Feature Friday: Jade Necklace

Have we got a featured piece for you! This jade necklace was a fantastic find in Hong Kong, and it smacks of vintage opulence. Jade, long revered throughout history dating back to ancient times, is believed to have healing properties (particularly on the kidneys). It also can supposedly ward off evil spirits, but regardless of its healing or spiritual properties, it’s majorly fashionable. This jade necklace in particular features 3 stones with beautiful deep green and black veining strung together with carved 14kt yellow gold. It’s perfectly on trend with the chunky bib statement necklaces we’ve seen on every fashionista lately. It can jazz up a casual outfit, ala this ensemble with Vince denim ankle skinny jeans, their striped favorite tank and their funky cool white leather vest, plus the Lana ankle strap sandals. Or it pairs perfectly with an evening outfit like that TBags open back mini dress and Rachel Zoe Lexi sandals. It’s your weekend, your choice!

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One Thought on “Feature Friday: Jade Necklace

  1. Cool Jade Necklace design. Combining gold with jade in a design works really well together. Here’s another four designs of gold and jade that work really well. http://www.mountainjade.co.nz/blog/gold-and-greenstone-when-nz-discovered-gold/ None of them have the black veining of the Friday feature jade necklace though!

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