder til next winter, this pretty pin has me craving Tiffany blue wellies. Considering adding them to my already impractical Hunter wardrobe of dove grey and neon coral.

Mauboussin Jewelry Dessert: Sweet Enough to Tug at the Heart Strings

Incomparable Beauty for a Steal

Mauboussin Jewelry Dessert

It’s uncommon when a dessert that costs 15 Euros (roughly $20) is thought to be priced extremely reasonably, almost unfairly low. However, French chefs Mathieu Robillard and Brian Esposito of Le Pinxo at the Renaissance Paris Vendome Hotel have created a dessert that is, quite honestly, a masterpiece.

The culinary Rembrandt these two world-class chefs created is an unparalleled esthetic achievement, a beautiful pastry made of exquisite ingredients that offer the pallet a luxurious sensation of flavor and the eyes an organic representation of the art that is the L’Oeuvre Noire.

Influence and Inspiration

While the germane influence that lead to this dessert was the chefs’ combined gastronomic heritage from southwestern France — which has a tradition of cultivating some of the most renowned chefs in the world over, — but the inspiration behind the pastry is the famous Mauboussin L’Oeuvre Noire Jewelry Collection, in particular, the ring.

The Mauboussin L’Oeuvre Noire Ring features a white gold band with a black enamel inlay and a white diamond pave surrounding a stunning black diamond. It is the form of the L’Oeuvre Noire that shaped the Le Pinxo chefs’ creativity, but it is fair to say that only the kitchen of world renowned Head Chef Alian Dutournier could create a dessert that reflects the symbolic wonder of the L’Oeuvre Noire.


The Robillard and Esposito dessert is as simple as it is remarkable. The three primary ingredients are black currents, pralines and chocolate. The black current is placed on a chocolate truffle ring covered in pink black current sugar and top the current rests a silver sugar diamond. The ring rests upon a two-layer, chocolate square foundation and has a single red rose pedal for a backdrop.

A wave of chocolate string connects the rose pedal with the ring and spills off onto the plate. Beside the ring and chocolate square rests a soft-chocolate-covered praline crisp in which a dark chocolate disk with the Mauboussin Star is seated vertically. The final touches include silver sugar diamonds imbedded around the chocolate square and a black Mauboussin ribbon with white lettering resting on top of it below the ring.


While the price for such a dessert is more than fair even by the most frugal standards, partaking of the pastry is a different matter all together. Le Pinxo is a 5-Star restaurant considered one of the premier in the world. An invitation to taste the dessert is as rare as the pastry itself.

Le Pinxo will feature the L’Oeuvre Noire dessert from February 15 to April 15 and is sure to make both the 5-Star hotel and the restaurant the talk of the Paris service industry for the entire month and undoubtedly beyond.

While Renaissance Hotels can be found in over 35 countries — there are 155 hotels — only Le Pinxo will feature the L’Oeuvre Noire Dessert. The hotel is already fully booked for the month and the restaurant is currently sending out RSVP invitations to the fortunate crown that is lucky enough to be considered for the honor of enjoying this culinary masterpiece.

A Valentine’s Day Wish List (And Gift Guide, I Guess)

While putting together my dream Valentine’s Day wish list, I realized it’s really too good not to share. But share I will, and be extremely jealous of all those who are gifted more than I am from it.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

  1. Journelle Bardot short pajamas – Silky soft (because they’re silk) and sweet in blush, I’m mildly obsessed with these luxury sleep pieces.
  2. Coral Ming Chinoiserie Ginger Jar Print – Because nothing says “I love you” like art in your favorite color.
  3. Red Volcano Candle – One of my favorite scents in a jar color I wouldn’t usually choose.
  4. Heart Garland – Because breakfast in bed is always sweeter with themed decor. It demonstrates forethought, which is a huge turn on for type-A Virgos (I’ve been told.)
  5. Cartier Mini Tank Divan – Probably a pipe dream butthere’s no arguing a watch is a sound investment when it comes to wardrobe. Especially one that’s pre-owned but still in excellent condition. I like this because it’s weird, preppy, and a fantastic way to stand out in a sea of men’s Rolexes (or, more likely, Michael Kors counterparts). It’s yellow gold with a sapphire crown and it positively pops against the maroon croc. strap.
  6. “True Love” Valentine – Totally girly, but it’s all about the recipient. And the message is too sweet not to share.
  7. Valentino lace peep toe pump (with a bow <3) – Yeah, there’s no way these are happening. But for those of you with Valentines who understand the importance of quality footwear, oh who am I kidding, you’re going to have to make these a V-Day gift to yourself.
  8. Vosges – Don’t tell Godiva (I still enjoy my monthly free chocolate perks) but I’ve long abandoned the gilded Lady for someone much edgier. Vosges first caught my eye with their Bacon sea salt and dark chocolate bar. I kept seeing it online but never ordered, or was too full after lunch at Mariposa to spring for a bar. But a few years ago I was putting together a “Man basket” for a raffle benefit, and decided to include the bacon bar along with Art of Shaving stuff, some cuff links and cigars, et al. and picked up an extra one pour moi (#treatyoself) Life. Changing. Once I moved to Chicago, land of my beloved and avant garde chocolatier, I was delighted to discover their Lincoln Park bar/boutique/chocolate shop (seriously don’t you just want to hang out there all day?) I’d really like two tickets to the still-under-construction Willy Wonka style chocolate wonderland, but a box of Fluer de Sel caramels will satisfy me…for now.
  9. Shoshanna – Ladies of a certain body type know that when it comes to finding pitch-perfect cocktail dresses and sundresses (without excessive alterations), Shoshanna can’t be beat. Don’t even get me started on how amazing her swimwear is. When I saw this bright fuschia little number, I was already in lurve, but Saks sweetens the deal, as one does for V-day, by knocking the price down to $225 from $375. Hurry before all the good sizes are gone!
  10. Chanel bag - Sell Your Handbag has had this bag for a few weeks now and I can’t stop eyeing it. I’ve been on a Gucci Soho Disco bag kick lately, but this gorgeous, deep red patent take on the shoulder bag is giving me second thoughts. It’s in fabulous condition and is “only” $2495 (it’s Chanel, people, that’s a deal). There are 8 watchers keeping tabs on it on eBay, darling Valentine are you one of them?