Celebrities, Please Stop: Say No To Grills

If you have recently been traumatized by the unfashionable yet popular grill, know that you are not alone. This horrific trend has been on the rise, but don’t worry, it will quickly go away. However, before that glorious day arrives, it is important to understand why the grill has been so popular, and what you can do to stop it.


Please Stop

We’ve asked nicely for far too long. It’s time for celebrities to take notice and stop ruining their image, career, and our eyes with their horrendous fashion choices. One recent example is Miley Cyrus. During a performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, Miley was sporting an unusual outfit that begged us to believe she was no longer a Disney-star. As gaudy as the outfit, song, and entire performance was, it was the grill that put the final nail in the coffin.

Yes, Miley Cyrus wore a grill during her big performance. We have to wonder if her grill cost thousands or was just a tinfoil mistake; however, that is missing the point. The main point being that we were all subjected to one of the worst fashion offenses in recent memory, and the young impressionable children of this nation may see it as normal. Oh, who are we kidding? Children are smarter than that.

Other Offenders

Madonna has been a fashion icon since her controversial career began. Whether you love her or hate her, it is hard to escape her influence on fashion and culture. However, she recently sported a new look that makes it hard for anyone to love her: a grill.

Madonna has been proudly sporting a gold grill while in Los Angeles. One has to wonder what she was trying to accomplish as her golden grill has caused nothing but scorn. While she may be exercising the “any publicity is good publicity,” it seems that a grill is taking it one step further.

Unfortunately, Madonna isn’t the only one sporting a grill. Rihanna, Lana Del Ray, and others have been photographed recently wearing a customized grill. Before this goes on any further, it is important to understand where the grill came from, and why spending thousands on one is foolish for any celebrity.

The Origin of the Grill

The grill was spawned from the depths below in the early 1990’s. What was once a sign of urban rappers’ rawness is now a major fashion faux pas from questionable divas.

The original grill was made from crude materials, such as die-cast metal or even aluminum foil. Nowadays, the grill is made from gold and diamonds. The grill has become such a phenomenon that Kanye West even replaced his teeth with diamonds.

Don’t worry: this can be stopped. You can fight against the grill by simply not wearing one, or by showing others the light. If you see a friend or foe wearing a grill, show them one of your classy diamonds instead. There is a reason why diamonds and handcrafted jewelry have been a sign of excellence for thousands of years, and it is the same reason why the grill will be forgotten once this fad calms down. So please: sell grills as soon as you can.

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