An Entirely Hermes Apartment – When can we move in?

Hermes has long been known for lavish, beautiful, and masterfully crafted bags and scarves along with several other fashion accessories. While most people are content with a beautiful scarf or a trendy bag, some may be left wanting more, enter stage left, the first ever apartment fully designed by the immensely talented team at Hermes. Beautifully and expensively crafted furniture, custom wall paper, carpeting, flooring, and window treatments, creatively and beautifully created works of art, and more adorn the walls and floors of this 6,232 square foot apartment.

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Think the luxury stops there? Think again. The apartment is in an incredibly luxe apartment complex, has five bedrooms, and features a ton of fantastic furniture, wallpaper, carpets, fabrics, and more to make this apartment one of the most desired in both location and decoration. The apartment is located in Singapore in one of the up and coming developments. While no concrete details have been released as to what monthly rent or even purchase price would be, it is safe to say that this incredibly lush pad will set back any buyer quite a bit.

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The apartment will not be up for public sale but will be used for private engagements. Though it will not be up for public sale, it would be worth letting the public know how much a project of the likes may run a potential client. The apartment is styled in cool, neutral tones with innovative and incredibly creative and eye catching art, visually stunning views, and even incredibly luxe and quality fabrics that mimic some of the designs that the brand is famous for. Creative directors say that the collaboration took 18 months and the product is a fantastic, over the top, incredible, luxury apartment that anyone would be willing to live in or even spend the day drooling over.

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