A Drool-Worthy Cartier Poker Box

Ever wonder what it would be like to play poker with solid silver chips? How about a poker box that costs more than most cars? How about a poker set so lavish and decadent that it is handcrafted and only sold in select Cartier boutiques? Odds are these things have never crossed the mind of the average Joe playing poker with his pals in a dingy basement, but that did not stop Cartier from creating their one of a kind Mother of Pearl Poker Box. The box is somewhat reminiscent of the hey day of poker in the 1920s. The art deco style of the jaguar and playing cards is a la the Great Gatsby and is absolutely stunning.

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The box is made of hand carved sycamore, mother of pearl, various gem stones including garnets, alcantara, and solid silver poker chips. Though some say that the old ways of extravagance and luxury are for the birds, this poker box is a force to be reckoned with. With an over the top price tag of £19,000, or approximately $29,000 USD, this is a gift that most will not be giving. Cartier is known for their over the top adaptations of every day objects and this is no different.

Cartier’s sycamore and mother of pearl marquetry poker box

via Luxury Launches

While many would cringe at the thought of shelling out that amount of money for a poker set, the company already has buyers waiting for their own handcrafted boxes. The design and detail of this poker box is unmatched and it is plain to see that hours upon hours of painstaking work go into creating each piece, that being said, most individuals would rather spend that type of money on a larger, more useful item. Cartier has certainly rocked the boat again on conventional craftsmanship and it is only a matter of time before they release yet another lavish item.

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