Costume Jewelry Obsession: Ranjana Khan

Finding great pieces of jewelry that are perfect for every occasion can be tough, often, those exquisite pieces that are beautiful and elegant only work to enhance an outfit rather than make a statement. Costume jewelry is on the rise in terms of popularity and there is now more costume jewelry on the market than ever. Costume pieces are no longer the cheap and easily broken pieces that they once were, now, more and more brands are focused on creating truly costume worthy statement pieces that are perfect for nearly every occasion.

Ranjana Khan necklace

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Ranjana Khan is an absolutely stunning line that is perfect for every wearer. This brand is dedicated to creating truly statement worthy pieces that are durable, well constructed, and exquisitely created pieces that are high quality and perfect for every occasion. These pieces are just loud enough to get attention without being overly gaudy or cheap looking. Though the pieces are a bit pricier than traditional costume jewelry, the quality reflects the pricing. This brand has a ton of products ranging from large collar necklaces, to bangles, to cocktail rings, to chandelier earrings, and more.

Ranjana Khan Earrings

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The brand uses a wide variety of gemstones, metals, and more to make pieces that are truly one of a kind and that are perfect for every occasion. These pieces are large, attention grabbing, and very well made to offer buyers pieces that are well worth the money spent and that will be part of their collection for years to come.

Ranjana Khan bracelet

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These pieces are large, colorful, and consist of a variety of colors and shapes to draw real visual interest and to create pieces that are stunning. These pieces are also culturally significant and reflect the background of the artists and the start of the brand. Designer Ranjana Khan brings her own special style to each piece and challenges the norms that are associated with traditional costume pieces from eras bygone. These pieces are one of a kind, beautiful, and a true wonder.

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