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Celebrities love to dress up and show off the latest fashion styles. They are one of the most influential role models in the world. A lot of people like to replicate celebrity styles. This category will keep you aware of what celebrity fashion styles have recently been photographed and shared.

2014 Jewelry Trend: Ring Stacks

The ring stack is to jewelry trends what maxi dresses are to fashion trends. They popped up in a big way, but they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Especially now that the fashion set knows that maxi’s are simultaneously: comfortable, gorgeous, fashionable, conducive to non-leg-shaving. Ring stacks are exactly the same way (except for the leg shaving). Now that this trend has officially reached saturation, its devotees and late-adopters alike are all “This is awesome.” So no, I don’t think the ring stack is going anywhere for the foreseeable future. Further proof, the ring stack phenomenon has infiltrated bridaly jewelry, Read More →

Bachelorette Recap Andi Dorfman: Is This Season’s Word Quest? Or Great Love?

Due to overwhelming demand from all 45 of my followers on Twitter (ok, like 10% of them), The Bachelorette Live Tweeting shall henceforth also get a recap! And because I spent the weekend barely moving from the deck and gorging on encased meats and bbq’ed chicken, I needed a full day to truly do justice to the masterpiece that is The Bachelorette. So, without Further Ado, the Top 10 best moments from last night’s Bachelorette. The Moment you realize Eric is going to make you cry every time he’s on screen. Sweet, thoughtful, perfect heartbreaking Eric. Eric’s Amazing smile of Read More →

The Best 2014 Met Gala Jewels

The fanciest evening of the year went down last night at the 2014 Met Gala. All manner of designers, models, actresses, socialites and reality stars graced the red carpet in amazing fashion confections. This year’s theme, honoring the OG 20th century couturier Charles James. Everything was very satiny, very feminine, very 50’s glam in his honor. It was oodles better than last year’s hot mess of a Punk theme. Unsurprisingly, Oscar de la Renta’s & Zac Posen‘s ladies looked the most fittingly femme (Posen was BORN to design for this.) But everyone did bring out the fanciness. This year’s gala was doubly fab, in Read More →

Web Roundup: Kentucky Derby Weekend

Happy Weekend, Bling Lovers! Here’s what happened this week & what’s popping up in tiny little brain bubble clouds around my head this weekend. I Cried at this.  Can’t wait ’til it’s finally warm here so we can go on picnics – a basket like this would be only extra motivation. And we’ll take along this sangria. I get it. Pineapples are the new chevron. But please stop before it’s completely ruined because pineapples are delicious and these ice cube trays are adorable. My best friend & I have had long, philosophical conversations on our inability to “get” contouring. Maybe this will Read More →

Web Roundup: Engagement Ring Etiquette, Etsy & Easter

This week’s post brought to you by indignance. I would say “irateness” but a. I’m not sure if that’s a word and b. these are strangers. I need to reserve my spiciness for personal affronts. Nonetheless, I’m kicking off web roundup with the bad news first (so the good news can cheer you up!) That’s how I’ve always done it. The good news/bad news thing, not web roundup. Web Roundup is usually a place for butterflies and bunny rabbits which we’ll get to, because it’s Easter weekend. But first: the wrath of D&D. W. T. Actual. F. Etsy Vendor! You Read More →