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All of these diverse descriptions are used to accurately portray the incredible jewelry creations featured in the Roni Blanshay Jewelry Collections on offer at fine jewelry and accessory stores everywhere. Featuring dazzling, bright metals and sparkling gemstones, these striking pieces are unlike traditional jewelry offerings because these items make a bold statement about the wearer: that she is a classy woman who is proud of her beauty and not afraid to show it.

Roni Blanshay coral and pearl necklace

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Allow yourself to be dazzled by the fabulous collection of Roni Blanshay Jewelry now available in fine jewelry stores. Creator Roni Blanshay is establishing herself as a top designer and producer of innovative high-quality high fashion jewelry. Her creations are highly sought-after by top “fashionistas” and discerning jewelry purchasers everywhere. Enjoy this beautiful, trend-setting jewelry to dress up and accent any apparel and turn it from merely nice to elegant. The sleek lines of the pieces give an understated sheen of glamour to any outfit.

Available in a wide variety of coordinating pieces, from bracelets to necklaces to earrings to pins, these selections are sure to tempt and please even hard-to-please shoppers. Outstanding as gifts or as purchases to complete a woman’s own jewelry collection, these valuables are perfect for wearing in any setting where elegance and style are in order. At the same time not too dressy or too casual for any setting, these pieces fit anywhere requiring a finished look.

Roni Blanshay leather and turquoise slice cuff

Roni Blanshay leather and turquoise slice cuff via Facebook

The various pieces coordinate beautifully with each other. While not every piece matches every other one of the items in Roni Blanshay’s extensive collection, they may be worn together for a well-appointed and complete look. An individual wearing lovely, elegantly-made pieces from the Roni Blanshay collection will brighten every room where she appears in an understated, majestic, non-flashy way.

The Roni Blanshay collection provides a look of subtle beauty to all who wear it. It gleams without ostentation; it sparkles elegantly without looking gaudy. Its beauty is the perfect finishing touch to any well-dressed woman of confidence and poise. The simplicity and beauty add to the finished look of beautiful evening attire without drawing undue attention. The look simply says “beautiful.”

Roni Blanshay Shield Ring

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Make your plans today to acquire a selection of this luxurious jewelry from one of the jewelry stores carrying it in their special inventory. Buy pieces of this select collection while they are available and you can try them on with a favorite outfit to feel more beautiful than usual. The understated beauty and quiet-yet-bold appeal of this gorgeous jewelry will take your breath away.

This elegant trend setting jewelry is currently being featured prominently in the sales of South Florida’s own top luxury jewelry seller. Raymond Lee Jewelers is South Florida’s most trusted Jewelry Sales and Service Center. Established in 1983, this exceptional jeweler states proudly that they “carry an extensive collection of designer jewelry, vintage jewelry, GIA certified diamonds and luxury timepieces.” They are also known for providing top quality watch and jewelry repair services and additionally offer professional jewelry customizations. 229

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