2013 Nail Art Trends: Jewelry for your Nails

It’s a trend that’s hard to ignore if you follow any beauty blogs, surf Pinterest or have any female friends with a penchant for self-applied manicures. Nail art is reaching new heights, ladies, and the latest trends for 2013 are not just colorful, they’re downright award winning. Featuring prints, patterns and pictures (some so detailed they might turn famous artists green), bold, exciting and playful nail art is popping up on the phalanges of fanatics all around the world. So, what are the big trends this year? Here are a few of the freshest looks you’ll happily wave around in the coming months.

The Racing Stripe

nails at phillip lim

via Glamour

Seen on the runways of Philip Lim and other youth-oriented designers, the racing stripe is an easy step into the latest multi-colored nail art trends you see from Madison Avenue to Main Street, U.S.A. Super versatile, this look can combine any two colors, and it’s possible to switch them off on one or every other finger for a more pronounced eye-catching appearance. It features a single stripe of a complementary or competing color on top of the base shade.

Nail Jewelry

bejeweled nails, jewel tone manicure

via Love Maegan


Since when does nail art have to remain two-dimensional? This is 2013, essentially the future, and that means nails are going 3D with gemstones, sequins and crystals carefully applied in delicate patterns or as a single extravagant element. It might make it easier to catch the fabric of some diaphanous outfit, but it rocks hard at the club, the pool and the anywhere you deign to wear it. If you’re a big fan of hand talking, now is the time to emphasize your anecdotes with punches of glittery jazz hands.

 Nail art with Tribal print and coral

These are the types of wild displays you see on Pinterest when scrolling through wish lists filled with engagement rings and seaside homes. Feathers, cityscapes and even video game homages are just some of the inspirations for this impossibly cool trend. Fortunately, there are plenty of tutorials on how to make an angry bird scene on your digits.

Nail Nerd Angry Bird Manicure

via Nail Nerd

Nails are no longer demurely decorated with pale polish or extravagantly painted fire engine red lacquer. Nails deserve a place at the respected table of cosmetology arts alongside winged eyeliner, multi-colored shadow and ombre hair. Success is certainly at hand.

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