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The Bachelorette Recap: Mean Girls

Brussels Brussels Brussels. The guys are there, plugging away for the classiest hotel Brian’s ever seen (perhaps to make up for the lax security?) They’re all too aware that the group is smaller, the stakes are higher, and Nick’s ego is only getting bigger. Nick, with the producers help, is quickly becoming this season’s villain, and the incessant chatter about “confidence” this week made me re-think my wine word. First up, Marcus’ one-on-one date. Here’s my issue with Marcus. Andi thinks he’s cute. She told him as much. However she thinks he’s adorable. She even said so the first night. She’s Read More →

Happy Hour: Blackberry Beauties

It’s time to raise your glass! And raise your glasses, if you must, to get a better look at the fabulous cocktails I’m serving up today. You can even make them sun glasses or hipster lense-less glasses. I’m ok with it. Just as long as you can partake in the pretty pretty blackberry beauties we’ll enjoy today. Follow me to the veranda. Today we’re sipping on these blackberry thyme margaritas. If two years of Thirsty Thursday has taught you anything, it should be that I love me some herbal cocktails. Gin & basil? Yes. Vodka rosemary? All day baby. So Read More →

Wedding Gift Etiquette Made Easy

Did you know there’s an epidemic sweeping our nation? Well, there are several, but only one of those may or may not be a construct of my loose scientific interpretation of happy hour gossip. I hear whispers of this illness from married veterans and newly initiated engagement ring wearers alike. You guys, wedding gift etiquette is out. of con.trol. Emphasis on the troll. Because sometimes, especially when reading certain wedding boards, I am convinced that these brides and/or their guests are trolling hard. For example: please do not post to the interwebs asking the most tactful way to enforce a Read More →

Web Roundup: A Perfect Summer Weekend

Dr. D&D and RUBY both have birthdays this weekend! We’re having a joint doggie/human party, methinks this white wine fruit salad will be great for the homo sapiens. Speaking of partying, this might be the most genius bbq menu planner ever. Although goodNESS that’s a lot of meat (and I’m practically eating a cheeseburger as I type this, so if I think it’s a lot…) I haven’t even read Where’d You Go Bernadette, so I have no right adding another book to my summer reading list but just look at this cover! And a family vacation to Mallorca? I’m packing. Read More →

Thirsty Thursday: Herb Pineapple Cooler

Happy Happy Hour! It’s time to imbibe and accessorize with the fruit du jour – pineapple. yes, you’ve seen pineapples popping up everywhere from tank tops to Etsy prints to lamp bases and more. The pineapple is a fabulous fruit – just look at it. Add to this the fact that it tastes divine, can be used as an ingredient in an enzyme facial, and is truly tropical, well you have all the makings of a summer sensation on your hands. So today, let’s celebrate summer (2 days early) with this amazing looking pineapple basil cocktail. Skip the calorie and Read More →