All About Tourmaline

When people think of jewelry and fashion accessories, one of the first things that is thought of is gems and jewels. The sparkles of beautiful jewelry is what sells pieces and impresses owners. It’s no doubt that what some of these materials are provide exciting and interesting pieces to study on their own. Tourmaline is one of the most interesting gems available and provides all the true key factors of an exciting and thought provoking jewelry spotlight piece. The cingalese based name itself instantly grabs buyers attention and creates interest as to where it is from and how it is made. Tourmaline’s existence from a number of scientific structures, allows it to be an ever present piece of spectacle.

18k White Gold Multicolored Gemstone, Diamond Dome Ring

18k White Gold Multicolored Gemstone, Diamond Dome Ring

Lots of Variety

Tourmaline comes in a lot of variety of colors and is able to be shaped in a huge number of ways. One of its most attractive features to jewelers, is just how versatile and ready for change the gem actually is. Tourmaline’s most popular hues are rubellite, indicolite, chrome, and bi-Color. These popular colors are most likely what a shopper would encounter in a store when observing a finely crafted tourmaline object. These colors are popular among jewelers and leave a striking appearance for shoppers and collectors looking for exquisite pieces in which to purchase and collect.

There are many different tourmaline cuts. Its different cuts allow it to become even more versatile in conjunction with its colors used. Tourmaline is a gem that allows jewelers to use it in a large selection of projects and creations in order to get the best possible results yielded to win over people in stores and those who appreciate fine craftsmanship. The variety of cuts also allows it to be higher in demand as a gem as it is not limited in use but easy to manipulate and sell to different prospective buyers.

The Gem that Everyone Wants

Tourmaline is in such demand that many places mine and produce it. The U.S.. and Russia according to Gem Select are but a selection of many countries that produce it. It’s versatility make it an easy gem to work with and thus one that is in high demand. has its hardness listed at 7 – 7.5 and states uncut stones that many countries produce and desire are the “cat’s eye” stones because of their resemblance to actual cat eyes. Countries produce the gem because of its beauty that shines through a large variety of colors. Having a watermelon colored gem is a truly beautiful sight.

A Trusty Gem

Tourmaline’s versatility, colors, and demand make it an incredibly interesting gem to own. It’s history and high demand shines a constant spotlight on the gem itself and allows it to act as one of the most in demand types of minerals available for jewelry enthusiasts. Tourmaline deposits will continue to be highly profitable ways in which for countries to produce some of the best world class jewelry made available on the market. Next time you see a cat’s eye gemstone, it might just be tourmaline!

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