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Celebrity Jewelry Lines, are They Worth It?

Celebrities are known for having their fingers in just about everything you could ever imagine. That being said, there are some celebs that should stick to their celebrity and some that have a true talent for jewelry design. Here are five celebrity lines and a bit about them so that you can make the decision for yourself as to their success or failure. Wildlife by Heidi Klum- this line is fun, quirky, and interesting without being so expensive that it breaks the bank. Her line is available on QVC which means that anyone can afford these pieces. There are a Read More →

Why You Shouldn’t Do a First Look

If you had a first look (like I did!) please don’t take offense to this post. Just my $.02 Please enjoy, and remember: this is an opinion piece of a nobody blogger and not the advice of a medical professional.  I can’t believe I just typed that headline. It feels like some place somewhere has frozen over, but really, it’s the truth. I’m here to tell you you shouldn’t do a first look on your wedding day. Now, before we begin, a few disclaimers: If you had a first look, and loved it, please do not take offense. I had a first Read More →

6 Pieces That Look Pricier Than They Are

You don’t have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks. If you’re looking for some eye-catching pieces to fill out your collection without taking out a second mortgage, you’ve got a lot of options in front of you. Here are some of our favorite pieces that look a lot pricier than they really are. Silver Stake Pendant This alluring, delicate silver stake pendant should have some appeal for viewers of True Blood, vampire fans in general, and anyone who’s just looking for an understated piece of jewelry to tie together the perfect nightlife look. It looks pricey, Read More →

Watch Trends Part II

Taller guys, bigger guys, and the occasional professional athlete shopping for watches still make a beeline for the Big Bangs. And great design details like matte brushed rose gold, chronographs, skeleton cases and intricately patterned dials elevate the larger watches. A great example of the enormous-meets-elegant aesthetic is the Rolex Sky-Dweller. The Sky-Dweller definitely has presence on the wrist with a 42mm case, but it also marks Rolex’s first complication since the Yacht-Master’s debut. The dual time-zone and annual calendar features mark the demand for a high performance complication watch that’s heftier than the typical complication. And while the Sky-Dweller Read More →

Why Vintage Estate and Pre Owned Watches Are in Hot Demand

Perhaps it’s the allure of antiques with a famous back story that attracts watch and jewelry collectors. Sotheby’s and Christie’s have proven time after time that some of the highest auction realizations come from objects with an illustrious past, like Liz Taylor’s diamonds or Henry Graves’ Patek Philippe. The new watch customers span age, race, gender and socioeconomic status – the increase brings fresh faces to every show looking for something unique, but still under the umbrella category of pre-owned watches. It makes sense that everyone from seasoned watch forum regulars to fresh MBA grads looking for their first real watch Read More →

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