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Celebrities love to dress up and show off the latest fashion styles. They are one of the most influential role models in the world. A lot of people like to replicate celebrity styles. This category will keep you aware of what celebrity fashion styles have recently been photographed and shared.

Web Roundup: What Women Want

What is UP? Aside from oodles and oodles of interesting auction news, this week was remarkably hot in jewelry news. We had The Duchess declaring her love for a NZ jeweler. Cartier snapped up an insanely gorgeous jadeite necklace of its own design – very eager to get it back into the archives, I assume. Would love to see this puppy on an oscar’s red carpet in the coming years! I made these as my afternoon snack (thought I’d eat the whole cooking sheet, but couldn’t fit more than 5 in my stomach. So rich, so delicious.) And speaking of rich and delicious: I have this meal on my Chicago restaurant checklist. Ridiculous? Yes, but worth it just to say I had it.

NOT A POOL - it's an actual river in Turkey.

How bad do you want this pool? Plot twist! It’s not a pool.


Despite my work uniform being yoga pants and the least stained tank top I can find, this is my new favorite blog.

And, in other visions of what I’d like to wear, I relay relay relay would like this dress. Please.

I, along with the rest of the world it seems, fell totally in love with Prince George this week.

Totally swooned for these spring-perfect boutonnieres.

Interesting article, with a  lot of sweet sentiment. We’ve seen a huge spike in couples shopping exclusively for vintage & antique diamonds, for those who don’t have Nana’s.

And on the topic of what the ladies want in an engagement ring

What women want in an engagement ring

Click on the image for full size!

Web Roundup: Winter is Coming

house of pinterest Game of Thrones

My house. My Sigil. My words.

Happy April ya’ll! Besides my distaste for April Fool’s pranks, I was pretty into this week. The promise of spring is on the horizon, there are plenty of yellow diamonds in the showroom, and we picked up this amazing pair of vintage Van Cleef & Arpels earrings today. I got to share some of my favorite wedding tidbits, while simultaneously learning about the Pink Panther-style ring of European diamond thieves that are at large (hide yo diamonds!) Here’s what else I got up to…

Time to get nitpicky. A) This is not Duchess Catherine’s jewelry collection. The first slide was famously borrowed from THE QUEEN. B) A slideshow of her jewelry & not one designer is mentioned. Who wrote this, Ryan Seacrest? C) Droolworthy isn’t the most accurate adjective here people. Princess Kate is all strategy and pragmatism. She purposely wears understated, every-girl-could-own-it jewelry. You wanna talk drool-worthy jewel collections? Let me direct you here.

I don’t think this is an engagement ring.

How he should have Met The Mother. (I want my 9 years back.)

But when one show sh*ttily ends, another excellently begins. WINTER IS COMING.

Maybe it’s the promise of sandal season far, far in my future, but my designer shoe fetish is rearing its expensive, 3.5″ heel head. Look. Look. Look.

And clearly, designer shoes require a designer evening bag.

“It’s really just about dopeness at the end of the day.”

Shared my favorite wedding budget infographics.

I’m making these this weekend (in between the 900 billion showings our broker has scheduled for our apartment.)

Speaking of which, anyone in Chicago know a good place to hang out with your puppy for oh, 4 hours or so? Not the beach. It’s cold. Not the dog park. She’s vicious.

Web Roundup: Feeling Blue (And Little Yellow)

This week I am blue. Perhaps it’s a tribute to March’s beautiful birthstone aquamarine. Maybe I’m still feeling the Nairobi blue of Lupita’s Oscar’s gown. Either way, the cool tones of blue caught my eye all over the net this week. With one major exception in the RLJ showcase and if you read this blog regularly you’ll have a solid guess as to which non-blue color it is! Add to this the blue skies I saw today over the Windy City and the promise of mid-forties temperatures next week, I won’t be singing the actual blues this weekend – here’s to the same for you!

Tiffany Blue Book earrings 2014

via Jewels du Jour

Jewels du Jour’s serene coverage of all things Tiffany Blue Book had me drooling.

nastygal prom

via NastyGal

In what universe is this Prom appropriate? Am I old? I get it the 90′s have come full circle but this looks like the walk of shame, not prom.

Shipwreck in Egypt

via National Geographic

Who’s ready for a road trip to South Carolina treasure hunting? And I don’t even mean the vintage boutiques in Charleston.

RLJ got this ring in, and as of 8am Central Standard Time it is the new love of my life.

Lupita Nyongo Oscars Jewelry

via RLJ

Speaking of RLJ, I covered my favorite Oscars jewelry on the on-page blog this Monday!

Tiffany Blue Hunter Boots

via Pinterest – I know, super annoying no original image credit, but I reverse image searched and this source is nowhere to be found. If you know it let me know!

While I don’t want to see another layer of fresh powder til next winter, this pretty pin has me craving Tiffany blue wellies. Considering adding them to my already impractical Hunter wardrobe of dove grey and neon coral.

Web Roundup: Oscar Jewelry Weekend!

