Thirsty Tursday: Canary Crush

You already know we love canary diamonds, but fancy yellow diamonds aren’t the only vividly yellow gems on the block. In fact, “canary” is more of a marketing term rather than an actual color grade or official jewelry term – you would never see it appear on a certificate from GIA, for example. So the canary moniker is just a reference to its yellow shade – which could be buttery, pale pastel yellow, deep yellow-brown, fancy yellow or vivid fancy yellow. Of course, that’s before you even take into consideration the artificially colored gemstones one the market (all of which, as long as your dealing with a reputable seller, should be identified as color-treated). So diamonds aren’t the only stones that can be canary yellow; fancy colored sapphires come in yellow, along with pink, green, purple and more. And one of today’s cocktails is a canary quartz, a brighter and richer yellow than lemon quartz.  Its warm yellow hue is richer than some of the more green-tinted gems, and for that we’re completely smitten with it.

Judith Ripka Sterling Silver Canary Quartz & Diamond Ring

Judith Ripka Sterling Silver Canary Quartz & Diamond Ring

This beautiful Judith Ripka ring is centered around a large, oval canary quartz measuring approximately 21.15mm long and  x 15.03mm wide. The brilliantly faceted gem is set into sterling silver with plenty of diamond accents. On the prongs, clusters of bezel set diamonds form a small trio of sparkle to add interest to the large face of the ring. The prongs are coated in a sprinkling of diamond micropave accented by carved and milgrained sterling silver the further the ring wraps around. The gallery also features white diamond micropave, and the base of the gallery is etched with hearts, because really what’s not to love about this ring? It’s a very rare occurrence on the second hand jewelry market, but is still available for $395, a fabulous price for a fine jewelry designer cocktail ring. And as we always like to say, one good cocktail deserves another, and nothing calls for a toast like a fabulous cocktail ring. So we set out to find the perfect match for this canary cocktail ring and lo and behold – Absolut absolutely delivered.

Canary Cocktail by Absolut

the Canary cocktail by Absolut

Is there anything more perfect for a canary cocktail ring than a cocktail called the Canary? We think not. This concoction mixes egg liqueur of all things to create a distinctive mix. Egg whites have been big in mixology for the last few years and definitely imbue drinks with a frothy and different taste. However egg liqueur, or “Advocaat” aka “Advocaat” is created from egg yolks, mixed with brandy sugar and vanilla. This drink mixes the “advocaat” with equal parts sherry, along with a lemon peel and as much lemon juice as it takes to whet your whistle. All you need to do is shake it, plus ice, in a cocktail shaker and pour away. Cheers to a fabulous pair of canaries that might not have feathers but certainly know how to make some noise!

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