The Evolution of Watches

Much like the evolution of dance, the evolution of watches is entertaining. The only difference is, Jimmy Fallon can’t reenact it with the help of The Roots anytime soon. Nonetheless, watches have a colorful and storied past, beginning hundreds of years ago. From the Valle Joux to 5th Avenue, watches have come a long way. Interestingly enough, the biggest headliners haven’t shifted too much. Names like Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin are among the original watchmakers (and the Stern family, who has owned Patek Philippe since the 1930’s, remain and the helm of the luxury giant.) So these watches are passed down not only individually by generation, but often at the manufacturing level too. One such label of prestige, that’s storied but still independently owned, is Bell & Ross. RLJ loves our Bell & Ross watches, and they’re always a big hit among our customers. Bell & Ross particularly appeals to fans of unique watches – many of their watches are a trademark square case, instead of the typical round. This info graphic tracks Bell & Ross’ evolution from before its inception to how its grown over the years.

Evolution of Watches

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