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This year’s London Fashion Week kicks off September 13, drawing participants and fans from around the globe to partake of fresh, innovative designs in the fashion and jewelry worlds. Fashion Week is immensely impactful on the futures of the designers who participate. Touted as one of Fashion Industry’s highest profile happenings, a great showing here can easily make a designer’s career.

Showcasing Innovative Designers

Shining brightly at the jewelry end of the Fashion Week spectrum, Rock Vault continues to discover some of the most talented and fresh young designers currently working in precious metals and stones. Sponsored by the International Palladium Board, Rock Vault showcases up to 12 new designers annually at its dedicated space in Somerset House.

This year’s participants offer exciting collections cast in such materials as hand-carved stone, wood, gold, enamel and pearls. Inspiration runs the gamut from the flowing lines of coral formations to the gathering of thousands of tiny, intricately formed cubes. Each collection has been handpicked to represent the best in innovative jewelry design.

Rewarding Superior Talent

The designers who are ultimately chosen to participate in the British Fashion Council’s Rock Vault are awarded monetary support to set up their individual displays during Fashion Week. Additionally, they receive business mentoring to help jumpstart their success in the jewelry industry. Competition is fierce for this annual event that selects a maximum of 12 finalists among competitors, and for good reason — being selected to represent the jewelry design industry at Rock Vault is a prestigious honor that few designers have the honor of experiencing.

Qualifying for Rock Vault

Designers wishing to participate in Rock Vault must meet a stringent set of requirements:

  • They must represent the best in fresh jewelry design using precious stones and metals.
  • They must be based in the United Kingdom.
  • Hopeful designers must have some business experience, yet not too much — less than eight years all together.
  • Applicants must have prior sales experience and be involved in the actual production process of their designs.
  • Designers must have at least four stock lists.

The remainder of the selection process to become a Rock Vault participant includes submitting photographs and actual samples for review, as well as completing an impressive interview.

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