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Lilly For Target Failure? Fret Not

So. That was…intense. I haven’t felt an adrenaline rush like that since my last Chanel eBay auction. Several of my friends compared Pink Sunday to their Black Friday experiences past. It was exhilarating, at times frustrating, but in the end, all worth it. Of course I’m talking about a limited edition designer collection of luridly colored clothing for an upscale discount megastore, is there anything else that warrants this much discussion? Kidding, but in all seriousness this is a place where fluff demands discussion, so discuss we shall. No snobbery about how you’re better than Lilly for Target allowed here, Read More →

Lilly For Target Strategy

First, let’s address the obvious. Yes I am very excited for Lilly Pulitzer’s collaboration with Target. I am a devoted Lilly Lover with a dedicated list of Grail Prints I’ve collected and covet. So if screaming loud prints of giraffes and tropical fruit don’t send you into a tizzy, come back tomorrow, I’ll have more diamonds. If you too, are a Lilly Lover, but you’re aghast that this icon of Prep is lowering itself to the unwashed masses, we need to have a quick chat. Grab your lemonade, spike it with gin if it’s after noon 5, and pull up a Read More →

Engagement Ring Eye Candy

It’s that time of the week again! The day we get to indulge in some sparkling, mouth watering engagement ring eye candy. After swooning over square halo engagement rings last week, this week I was feeling something a little more stark, a little more old school. I feel drawn to stunning, three stone engagement rings. My own ring is a three stone cathedral style beauty, and I love the symmetry and elegance of a three stone ring in a clean platinum or gold setting. I also took this fun quiz and didn’t love the ring it chose for me, but Read More →

My Favorite Costume Jewelry Brands

My first accessory love was handbags. I hoarded Coach – the classiest of leather and vinyl goods, friends – as a teenager. I collected them for every birthday and holiday, and saved up all my babysitting money to spend on brightly colored bags with C’s all over them. In college my tastes matured to the more demure all over monogram of Louis Vuitton. In a reflection of my truly unique and one of a kind style, my first Louis was the Speedy 35 that Every Girl On Campus also brought to class (impractical), Happy Hour (why on earth?), and shopping (again, hands Read More →

Justin Bieber’s Wrist Game

Ugh, I can’t believe I’m about to compliment him, but Justin Bieber’s wrist game is strong. You can’t deny the swaggy Calvin Klein model/singer/ Comedy Central Roast subject that. And his apology tour on Ellen & his Facebook page a few months ago may have softened my stance on him a bit. But anyone who blatantly rips off Girlfriend without so much as a Justin x Justin live mashup on Jimmy Fallon will never be on my Christmas list. And I blame him entirely for these stupid pants. But, as you’ll notice in the very swaggy pic above, JB’s wrist is Read More →

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