The Candy Colored and Budget Friendly Jewelry of Nikki Baker

Not all artists are aware of their talents during their younger years. Sometimes it takes half a lifetime to realize what an individual’s true passion and talent might be. Nikki Baker is one such individual. Though, currently renowned as a one of New York’s premier jewelry designers, it was not always clear that this would be the career path for her life.

Baker earned her undergraduate degree from Stanford University. Her initial interest was Classic studies and she earned her degree in Classic studies. She then went on to complete her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, but apparently fate had other plans for this multi-talented lover of the Greeks. Baker began dabbling in jewelry creation after spending time in Rome. Upon returning to New York she began her formal training in metal smithing at FIT in New York.

Nikki Baker Color Pop Pendants

Color Pop pendants in 18kt gold

She knew there might be real potential for her passion when people in New York and London began stopping her on the streets wanting to know where they could buy the original pieces that she had designed for herself. Never being one to do anything half-heartedly, Baker had soon launched Gioielli as a full time business.

Nikki Baker’s collections have proven to be a refreshing change in the world of jewelry. The bold, single stone earrings and pendants add elegance and color without going overboard. This versatility makes Baker’s pieces ideal for everyday where or more formal occasions.

Nikki Baker Tiny Bean Bracelet worn by Anne Hathaway

Tiny Bean bracelet (a favorite of Anne Hathaway)

Drawing inspiration from her California childhood, many of the pieces are inspired by oceanic elements, which bring lightness to the pieces that are hard to find elsewhere. One of the things Baker’s fans love is her bold use of color. Colored stones have never looked so elegant before. Her combination of colored stones with diamonds and gold create a unique look that is all her own.

Baker’s days spent studying classic architecture and sculpture at Stanford University were apparently not wasted either. Many of the pieces in Baker’s collections have hints of Grecian style. This adds a layer of beauty and elegance that is hard to find elsewhere.

Nikki Baker Denim & Diamonds Earrings

Denim & Diamonds Earrings worn on Gossip Girl

Baker is not afraid to step outside her box, in fact she has no box, as seen when she released her Niccolina collection. This collection featured sweet, luxurious pieces for little girls, or just girls at heart. Whimsical charms and enchanting colors made this a great collection for younger fans.

Her Goddess collection showcased what the older girls like, oversized pearls and precious stones that make for stunning pieces and bold statements.

Nikki Baker has not allowed her success to tarnish her commitment to quality products. All of Baker’s pieces are hand made by a small team of American artisans that share her passion and vision for exquisite jewelry. Perhaps Baker did not foresee herself as the world famous designer she has become, but fans worldwide are so glad she had fulfilled her destiny.

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