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Engagement Rings that have massive center stones are brightly colored accent stones are becoming more attractive than actual candy. Rings that have the most fabulous details are considered eye candy.

Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Eye Candy

Surprise, surprise, I’m back with another fresh batch of fancy yellow engagement ring eye candy! We picked up a whole bunch of loose fancy yellow cushion cut diamonds, and had some fun mounting them in totally different styles – with the exception of the first two. They’re twinsies. Albeit with a  major budget difference. But I’ll stop chatting so we can all get to staring at this Fancy Yellow cushion cut engagement ring eye candy. First up is this huge 10.67 carat fancy yellow diamond. It’s light fancy, but warmed up nicely by a yellow gold setting. The clarity is Read More →

Engagement Ring Eye Candy: New Now Next

Today’s engagement rings are what’s now, what’s new and what’s next. Bridal trends come and go, but they do tend to last longer than your average jewelry fad (RIP Return to Tiffany!) So while there are glaring trends in bridal, like the marquise cute of the early 90′s, or starburst baguettes galore in the 80′s, they usually span decades, not years. One such example is the halo style engagement ring. When the economy took a turn for the worse, couples were still getting engaged. Some of those couples still wanted to purchase a diamond engagement ring. And some of those Read More →

Princess Cut Engagement Ring Eye Candy

The princess cut engagement ring has been going strong for the last decade. This beautiful brilliant cut diamond gives all the flash and fire that a traditional round would, but with a modern attitude. The princess cut’s clean, sharp corners and hearts & arrows pattern are the stuff that millennial dreams are made of. They hide their inclusions well, like any brilliant cut, while showing off spectacular color even from grades above F. The princess cut engagement ring does need some special attention though – those perfectly pointed corners are actually pretty delicate and very susceptible to fractures, chipping and Read More →

Get the Look: Vogue Engagement Rings

Vogue just released their guide to engagement rings for every bride. They’ve helpfully broken up the rings by category, including estate & antique, colored diamonds, “minimal” (?), modern, non-diamond, and traditional. The selection is impressive, with zero loyalty to the halo. Vogue likes to be on the cutting edge. And while there are certainly styles for most brides included in this slide show, they didn’t quite capture every bride. And while I’ll never bat an eyelash at a sampling of designer engagement rings, every bride can’t rely on Cartier for the goods. No, just like their exquisitely crafted jewelry, designer Read More →

Engagement Ring Eye Candy: I’m So Fancy

Do you too, have the new Iggy Azalea album blaring at inappropriate decibels, on repeat? No? Now’s a good time to start, because ideally you’ll sync up “Fancy” while drooling over these BAD’s (and a few BAGems while I’m at it.) So, who’s a good candidate for these massive rings – besides everyone? I think there’s a special place in engagement ring land reserved for The Patient. You might be a patient mother, who deserves an upgrade. You might be a patient teacher who should have something sparkly to admire while she’s counting to 10 in her head after a Read More →