The Eco Friendly Jewelry of Dale Grey Vintage

It feels good to look good. Leaving the house dressed to the nines with a well-planned outfit and jewels to match can give your confidence level and self-esteem a pretty nice boost. However, simply looking good isn’t always enough to give you that lasting happy feeling. To truly feel good you have to do good. This can be as simple as staying environmentally conscious as you make your next jewelry purchase.

Dale Grey Vintage Necklace

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Make Your Jewelry a Connection to your World

Eco friendly jewelry does not leave any negative effect on the environment during its creation process. That means this type of jewelry is created with minimal pollution, waste and energy costs. The materials are generally recycled or may be primarily of renewable sources whose use doesn’t negatively affect nature in any way.

Dale Grey Vintage uses recycled and reclaimed materials—including brass, copper and gunmetal. These materials add to the vintage appeal of the gypsy inspired pieces, connecting to the environment in ways beyond the visual. The pieces are bold yet feminine—elements that capture the essence of Mother Nature through classic yet daring designs.

The eco-friendly gypsy collection is inspired by the world around you, and wearing it may even inspire you to think more about the environment that you can work to preserve. As you step outside with your eco friendly costume jewelry, let the sun grace your skin. Feel the dampness of dew on the grass graze your toes in your sandals. Feel the wind flow through your hair—let your eco friendly jewels set the mood and really embrace the world around you.

Dale Grey Vintage Coin Bracelet

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What to Look for in Eco Friendly Jewelry

The Dale Grey Vintage Collection is specially designed, eco-friendly jewelry that you can feel good about wearing. However, when looking for eco-friendly jewels there are a few things to keep in mind.

There are several features that make a piece of jewelry eco-friendly:

It is vintage: If it wasn’t produced just for you, then your desire for the product didn’t lead to any waste. Purchasing vintage jewelry is a great form of recycling. By giving an item a second life you save it from meeting a landfill.

It is reclaimed: Eco-friendly jewelry is generally made of recycled or reclaimed materials. While these materials still require some processing, and will generally produce some waste, they don’t require any destruction of natural materials.

Turquoise and 18kt gold vintage charm

Turquoise and 18kt gold vintage charm via Raymond Lee Jewelers

The jewelry you wear can be more than a fashion statement. Jewelry is worldly—it represents different cultures, beliefs, passions and histories. Every piece of jewelry you wear carries its own inspiration and story. When you wear eco-friendly jewelry, that passion, history and meaning is even deeper.

The Dale Grey Vintage Gypsy collection provides this type of experience. When you wear a piece of the Dale Grey Vintage collection, your jewelry begins to tell a story. You are no longer an individual entity traversing across this planet. Instead, you are a fundamental part of your own world—connected to the emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing of every person, place and living object you come across.

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