Spotlight On: July Birthstone Rubies

Rubies have been prized for thousands of years for their deep beauty and romantic appeal. Jewelry set with deep red rubies can be seen as one of the most dramatic ways to declare and celebrate love. Dark rubies can be very rare, and as such command a high per-carat price on the market. Rubies are also an extremely durable gem, rating a 9.0 on the Mohs scale.

ruby and diamond ring, ruby birthstone ring

14k White Gold Ruby Diamond Cluster Ring

This rating is so high that it is only exceeded by very rare gems such as diamonds. Rubies come in many shades of pink but only deep red stones are usually set in jewelry. Most rubies throughout the world were mined through Myanmar. Rubies can also be found sparingly throughout the United States. Rubies are usually treated to enhance their appearance and this is considered acceptable. The stone also has many technological applications due to its unique strength. Along with being the birthstone for July, rubies are also common gifts for romantic occasions such as anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

ruby and diamond yellow gold ring, ruby birthstone ring

14K Yellow Gold Marquise Ruby and Diamond Ring

The mystical properties of rubies are said to be quite diverse and extensive. Rubies are said to have healing properties and is thought to increase both physical and mental health. Rubies have an extensive mystical past, and during the Middle Ages they were said to warn of danger by darkening when danger was near. Powdered rubies were used to cure liver problems and they were also thought to be able to protect people from poisoning. Due to the brilliant red color of the stone, rubies are thought to attract passion, love and power.

yellow gold, diamond and ruby flower ring, ruby flower ring, birthstone rings

Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Floral Ring

They are thought to revitalize people and awaken a lust for life within them. They are also thought to focus people and encourage them to set and meet goals. They are said to promote leadership characteristics within people, likely due to their aggressive red tone. Physically, the mystical properties of rubies are said to encourage blood flow and improve the cardiovascular system.

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