Spotlight on: Aurelie Bidermann Jewelry

When you put on a piece of jewelry, there’s always a bit of fantasy involved. There’ something that connects your appreciation for something striking and attractive that helps you take on a bit of that spirit and incorporate it into your own presence. For most people, it is enough to display jewelry pieces designed by those we admire. But for Aurelie Bidermann, that wasn’t enough. As a child in Paris, she was already drawing inspiration from her grandmother’s jewelry collection. She built on the childlike imagination as she was exposed to more sophisticated inspiration through her travels to Brazil, India, and Japan. Her discerning eye could spot potential in the most obscure flea market.

 AURELIE BIDERMANN swan feather earrings

AURELIE BIDERMANN swan feather earrings $1102 at FarFetch

She further proved her appreciation for art by obtaining a Master’s in Art History and also a certificate in Gemology. Her first dips into design came simply by designing lucky charms for her friends. Today her designs are rooted in symbolism and feature representations of swan feathers, human figures presented in unexpected ways, ginkgo leaves, lace, snakes and insects. Her designs are often dipped in gold as if to declare their worthiness, and keep them safe even as she passes her pieces to buyers.

AURELIE BIDERMANN - Do Brasil necklace

AURELIE BIDERMANN – Do Brasil necklace $740 at FarFetch

In addition to her passion for gold, plenty of her designs include silver as well and bright colors such as coral, turquoise blue, and red. Whether it’s a pair of swan feather earrings, a vintage lace cuff, an Asclepios snake ring, or a long knotted rope necklace Aurelie Bidermann designs blend a vintage look with a modern sophistication for a style you don’t see every day.

AURELIE BIDERMANN - ginkgo leave clip earrings

AURELIE BIDERMANN – ginkgo leave clip earrings $572 at FarFetch

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AURELIE BIDERMANN – lace cuff $1063 at FarFetch

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