2014 Jewelry Trend: Ring Stacks

The ring stack is to jewelry trends what maxi dresses are to fashion trends. They popped up in a big way, but they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Especially now that the fashion set knows that maxi’s are simultaneously: comfortable, gorgeous, fashionable, conducive to non-leg-shaving. Ring stacks are exactly the same way (except for the leg shaving). Now that this trend has officially reached saturation, its devotees and late-adopters alike are all “This is awesome.” So no, I don’t think the ring stack is going anywhere for the foreseeable future. Further proof, the ring stack phenomenon has infiltrated bridaly jewelry, typically the one jewelry department where most consumers skew conservative. So with ring stacks making their way into a hopefully very permanent jewelry situation on that very important finger, they’ve asserted their staying power. Now, I like to leave the ring stack open to interpretation. The options for customization run the gamut, but spreading those stacking choices across 10 digits makes the pool of fabulous rings even greater. So I’ve split it into two: stacks and spreads.

Ring Stack

via London Jewelers

Anatomy of a Perfect Stack

Truthfully, the perfect stack depends greatly on the occasion. For example you wouldn’t wear the same stack to the Oscars that you’d wear to a barbecue. Because let’s be honest you could be attending either any given weekend in February. But back to the task at hand:

The Fancy Stack

Beyonce Grammy Jewelry

Beyonce’s Insane Lorraine Schwartz Stacks from the 2014 Grammy’s

The Bridal Stack

Engagement Ring Thin Wedding Band Stack

via Single Stone LA

The Cocktail Stack

Cocktail Stack - stacked rings aquamarine

Alexandra Mor via Gem Gossip

Spread The Love

The spread is also as diverse as its sister Stack. However it lends itself to a more Boho vibe. Not to say it can’t be done fabulously, as demonstrated by the first example…

The Fancy Fingers

Rihanna Grammy Jewelry

Rihanna’s Grammy’s 2013 Spread

The Freestyle Fingers


Sequin Harvest via Gem Gossip

The “Thank Goodness I Have Enough Fingers To Accommodate my Designer Addiction” Spread

Kylie jenner Cartier Rings

Known Cartier Addict Kylie Jenner

The Color Coordinated Spread

Sapphire Rings

Sparkles Fine Jewelry via Gem Gossip

The Vintage Spread

Vintage white gold and diamond rings

via RLJ’s Instagram

Buy Jewelry Boca Raton

7 Thoughts on “2014 Jewelry Trend: Ring Stacks

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  4. I am interested in vintage ring on left hand first finger. Please advise size as well. . Thank you.

  5. I am interested in vintage ring on left hand. First finger. Band style single ring. Have seen on FB. Would appreciate size also. Thank you.

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