It’s the freakin’ weekend people – and not just any weekend, OSCARS WEEKEND! This is like the Super Bowl of fashion, if the Super Bowl was fabulous and catty and dramatic. The whole awards season leads up to Oscar, when everyone who’s anyone (and those who wish they were) report back to the mother ship at Dolby Theater, worshiping at the shrine of Brange Oscar. It’s go time people, so today’s round up is a tad Academy Awards centric, with a few other newsworthy links tossed in for funsies. Be sure to follow @bling_blog and @raymondleejwlrs on Twitter to stay caught up on all the red carpet sparkle. As per usual, RLJ will try to maintain some semblance of professionalism while D&D will be the safe haven for my more Veuve-induced commentary. Or until Twitter freezes either account for too much activity (#haters). If you wear super cute pajamas with a tiara or a gown or anything inspired by any of the nominated films PLEASE tweet me or DM me on insta (@raymondleejwlrs) because you’re adorable and much more creative than I am.

Oscart Web Roundup

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are finally “officially” engaged. Per Lainey’s curriculum, this is a calculated move of the press-shy couple to announce on OSCAH weekend.

Ditto Alison Williams, but not sure what her endgame was announcing this week. Maybe so more reporters will ask on Sunday?

True Life: I’m an Oscars Seat Filler

If you weren’t planning on popping one of these into one of these, this Gold Medal Martini might wet your whistle. Yes, Sochi is so last week, but there is edible gold star confetti, so think about that.

Speaking of which, here’s when we should drink.

Gorgeous Oscar viewing Party Inspiration.

How I’m wearing my hair and makeup to some friends’ Oscar Party (very appropriate for Chicago weather).

Gem Pins. For those of us who never received a call back from Lorraine as to what we’re borrowing Sunday night.

Miranda Kerr for H&M has arrived. I’m torn. On one hand I like her, but those stupid ShopStyle commercials annoy me to no end. And while I have a few dresses and hats from H&M that have survived the last 3 years, the vast majority of their stuff looks like it was washed in a combined color laundry load until everything turned greige. And it also looks like it will fall apart. But then there’s this, and my personal fast fashion embargo starts to waiver.

And from around the Jewelry Blogosphere: A few of this week’s best musings, looks back, and PREDICTIONS! Be sure to follow along for all the fun, the glitterati will be using #OscarJewelry as the designated hashtag!

Amber Heard Engagement Ring Stunt

Ok, I’ve decided not to let it go. Yesterday I lamented that Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s engagement missed the deadline for my <sarcasm> This should end well </sarcasm> post (my attempt at sarcasm font. Brilliant, right?) Well I’m not ready to let it go. And judging by the onslaught of coverage this engagement ring is garnering, that’s exactly what their Amber’s PR team wants. Fine, you win publicists, I’ll take the bait.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Engaged

via Lainey Gossip (highly recommend you read her take on them)

First of all, Amber Heard is beautiful. She just is. But an A-list actress beauty does not make. Second of all, she must have barely passed Kaley Cuoco’s Stunt Queen 101 class at the Royal Tampa Academy of Dramatic Tricks. Because the desparately-grasping-my-left-hand-so-you-won’t-notice-my-ring pics are so try-hardy it’s like Kris Jenner and Hayden Pannetiere called the paps for her. Woman, if you don’t want people to notice your ring/see it/speculate, why not just remove it? Turn it around? Switch it to your right hand? Because she didn’t want to. Here’s my theory:

Backtracking: Upon leaving the restaurant several hours later, the actress went to great lengths to cover her left hand as she waited for her car to be brought around by the valet

via Daily Mail

After Amber started “dating” Johnny on the set of the Rum Diaries, they became the poor man’s Brangelina (or, for the younger set, the Hilary Duff/Aaron Carter/Lohan triangle). French supermodel/mother of his children Vanessa Paradis was left in the dust for Johnny’s mid-life crisis. All of a sudden, Amber – who is, as stated above, beautiful but is just another gorgeous young blonde in Hollywood – started getting more attention as the official girlfriend of Johnny Depp. She even got to present at the Golden Globes! Sure it was with Lady Gaga’s boyfriend and the other guy from Chicago Fire, but hey.

She also started getting diamonds. Lots of them. As the Guardian Liberty Voice so tastefully put it: “Johnny Depp Has Found the Cure for Amber Heard’s Bisexuality: Diamonds.” The article has since been removed, but let’s put aside that horrendous headline for some juicy gossip. Amber received a reported $50,000 in diamond Christmas gifts from Johnny. Supposedly it was a pair of 2 ctw drop earrings set in platinum with a matching pendant. Given the quality of Neil Lane’s diamonds, that amount sounds about right. But apparently the eyewitness missed a back-room deal, because those weren’t the only diamonds she got.

The engagement confirmations all state that the proposal happened a while ago – so Johnny might have made a Christmas proposal (bad move, in the unlikely event that the engagement is called off she gets to keep the ring. It was a gift.) He also might have proposed before then and Amber decided she wanted some more bling to match her ring for Christmas. But one thing is for certain: Amber was tired of keeping the engagement hush hush. And what better time to force an announcement than awards season?

Dazzling: The 27-year-old girlfriend of Johnny Depp accidentally flashed the huge platinum-set diamond bauble as she shielded her eyes from the flashbulbs, seemingly forgetting she was wearing it

via Daily Mail

So, Amber, you got what you wanted – we’re all talking! So enough with the self-hand-holding. I fully expect the rock to be front and center on any remaining red carpet appearances you’ll make this awards season. You owe it to us for convincing Johnny to propose before you convinced him to stop wearing those g-d awful hats.