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Being a celebrity means that you are giving off an aura of a role model. What you wear, eat and the jewelry you have on can make millions of people change their look instantaneously. We love being on celebrity watch because then we can show you ways to get that look!

Top 5 Beyonce Moments from the 2014 Beyonce Music Awards

Typically I’d recap the jewelry from any awards show the day after. And typically after a great time at the Baltimore Summer Antique Show I’d share the fabulous goodies I ogled while there. These things will all have to wait for one reason, the only reason really. Beyonce. If you read this blog regularly, and you should, you’ll know that, exactly like Lorraine Schwartz, Beyonce is my muse. Lorraine and I really, srsly have so much in common. Sofia Vergara was totally over at my parlor for champers and emeralds to finalize her Emmy’s choices this weekend. Twinsies, Lorraine and Read More →

Weekly Roundup: A Day Late and a Tail Short

My apologies for this post being a day late! I’m sure you were just sitting on the D&D home page, hitting refresh for the duration of your Friday night, and for that I am deeply sorry. If you follow RLJ on Instagram (and you should), you’ve seen Ruby’s adorable guilty/doNOTtouchme face in full force while she holds down her designated safe-corner at the vet. My crazy dingo dog bit her tail/mortal enemy and drew blood, so off to the vet we went. Four hours, 2 muzzles, a failed round of sedation, countless vet techs and one very patient doctor later, Read More →

Andi Dorfman Bachelorette Recap Season 10 Episode 3: Sparks and Tingles

Alright people we’ve got our first “not here for the right reasons” meltdown on the books! After a whopping 2 episodes in LA, Andi is ready to get out of the city of angels and head to Santa Barbara. Without delay, the best moments from this week’s (first) Bachelorette episode. The guys totally see the trip to Santa Barbara as one long party bus. You can just see the visions of mimosas dancing in their heads. The First Instance of Boy Sh** Marcus grows more attractive as he really leans into this Scott Disick’s doppelgänger thing. It works, especially when he’s Read More →

2014 Jewelry Trend: Ring Stacks

The ring stack is to jewelry trends what maxi dresses are to fashion trends. They popped up in a big way, but they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Especially now that the fashion set knows that maxi’s are simultaneously: comfortable, gorgeous, fashionable, conducive to non-leg-shaving. Ring stacks are exactly the same way (except for the leg shaving). Now that this trend has officially reached saturation, its devotees and late-adopters alike are all “This is awesome.” So no, I don’t think the ring stack is going anywhere for the foreseeable future. Further proof, the ring stack phenomenon has infiltrated bridaly jewelry, Read More →

Web Roundup: I Can’t Even

After a whole week of telling you all kinds of stuff we can’t do, it’s time to balance out all that negativity! Luckily, it’s Memorial Day Weekend(!) and the Internet abounds with stuff so fantastic that I. can’t. even. deal with it’s so great! Slip on your favorite white jeans, fire up the grill, and check out this week’s web round up while you wait for your first burger of the weekend to cook. Speaking of burgers, we finally ordered a grill. It should arrive today and I’d planned on a  strict regimen of grilled meats all weekend. However this Read More →