Picking Special Bridal Party Jewelry

In the midst of your hectic wedding planning, it is easy to forget how many people are actually helping you make your wedding dreams come true. Your mother, your bridesmaids, your maid of honor, your flower girl, perhaps even your future mother-in-law are all rooting for you. The lovely ladies surrounding you during your wedding planning extravaganza are all trying their very best to make sure everything is exactly the way you want it for your special day. Some serious thought should be put into the gifts for all of these special women. We all know that nothing makes a girl feel more special than a lovely piece of jewelry. Jewelry is a great choice for bridal party gifts. Here are a few jewelry gift ideas that will help you express to your closest gals just how much you care.

Wedding Day Lockets

Vintage Locket

Vintage Locket

Lockets are such a great, classic piece of jewelry and are loved by girls no matter their age. A lovely locket can be just as appropriate a gift for your flower girl as it is for your maid of honor. To make this gift idea extra special, you could slip inside a tiny photo of the entire wedding party to help your ladies remember your special day.

Monogrammed Pendants

Monogrammed bridesmaids pendant

via Posh Princess Bowtique on Etsy

If you want to give everyone a similar gift with a personal touch, then monogrammed pendant necklaces are just the right choice. A monogrammed pendant should be purchased in real gold and show off each lady’s initial. Choose a super elegant style that can be worn in a versatile way. Jewelry is always enjoyed more when it can be worn more often. Monogrammed pendants are another jewelry selection that even your little flower girl or mock bride will be thrilled to receive.

Charm Bracelets

Chopard Happy Sun 18K Rose Gold and Diamond Charm Bracelet

Chopard Happy Sun 18K Rose Gold and Diamond Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets have made a comeback recently, and women everywhere are so glad they have. Charm bracelets like those from Pandora, are the perfect combination of beauty and fun. This jewelry selection will also give you a chance to put a little individual flair into each gift. Choose a starter charm that will reflect something special and unique about the lady receiving the gift. The added bonus to this gift is that your girls will have a lot of fun for years to come as they add charms to their bracelets.

Do Not Be Afraid To Switch It Up

If you do not think one gift will be right for everyone, then you certainly should not hesitate to pick out individual gifts for individual girls in your bridal party. For instance if you know that your maid of honor is crazy for black hill’s gold and that your flower girl is obsessed with horses, go ahead and get gifts that will speak to their individual passions. At first thought picking out individual gifts may sound like a time consuming pain, but you might find it to be a fun break from some of your other wedding planning chores that have been occupying your time.

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